Friday Favorites

summer pool days

Haaaaappy Friday, friends! Somehow we totally skipped over spring and went straight from sweaters to tank tops in no time flat. That's OK, though, because it means pool days are here! I've been making a point to spend a few hours in the sun every weekend to get a jump start on my summer tan. We don't have a pool so I've just been laying on our picnic table in our isn't glamorous by any means but it is 100% necessary. My legs were ghostly!! Luckily we have a few friends with pools and C's parents have the best pool of them all. We're headed there tomorrow for some R&R; my mom-in-law makes the best sandwiches, snacks and poolside cocktails so I'm v. excited.

In other news, life is busy as all get out. Que, "all I do is work work work work work!" Whether that is working on the blog, working at my day job or teaching at Beyond Studios. Not complaining, just stating. I'm ready for vacation and/or a spa day, stat. T-minus one week until we head out of town on a little anniversary is much needed!

A Bag for Every Occasion

Radley Designer Bag
Jumpsuit | Heels | Monogram Necklace | Snake Skin Palace Street Crossbody Bag c/o Radley London | $14 Heart Sunnies, dupes for these! | Lips
I remember carrying around one of my mom's old purses when I was a young girl. I'm pretty sure the only thing inside was a stuffed Dalmatian puppy and a Lip Smacker, but by God I carried that bag everywhere we went. Things haven't changed, much. I am still a purse lover and never leave home without one (or three if we're going on a trip)! I'm the type to buy a few really nice, high-end purses - a couple different colors, a tote, a cross body, a clutch and a shoulder bag - so no matter the occasion, I have the perfect purse to match. For me, it is about quality, not quantity, so I don't buy purses often.

What I've noticed as of late, though, is that I'm constantly changing purses...going back and forth from black to brown and from big to small in order to match different outfits. I end up leaving my license in one and my credit card in the other by mistake! When Radley reached out to me to collaborate on this post, I was sold in a heartbeat. Not only are their purses super stylish, but they are high quality and versatile, too!

Best of OKC Desserts

best dessert spots in oklahoma city

Not so little known fact about me - I have the world's biggest sweet tooth. Seriously. I think it is 100% necessary and acceptable to eat dessert after every meal. I normally have decent self control with my diet, but if I take one small bite of a delicious dessert, I'm screwed (I type this as I eat my third plate of homemade banana pudding from our Mother's Day cookout).

That being said, I like to think I'm a pretty good judge when it comes to sweets! I know what is worth the splurge and what isn't. Below are the best desserts in Oklahoma City by my personal opinion!

Brunch at Buttermilk Biscuits

buttermilk biscuits

We have a small problem occurring in Oklahoma City right now - too many new restaurants, not enough time....or money or macros. Buttermilk in the Paseo district has been on my to-try list since before they even opened. I'm such a sucker for biscuits! We finally found the time to check it out last Saturday for brunch and I'm so glad we did. The weather was absolutely glorious so we sat on the patio - always a plus!

Buttermilk is a order at the counter and take a table number type of restaurant meaning it is quick and casual. It was SUPER crowded (kids and babies galore) but we didn't have to wait very long for our food. One hold up was that the cashier was also the bartender for mimosas and bloodies - it wasn't really an issue, but I think relieving the cashier of drink duty could really speed up the line process.

Get Your Beauty Sleep | VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks Review

vii code eye mask review

There's not much worse than someone saying, "Wow, you look tired." Jee, thanks..... Since I started teaching 5:30 a.m. fitness classes I've been hearing that phrase pretty regularly. I'm normally an early riser, but I am by no means a 5 o'clocker. On top of that, I've been teaching or working most weekend mornings recently, so I haven't really had a chance to catch up on rest lately.

All the early mornings have been taking their tolls on my body as a whole, but you can really see the negative effects in my eyes - they look puffy and have dark circles and bags underneath. Lucky for me, VIIcode reached out to me just in the nick of time! I had heard great things about their products from fellow bloggers and their O2M Oxygen Eye Masks for Dark Circles did not disappoint.

One Year Blogiversary | 10 Things I Wish I Knew

one year blogging anniversary
Similar Free People Top | Polka Dot Skirt | Tory Burch Miller Sandals | Boater Hat | Leather Earrings, c/o Nickel & Suede | Heart Shaped Sunnies (only $14 and a Chloe dupe!) | Gucci Purse | Lips, color is Patina
Happy Birthday, Amanda's OK!

Well....sort of. This little blog has been around for over five years but I never dedicated much time to it. After a blogging hiatus, I decided to actually put effort into blogging and start trying to make something of myself and find some satisfaction in work. That "relaunch" happened a year ago in the beginning of May, 2017. It has been a hectic year filled with highs and lows, mistakes and growth. Some days I wish I never inserted myself into this over saturated influencer world but most of the time I'm so thankful for the experiences and friends that it brought my way! For me, blogging provides a creative outlet and a way to share things I genuinely love with the world (photography, travel, fitness and shopping). I know some people make fun of bloggers or think we are too into ourselves, and that's OK. Blogging makes me happy, so I keep doing it.

