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young living oils

Happy Friday, friends!! It has been a hectic last few weeks for no reason other than just being busy with life in general. Work, work, work, blog, teach at Beyond Studios, work, clean, chores, maybe sleep, blog stuff, work. Repeat. If we're being honest, there aren't many pictures to share that weren't taken specifically for the blog and already shared in other posts. In some ways, I'm proud of that, because it means I put my phone down and focus on what's in front of me when I need to. But in other ways, I need to start documenting the little moments and saving those memories again!

I did, however, get a new iPhone so I'm hopeful that my cell phone picture game will be substantially better moving forward! I realized I had my old iPhone 6s for three years......pretty sure that's the longest I've EVER had a phone! The X is treating me very nicely so far.

As you can see by the two photos above, I got "oily." I've never been one to trust natural remedies, supplements, vitamins, etc. I take them because I'm "supposed to" but that's about it. However, my sweet blogger friend Aubrey from The Dandy Liar shared her oil story with me at a girl's night a few weeks back and it really spoke to me! After having so many health issues and surgeries in the last year (plus some serious acne issues a couple years back that my skin is still recovering from), I thought trying something new might be a beneficial change for my body.

Aubrey really sold me on the benefits of Frankincense, DiGize, PanAway and Thieves. So far, I really love it! Don't worry, I'm not going to go all salesy on you and ask you to join my YoungLiving team (but if you're interested I'm happy to hook you up). HOWEVER, if you'd want to see some of the roller recipes, diffuser blends or anything like that on the blog, let me know! Feel free to shoot me a DM. My current favorite diffuser blend is Root Beer Float: 3 drops of Stress Away + 3 drops of PanAway. It smells just like the root beer barrel candies!

out of office tee

C and I road tripped out to Arkansas a few weekends back to visit my family! It was such a fun, relaxing weekend with two trips to my favorite coffee place, Onyx - and can we talk about this view?! I can't wait to go back in the fall, the leaves are always INSANE. If you're ever in NW Arkansas (the Bentonville area), try hiking at the Tanyard Loop. It's easy but soooo pretty, especially when the leaves are changing and falling all around you.

My Out of Office tee is from LivLuvShop - they have the best graphic tees with cute sayings! 

sidecar barley & wine okc cheese plate

I asked you guys on Instagram for the best wine and cheese in Oklahoma City and you delivered!! Soooo many good options but so far my favorite is Sidecar (2nd place goes to En Croute but it is $$$). I still have trouble digesting large amounts of cheese since I got my galbladder removed, but Sidecar's plate it is worth the pain. I've been craving it ever since I went!

great pyrenees shot with an iPhone x

Special shoutout to Chloe girl! I feel like she doesn't get near the attention that Kylo does (because she is very camera shy, pretty sassy and is often being moody in another room) but she is forever my first baby. This is one of the first photos I took in portrait mode on my iPhone X and I am so impressed with it.

Dress, also comes in red | Shoes | Purse | Berner + Wine iPhone Case

Counting the days until New York Fashion Week! I *think* I have all my outfits planned out but I may keep ordering more and more and more until I leave, just to be safe. I can't help myself. I have a problem. My poor husband and my poor wallet. Here is a little sneak peek of one of my nighttime / dinner / party looks. We haven't quite finalized our schedule yet, but I know it will be a whirlwind of fashion and fun!

trader joe's flowers
Shoes | Jeans

Just a flower picture because they're pretty and make me smile!! Trader Joe