I listed a few "Things I Wish I Knew" below. Looking back on the last year there are a lot of things I could have done better at or been more successful with. I thought I'd share them incase any of you are interested in beginning the blogging journey! If you aren't, that's fine too, just enjoy my cute outfit pictures and tell me congratulations. ;)

10 Ways to Bounce Back to the Gym After a Break

getting back to the gym after a break
Tank (on sale for $10!) | Similar Sports Bra | Leggings, Similar Here | Nike Metcons, Similar Here

If you've been following along for a while, you know that fitness is/was a HUGE part of my life and that five months ago I had to take a break from the gym while I recovered from a shoulder surgery (from a non-gym injury, I might add). It has been a loooooonnnnngggg five months, but I'm back! As of May 1, I have been officially released to start running, ellipticalling, crunching and lifting w/my lower body. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! I don't even like running but I ran - because I could - and I loved every step.

I was really worried that getting back into a workout groove would be difficult. Would I still enjoy it? Would it hurt? Would I expect too much from myself and get frustrated? Would I struggle to get back to where I was pre-op? Would I re-injure myself? Would I hate the commitment to working out now that it wasn't a part of my daily routine? Would I forget what I liked about working out in the first place? Would get it, just fill in the blank. Luckily, for me, I instantly remembered what I love about fitness. It hurts soooo good and I can't wait to feel good, too.

Needless to say, these last few months I've been taking notes on ways to get into a workout routine / how to bounce back after a break. Scroll on down to check them out!

April Favorites

april favorites
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine 

Can you believe another month has come and gone? I know I've said that in every monthly favorites post this year BUT SRSLY. Time is FLYING by! We'll be drinking pumpkin spice lattes before we know it (and I'm secretly 100% A-OK with that).

I've been running around and working like a crazy person lately so I haven't really had much time to shop or sample new products this month but I have found a few winners that I'm sharing below. Have you tried any of them?

Friday Favorites

starbucks and flowers

Happy Friday, friends! It is time for my monthly "real life" Friday Favorites post - a quick recap of everything going on behind the scenes in my day to day life. Honestly, this month has been crraaaaazy for me between work, evening work events every single Thursday, teaching Beyond 500, blogging, going to physical therapy and weekend social activities. I'm feeling a bit burnt out on everything (physically and mentally) so much so that I've barely picked up my phone to snap a picture of the pups. You know I'm worn out when that's the case! I've really had to come to terms with learning to say no to things - sometimes I can't do it all and that is OK! Whether that means taking a day off from working out, saying no to a cocktail in lieu of catching up on sleep or not finishing a blog post at 10 p.m. the night before it is supposed to go live....heck, I almost didn't even write this post.

That being said, this Friday Favorites is short and sweet. LOTS has happened this month, but not a lot has been documented (at least not people, just snaps of random things). In a way, though, that's the way it should be. Less time on our phones and more time enjoying life with those we love. Can I get an amen?!

In regards to the picture above, it seems fitting for my "favorites" post because it is a few of my favorite things! Coffee, flowers and Louis V. I'm basic, I know.

Dressing for Derby Day

derby day hat
Similar Fascinator Hat | Similar Lace Dress | Pumps | Lips, color is Patina

Grab your pearls, a fancy hat and a mint julep - Derby Day is almost here! The most exciting two minutes in sports will be taking place on Saturday, May 5. As a kid, my dream job was to be a jockey......then at age 10 I hit 5'9" and realized I wouldn't live out those dreams, HA! Tall girl probs. Regardless, the Kentucky Derby is the epitome of equine events and since I grew up riding horses, it has always held a special place in my heart.

My parents lived in Kentucky for a couple of years, so I was able to tour Churchill Downs once when I visited them. It was SO fun - I highly recommend it if you are ever in Louisville! They have an entire gift shop filled with hats! I still haven't made it to the Derby itself, but it is a bucket list item, for sure. They say the inner field (where the affordable tickets are) is more like a giant drunken tailgate than a fancy southern gathering, but everyone still gets dressed to the nines! My neighborhood hosts a Kentucky Derby party every year, so that's where I'll be watching. Last year I won best dressed wearing this exact outfit AND placed all my bets on the winning horse. Hopefully this year I'll be just as lucky!

Wanderlust | My Travel Bucket List

Umgee Top, Similar Here | Hi-Waist Jean Shorts | Pumps | Leather Earrings c/o Nickel & Suede | Lips, color is Patina 
If you've been following along for a while, you know how much I love to travel! The problem with traveling, though, is that the more you do it, the more you want to do it. My travel bucket list a.k.a. my Wanderlist is constantly growing but I also want to go back to places I've already been. So many destinations, so little time off work, am I right?! How does one get a travel TV show on HGTV? Host for hire!

I've seen a few other bloggers do posts on their travel bucket lists or upcoming travel plans - I think they are so fun to read! C and I constantly talk about where to go next; we have like two years worth of trips tentatively mapped out haha. In 2018, we are doing lots of little weekend trips around the U.S. but we hope to add some more international and European trips into the mix next year. Scroll on down to see where we're headed and where we're dreaming of going.

Hiking the Oklahoma Mountains

hiking in oklahoma
Patagonia Better Sweater | Onzie Leggings, Similar Here | Nike Metcons, Similar Here | Similar Backpack
Wait....did you just read the title right? Hiking the Oklahoma Mountains? 

What mountains?

Believe it or not, there is a teeny tiny little mountain range in southwest Oklahoma called the Wichita Mountains. The little group is surrounded by flat rolling fields of wheat and cotton and is home to a wildlife refuge. It is located just outside of Lawton and is a short hour and a half drive from Oklahoma City (only two and a half hours from North Texas) making it the perfect day trip location.


Best Shoes for Travel

best shoes for traveling
Nike Roshe | Fav Leggings

With all the traveling I've been doing the last six or seven months, I've learned a lot about what shoes to wear and what shoes not to wear. Not all shoes are made for walking! There isn't much worse than getting a blister in the middle of a vacation that has a lot of walking involved - I know from experience..... I can't tell you the amount of times I've had to ask for bandaids at the front desk of a hotel! It is also important to wear shoes that are supportive and that won't leave the soles of your feet feeling tired and bruised. Lastly, you want to look cute (duh) and have shoes that fit in your suitcase and match a lot of outfits.

I rounded up my go-to shoes that have been travel tested and approved. Some of these have literally been around the world with me and probably have a few marathons worth of miles on them.

Swimsuit Roundup

swimsuit roundup
Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Similar Boater Hat | Fav Tanning Lotion | Fav Beach Hair Product, Salt Spray Here | Best Beach Day Lippie
Swimsuit season is upon us! Whether you (and your body) are ready or not. Mentally, I'm ready! I need a tan, a pool day and a pina colada. Physically, not ready! If we're being honest, I tried to take pictures in this suit and deleted them all, opting for a flat lay instead. My doctor still hasn't released me to do much working out since my shoulder surgery in November so I'm feeling preeeeetty out of shape. Though I haven't gained any weight, I'm not exactly confident in my new bikini (no abs, all flabs). Luckily I can start running again on May 1 - I don't even like running but to start getting my body back in shape. I'll have to start slow, but I'll take what I can get! Crossing my fingers I can start lightly lifting again in June.

All that to say, swimsuit shopping has been a bit more challenging this year. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for flattering suits like high rise bottoms and one pieces. Lucky for me, one pieces are all the rage right now and I kinda love it! Long gone are the sporty Nike one pieces I wore to summer one pieces are just as sexy (and sometimes more revealing) than a two piece!

Best of OKC Cocktails

best cocktails in oklahoma city
Frozen Avocado Margarita at Barrio's

I've loved sharing my Oklahoma City favorites these last few months - boutiques, brunch spots and coffee shops! Obviously you can see where my priorities are (coffee, breakfast food and clothes) haha. This month, though, I thought I'd share my favorite OKC craft cocktails. There is nothing quite like sipping a good cocktail with your significant other or a close friend on a weekend afternoon/evening.

I am typically a gin or vodka kind of gal - I love anything with a fresh herby or floral flavor (rose, jalapeƱo, lavender, lemon, orange blossom, mint). I don't particularly care for bourbon or whiskey, but I can appreciate rum and tequila in the right setting - like on a beach in Mexico am I right?! Even though I prefer gin and vodka, this list ended up a bit tequila heavy. What can I say, I guess I just love a good marg! I also included a second favorite drink from each location because sometimes it is fun to mix it up and sample lots of fun drinks....especially when there is good patio weather!


Long Hair Don't Care | Cocoa Locks Review

cocoa locks review
Similar Vest Here & Here (on sale!) | Striped Tee | Leggings | Glasses, c/o Warby Parker | Shoes | Lips, color is "Stripped" 
A while back, Cocoa Locks reached out to me and asked if I wanted to sample their drinkable hair vitamins. Of course I immediately said YES - I'm all for anything that makes my hair healthier. I've had long, thick hair most of my life so I wasn't expecting to see much extra growth from it....I was just hoping it would stay healthier and stronger between cuts. However, after using the product for a little over a month, I have been truly amazed at the results and had to share.

I got my hair cut the day before I started using Cocoa Locks and it has already grown 1-2 inches! It is healthier than ever, too - shiny, thick and soft/silky. Normally my ends start to dry out pretty quickly after a cut because I use heat on my hair regularly, but not this time. They are still super blunt and healthy looking! This could be due to my current hair product routine, but I think Cocoa Locks has a lot to do with it, as well. My hair typically stops growing right below my bra line and it has already surpassed that - I'm anxious to see just how much longer it will get!

10 Must Have Travel Items

must have travel items
one | two | three, cheaper version here | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

With all the traveling we've been doing, I've quickly learned what travel items and gadgets I swear by and can't leave home without. There has been a lot of trial and error throughout the last few years of traveling, but I think I finally have a foul-proof system - unless of course my flight gets delayed, then I freak the BLEEP out.

I thought I'd share my top ten travel items with you in the hopes that they will make your travels easier and more enjoyable, as they have mine.

My Thoughts on Healthy Food Shaming

blazer graphic tee look
Cactus Tee & Blazer c/o SheIn - use code AMANDASOK20 for 20% off! | Hi-Rise Shorts | Similar Slides | Lips, color is Patina 

Nothing good ever comes from making others feel bad about what they're eating. 

BOOM. Nuff said.

Not really. Actually, I have about a billion thoughts racing around in my head. Angry thoughts, annoyance, defensive remarks, frustration, pride, defeat, guilt, etc. A LOT of thoughts all jumbled up. So I'm about to get real with you and share something that has been on my mind. It has been a touchy subject for me for years. I'll try to get my thoughts on paper (err, screen) in a way that makes sense. This blog post is really more like a therapy session for me, but at least there is a cute outfit and puppy pictures to break it up, ha!

Are you ready? Good. Buckle up!

A Weekend in Wine Country

weekend in texas wine country

Last weekend I met my best friend from high school, Jessica, for a girl's weekend getaway in Texas wine country. Before planning this trip, I had no clue Texas wine country existed - and I grew up in North Texas! I didn't have high expectations for the wine, but I was pleasantly surprised and how pretty, charming and tasty the entire experience was.

We visited three wineries in the North Texas Red River Valley and one brewery. I loved it so much and would totally visit them all again! It is the perfect getaway for a girl's weekend, whether that be friends, mom/daughter, or even a quiet, low key bachelorette party. It would also be ideal for a romantic weekend getaway for those who want to lay low and enjoy each other's company.

March Favorites

march favorites

one | two | three | four | five | six | seveneight | nine | ten | eleven

Can we all just agree that 2018 is the fastest year to date?! It is FLYING by, I can't believe we are a quarter of the way through the year already. March was a super busy month for me; between visiting New Orleans, celebrating my friend's bachelorette party, going on a girl's weekend trip to Texas wine country, working multiple big events for my day job, starting to teach at Beyond Studios and of course Easter coming up this weekend..... I barely had time to breath! Because of that, this month's Favorites round up is a little short, my apologies! But know these couple of items are real winners in my book.

Best of OKC Boutiques

best okc boutiques
Outfit from The Clothing Bar

I have forever and always had a soft spot in my heart for shopping local! I love discovering little boutiques and supporting small business owners in OKC and around the world. Yes, I love me some Target and Nordstrom, but sometimes I get tired of having the same shirt as everyone and their mother and prefer to find something a little more unique and special. When I go on vacation, I don't want to shop at the same chain stores we have at home..... so, I thought I'd round up my top 5 favorite OKC boutiques for those visiting and/or those who live here and might be curious!


10 Holy Grail Hair Products

holy grail hair products
Similar Cardi Here and Here (both on sale!) | Lace Trim Silk Cami (only $8!) | Gucci Belt, Dupe Here | Valentino Dupe Espadrilles  (multiple colors - on sale for $30!) | Kendra Scott Necklace | MAC Lips in Velvet Teddy

I'm gonna be honest with favorite thing about myself is my hair. HA! I've had the same cut and color since I was 14 and I'm OK with what works! I've always aimed for the "Blake Lively / Serena" look when styling my hair, and I think I've pretty much mastered it by now.

Enough tooting my own horn, though! I've gotten a ton of hair compliments lately (my favorite kind of compliment to receive) so I thought I'd share my holy grail hair products that I swear by and could never live without. I did a similar post last year, and several of the products made the list again! That's when you know they are true winners.

Friday Favorites + GIVEAWAY

case app giveaway
Free People Lace Tank (on major sale!), also available here | Similar Sunnies ($14!) | Cognac PumpsLaptop Skin

Happy Friday, everyone!! Whewwwww what.a.week. It has been so hectic around here that I don't even remember what I did this week.....let alone this month! That's when you know you've been busy! Today's post is one of my "Friday Favorites" - basically catching my friends and family up on what is going on in my real life! I know sometimes blog posts can get too "sponsored" or "sales-y" so I like to throw a little behind the scenes action in from time to time. I hope it helps any new readers get to know me a little more, as a real human and friend!

First off, I want to give everyone a heads up that there is a GIVEAWAY going on on my Instagram (@amandasOK) this weekend for a free product from CaseApp! I have a laptop skin and a phone case (shown in the photo above) and love them - you can choose from their designs, design your own from scratch, or use some of their templates to make a design uniquely yours. All you have to do to enter is follow me on Instagram, like the CaseApp photo and tag a friend. Good luck!


AOK Guide to New Orleans

guide to new orleans

Another 2018 weekend getaway is in the books! I swear, the more I travel the more I want to travel. I love being home, don't get me wrong, but there is something so exciting about experiencing different cultures and exploring new cities. One of my favorite parts of traveling is planning the trip - it fills me with anticipation and excitement! The best trips live up to those expectations.

New Orleans was one definitely one of those trips that left me wanting more - I could have stayed longer and already want to go back! However, my stomach and digestive system demanded I return home to detox. NOLA was filled with European influence (more than any other city I've been to in the U.S.) and southern charm. It is really unique and unlike any place I've been before. Parts of the French Quarter are a little junky, but they are trashy in the cutest and prettiest of ways - color everywhere! The only disappointing thing about The Big Easy was the, don't get me wrong! Every meal we had was very good - a solid A all around - I think I just had overly high expectations. Everything was enjoyable, there just wasn't much that totally and completely blew my socks off. Does that make sense?

Regardless, C and I both totally and completely loved our time in New Orleans. We visited in early March and the weather was chillier than I anticipated (in the 50s and 60s most of the time) but I think that was a good thing. On our last day, the southern humidity made its debut and I quickly realized I wouldn't want to be there in the dead of summer.

How I Edit Photos on My iPhone

floral maxi from romwe
Floral Maxi, c/o Romwe | Wedges | Lips, color is Stripped 

Hi, friends! Happy Monday to you! I've had several people reach out recently asking how I edit my blog and Instagram photos so I thought I'd do a quick post on it. I've always been a fan of good photography - my dad is a professional photographer and I had a Fischer Price film camera in my hands by the time I was five. I remember getting my first digital camera in middle school (I chose Nikon because of Ashton Kutcher, ha) and my first DSLR camera for my photography classes in college. I'm still a Nikon girl to this day!

Of course I have and use Photoshop on my computer, but a lot of the time I'm snapping photos on the go (especially when traveling) and need to edit and post them ASAP. Scroll on down to see my go-to photo editing apps for Instagram!


Encouragement for Influencers

rainy day outfit
Embroidered Tank, c/o Romwe | Similar Army Jacket | Skinnies | Steve Madden Sneaks, $20 Dupe Here | Gucci Purse | Kendra Scott Cuff BraceletLips, Color is Patina
Hi, friends! And Happy Friday! Today's post is a little more personal/from the heart. I've been struggling with feeling discouraged lately, especially when it comes to blogging and Instagram. All bloggers do a good job of making their online life look pretty....but in reality, it can be messy, frustrating, disorganized and very, very discouraging. Blogging in general is a very over saturated market, so no matter how good you're doing, there are always girls out there doing better (and worse). Sometimes, the best ones get over looked while others, who may or may not deserve it, escalade to the top.

There are a lot of "cheaters" out there who buy their likes or followers. Better numbers makes those blogs and Instagram accounts look more appealing to brands and in turn, helps them become more popular as influencers. Others get lucky and go viral overnight. Then, there are those of us who work to improve our accounts, grow our following, and try to have faith that one day it'll happen. It can be really discouraging when people pass you by, but I try to tell myself that slow and steady wins the race.

Thundering Up with Kickoff Couture

kickoff couture
Oklahoma City Choker T, c/o Kickoff Couture

You guys know I love all things home-sweet-homa! I was SO excited when Kickoff Couture reached out and asked me to partner with them. I've been wearing their stuff for years (both the OKC Thunder and Oklahoma State lines), so it was a no-brainer collaboration for me.

One of my favorite things to do is to dress up a good t-shirt. This one is extra fun because of the choker cut out. I thought pairing it with white skinnies and pumps made it ideal for a Thunder game date night! When C and I first started dating, he took me to watch the Mavs play the Thunder for my birthday since I am originally from Dallas. It was such a fun experience and something I'll always remember. He said he caught Kendrick Lamar checking me out from the sidelines...pretty sure C was just trying to make me feel special, haha, but it worked. If only I had this outfit back then instead of a KD jersey!

Going Beyond | BIG Announcement!

fitness instructor

No time for small talk, I've got big news!! I'm SO excited to finally announce that as of tomorrow, I'll officially be an instructor at Beyond Studios in Oklahoma City!

When I started really trying to grow my blog last spring, I wanted fitness to be one of my main topics because it is something I genuinely love and am very passionate about. However, I never felt comfortable creating workouts or publishing health and fitness content because I wasn't certified in anything. I had tons of real life fitness experience, yes, but no titles or certificates to show for it. Now, though, I'm becoming certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and am SO PUMPED to teach BEYOND500!


Easter Dress Roundup

easter dresses
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

Now that March is here and spring has almost sprung, Easter dresses are on my mind! As a kid, picking out my Easter dress was a BIG deal - I always looked forward to going shopping and would love to show my dress off at family gatherings after church. Well, things haven't changed in 20-something years. We typically spend Easter with C's family in Stillwater: church and brunch at the clubhouse. I always dress to the nines, even though it isn't necessarily required. I love it! And I love jelly beans, too ;)

I've had my eye on several Easter dresses already this year, so I thought I'd round up a few favorites in a variety of price ranges incase you're on the hunt for one, too! Pastels, florals, stripes, lace, ruffles, gingham and shoulder + back details.....all the spring trends - I got you covered! I added a few extras in the widget below, as well.

What's Your #SkincareStatus?

I partnered with Neutrogena to bring you today's blog post.

The most important relationship in life is our relationship with ourselves. Self-love is SO important - if you're not happy with yourself, it affects any and every area of life, whether you want it to our not. Been there, done that, never want to feel that way again! The reflection you see in the mirror can change your entire day. For me, when my skin looks good, my day always starts in the right direction.

Your body's largest organ is the skin and the body is made up of over 50% water. It makes sense that you (and your skin!) need to stay hydrated in order to thrive. Taking care of your skin and keeping it moisturized will not only help you look and feel better now, but will keep you from aging too quickly. Bring on the moisture, am I right, ladies?


A Jumpsuit for Tall Girls

black jumpsuit
Jumpsuit (available in Tall here) | Cognac Pumps | Kendra Scott Necklace | Gucci Purse | Lips, color is Beso
I wore this black jumpsuit on our trip to LA but didn't get the chance to take any good pictures in it. I thought it was fun enough (and affordable enough) to get it's own blog post - under $25 WHAT?!! I always have trouble finding jumpsuits that fit me.... I'm tall (5'9) with an athletic build, meaning broad shoulders and big quads/butt, but thin. It is really hard to find things that fit me right in every spot, but this jumpsuit came really close! I jumped for joy when I put it on. I ordered my regular size but in a tall.... it was a little big up top, so I think I could have sized down! If I was to order the regular length, though, I think I'd stick with my usual size. Can we talk about the puffy sleeves? So cute! It reminds me of an outfit I had for my Barbie!

It was SOOOOO windy during this photo hair looked flawless when I showed up but was a tangled, stringy mess two minutes later. Thanks a lot, Oklahoma! Where the wind literally comes sweeping down the plain. Do anyone else's eyes water in the wind? Thats why I look like I'm crying in some of these pictures, ha! Thank goodness it is officially March, maybe the weather will take a chill pill...but probably not.


SCOUT Bags: A Bag Lady's Best Friend

SCOUT Bags Review
Squat Goals Tank from Express (Sold Out), similar here | Leggings (only available in black, but AMAZING) | Sneaks | Plus 1 Tote Bag c/o SCOUT Bags
In the last year or two, I've become such a bag lady. I have a purse, a gym bag, a lunch bag, a weekend bag, a carry-on bag. I often times go to work, eat lunch at work and head to the gym straight from work, so I carry all three bags at once. I've learned that having one giant bag can make toting things around a lot easier because you can consolidate all the smaller bags into one and only have to carry one thing.

Insert: SCOUT Bags! I recently got the Plus 1 Bag and have been loving it so far. It has SO MUCH space inside that I can fit everything I need for the day's activities and then some. It is actually a two-in-one bag, so the tote can fold up to fit inside the snap-in, removable pouch, if needed. Even better, it comes in a bunch of different color and pattern choices to fit your personal style. My Plus 1 Bag is so durable, too, which is great for toting to the gym or using during travel. It is made of a quilted poly twill fabric, so its really soft and light! It is the perfect addition to my on-the-go, active lifestyle.

Of course, being the crazy dog lady that I am, I fell in love with the SCOUT Bags logo above all else. The pup, named Scout, is the "muse" and "top dog" of the company - he is even featured on the "About Us" page of their website. What a cutie!

February Favorites

favorite february purchases
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | teneleven | twelve

I blinked and February was over. Granted, it is the shortest month of the year but STILL! Last month I started a new monthly favorites series so I'm wrapping up my February blog posts with another round up of recent purchases that I love! It was a little harder this month because I didn't have an influx of Christmas and birthday presents to choose from.....if only I got presents every month out of the year, haha. Regardless, even though there are fewer items, I feel like all of these are winners!

5 Ways to Transition to Spring

spring transition outfit
Floral Kimono (sold out, from The Impeccable Pig), similar here, here and here | Bodysuit (only $14!) | Skinnies (size down) | Wedges, also love these | Lips, color is Beso
How in the world are we already at the end of February?! It seems like it was just Thanksgiving last week! I was holding on to winter because Oklahoma City hadn't gotten any snow days, but after last week's winter weather craziness, I've officially decided that I'm ready to transition to spring! 

Transitioning between seasons is always so fun to me - I get to pull out clothing items I forgot I had, switch up my color schemes, mix and match unexpected pieces and bare some skin! I'll need a spray tan first, though, ha! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite ways to transition between winter and spring...scroll on down to check 'em out! 

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites February 2018
Shop My Look Here

Happy Friday, ya'll! This is been such a crazy work week...between having President's Day off, taking off early for physical therapy on my shoulder several times a week and the crazy Oklahoma weather closings, the last few days have flown by! No complaints here. I wish all weeks went by this quickly! However, now that OKC finally had one winter weather day, I'm officially ready for spring to make it's appearance. Bring on the shorts......and also maybe a spray tan. My legs are ghostly!  

Today's post is definitely more of a real life post as opposed to a purposeful blog post, but that's OK! I hope it gives you all a chance to know me on a real level... more as a friend! Or, if you actually know me, I hope this catches you up on what has been going on in my life! Sometimes I forget not everyone looks at Instagram or watches my Instagram stories so you have no clue what my day-to-day life looks like. Because of that, I like to treat my blog as a recap/journal every now and then. 

Best of OKC Brunch

best brunch in oklahoma city

Last month I started a new series for 2018, the Best of OKC! Each month this year I am going to highlight my favorite places in town by category. Last month I shared my favorite local coffee shops, and this month I'm sharing my favorite places for brunch! If there are any specific categories you want to see next, please leave me a comment below. I'm thinking things like best boutique, best cocktails, etc.

Brunch is probably my favorite meal to go out to eat for. I enjoy dressing up for dinner dates, don't get me wrong, but breakfast food on a lazy Sunday afternoon is the way to my heart. C and I typically choose brunch for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries) and it is almost always worth the calories!

Scroll on down to see our picks for the best places to brunch in Oklahoma City.

Happy President's Day

president's day sale round up
Cape Scarf (30% off with code SOGOOD) | Similar Cami (50% off with code HAPPY) | Skinnies | Booties | Monogram Necklace | Warby Parker GlassesLips, color is Boca
 One of my favorite things about my job... or my absolute favorite thing if we're being real here... is getting federal holidays off! A three-day-weekend is just what the doctor ordered after several busy weekends out of town. I spent Saturday sleeping in, lounging in my PJs, shopping and getting my nails done. Sunday was spent brunching and taking blog pictures... it was the definition of "ideal weekend" in my mind! Stay tuned for Wednesday's post: the Best of OKC Brunch Edition!

For now, though, let's talk sales! If you haven't taken advantage of the President's Day sales yet, this post is for you. Or if you've taken full advantage of them but you can't stop won't stop like your's truly, then its for you, too. I scored SO MANY good deals and had to share!

By the way, the cape wrap I'm wearing here is 30% off with code SOGOOD making it $28! I wore it  for Valentine's with a red top underneath but I think it works as a spring transition piece, too. The red stripe version is sold out, but they still have a denim and white version which would look ADORABLE with white cut off shorts or white distressed skinnies!

AOK Guide to Denver

AOK Guide to Denver

Another month another vacay! We jetted off to Denver for a long weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early. The Mile High city gave us all the weather and aaaalllll the food. I am still full just thinking about the breakfasts we devoured each morning! We were lucky to have 60 degree sunshine, 40 degrees with a crisp breeze aaaaand 14 degrees and snowy.

If we're being honest, we weren't blown away by Denver itself. It was just another downtown area, it was very modern and it didn't offer a lot of local shopping or unique things to do. That being said, though, the food scene and nearby outdoor activities were top notch! We loved taking a day trip to Boulder! Scroll on down to see what our favorite stops along the way were.


14 Reasons I Love My Husband

14 reasons I love my husband

Happiest of Valentine's to you! We aren't huge celebrators of Valentine's Day around here, but I always love an excuse to eat a little extra candy, wear pink and spend some quality time together. February 13 is C's birthday, so we typically celebrate that first and foremost. Our Valentine's Day tradition has become a simple one: Chinese takeout on the couch by candlelight. Romantic, huh? It is something we both really look forward to each year! Sesame chicken is good for the heart and soul.

Since yesterday was C's birthday and today is the day of love, I thought I'd share 14 reasons I love him (and keep on loving him). I don't give him enough credit or attribution around here most of the time! Without his help and support, this blog wouldn't even be in existence and I would be living off Kraft mac and cheese and sloppy joes...coincidentally, I made him sloppy joes for his birthday dinner because its all I can make, HA! He is seriously the best (plus he's super attractive). I'm truly the luckiest! Scroll on down to see why he gives me all the feels.

Hello from Hollie's

Hollie's Steakhouse in OKC
Trench Coat | Skinnies | MK Flats | Warby Parker Glasses

Hello from Hollie's! New on the north side of Oklahoma City, this little joint is a great addition to the always delicious Hal Smith line of restaurants. Hollie's is technically a steakhouse or, "flatiron grill," but their menu includes something for everyone. Their entrees have a southwest twist that will satisfy any taste bud.

C and I stopped at Hollie's for lunch a few Saturdays back and were pleasantly surprised to discover they offer brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays. In my opinion, the first step to a successful brunch is a mimosa, and at Hollie's, you can get a whole carafe for $13! Yup, you read that right. We were able to get eight full mimosas out of it. Good start, Hollie's, good start!

Benefits of Collagen

vital proteins

I drank the collagen Kool-Aid, ya'll. Or, the collagen coffee, I should say. I've been posting about it on my Insta-stories lately and have gotten several questions so I thought I'd do a full blog post explaining the benefits of collagen, how I use it, and why I've made it a part of my daily routine.

First off, collagen is the main structural protein in the body found in connective tissues (like the skin). It helps with strength, structure and elasticity. Taking collagen regularly helps improve skin, hair, nails, tendons, joints and more. Being fresh out of shoulder surgery, I'm all for anything that will help improve my joints! And who doesn't want healthier hair, skin and nails? Sign me up!

Wine Wednesday at The Pritchard

romwe dress
Dress, c/o Romwe | Similar Jacket | Similar Hat | Similar Booties | Similar Necklace (only $7!) | Gucci Purse | Lips, color is Velvet Teddy 
Happy Wine Wednesday, ladies! Last week, I met my blogger bestie Ashley from Sass and Satin at The Pritchard in the Plaza District of OKC for a little wine and dine sesh. Neither of us had been to The Pritchard before, but we knew they had wine and cheese so it made for an easy decision. 

The Pritchard was so cute - there was a long velvet bench almost the whole length of the restaurant with tables lined up all the way down, as well as a bar and a few larger tables. They served small plates, cheese and meat, and bar snacks as well as an extensive wine, beer and cocktail menu. Rumor has it, their Sunday brunch is phenomenal....I'll definitely be back to check that out! 

How To Support Bloggers & Other Entrepreneurs

embroidered skirt outfit
Sweater ($15 and such a good basic piece) | Skirt (size WAY up) | Similar Designer Dupe Shoes, also love these | Similar Earrings | Lips, color is Patina
It seems like everyone these days has some kind of side gig.... whether that be a blog, a photography business, makeup or skincare sales, coaching, dog sitting, etc. We're all just trying to bring home the bacon and be the best versions of ourselves by doing something we enjoy. I know sometimes these "jobs" can be viewed as annoying. The constant social media updates, the sales pitches, etc. It can get old, yes, but you have to applaud people for doing their best.

I've had several friends and family members ask how they can support me and help me grow my blog, so I thought it might be helpful to talk about how to support any entrepreneur with an online presence. It can be scary to put yourself out there.....I mean really scary! Unfortunately it is a very oversaturated market in a cruel world. Any kind of love and support means a lot and is so very appreciated! Keep scrolling to see what you can do to help support me or any other loved ones online.

One Day in L.A.

guide to los angeles

I mentioned in my New Year's post that C and I are planning a ton of short weekend trips this year - we are aiming for one trip each month! We kicked off our year of U.S. travel with a quick trip to the City of Angels. Neither of us had ever been to L.A. before, and if we're being honest, it wasn't at the top of our travel lists. However, we knew it was a place we should experience and I'm glad we did!

To me, Los Angeles kind of seemed like Dallas with palm trees. It was a big, spread out city with a lot of traffic. That being said, the weather was phenomenal, the food was fantastic and the shopping was top notch. Being only a quick 20 minute drive from the beach was an added bonus - we were able to spend some time at the coast and it was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.

January Favorites

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen
I've been throwing a lot of new series and ideas at you lately to hopefully continue to grow Amanda's OK. I want this to be a space you visit for multiple reasons and enjoy coming back to. One thing I've seen a lot of YouTubers do is a monthly favorites video sharing what products or purchases they are currently loving. I'm not a big YouTube follower, but I always find my self intrigued by those videos and I thoroughly enjoy watching them and sampling some of the recommended products. I'm not gonna film myself and upload it to YouTube anytime soon, let's be real, but I can still share my current favorite items and new purchases with you right here!

A lot of these were Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers or birthday gifts and I LOVE 'em with all my heart. Truly, deeply, madly. I've been using most of them for the whole month now, so I feel like I can genuinely recommend them. Let's begin!

Be My Galentine

Galentines Date
On Me: Sweater (so soft, comes in multiple colors + on crazy good sale) | Similar Destroyed Denim Jeans | Similar Shoes | Kendra Scott Necklace | Leopard Clutch | Lips, color is Lustry Rose
Happy Monday!! I can't believe we are in the last few days of January know what that means.... it's time to pick your valentine! C and I don't do much for Valentine's Day so I knew he wouldn't mind if I asked one of my best friends to be my Galentine! Chasity and I met in college (we had the same major)... we ended up living together, working together, and getting puppies together! If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have found Chloe. Chas is for real the sweetest human on the face of the planet. She has the biggest and most caring heart of anyone I know and I'm so glad we have stayed friends. Her birthday is two days before Valentine's Day, so it seemed even more perfect that she would be my Galentine.

To kick off our Galentine date, we got blowouts at Cottonwood Salon in Edmond. Getting pampered is always so fun! It was my first time trying Oribe products and ya'll...... people aren't lying about how good they smell. Afterwards, we headed to Midtown for a a little shopping and a coffee date where we met up with Jessi Murray for a quick BFF photoshoot. Chas told me that our girl's day was good for her heart and I couldn't agree more! I think quality time is one of my biggest love languages. If you have a certain Galentine in your life, pick a day and dedicate some time to your friendship. It will truly make your heart happy and in turn make your life happy, too.

Budgeting for Travel

budgeting for travel

Good morning, friends! Happy Friday! I had a few requests to share how C and I save and budget for traveling. If you haven't noticed, we travel a lot.....we figured we better get as much in as possible now before we even think about having kids. Last year, we went on several big trips (Belize, London, Paris and Rome). This year, we are planning on doing tons of weekend trips all around the U.S. I'm hoping we can go somewhere each month of the year! So far we have three trips planned for January, February and March.....we'll see where we end up after that! 

Now, in regards to saving and budgeting..... I'm gonna be real here and tell you I am not an expert in that field. Like, at all. I might work at a financial institution, but I work in the marketing department, haha. When it comes to traveling, I handle most of the planning and C handles the finances and budgeting. He is a complete and total rockstar at that sort of thing (you should see the ridiculous spreadsheets he uses to track my credit card balances....hmm...). The following tips and insight into how we afford to travel are a combination of both our thoughts and talents! 
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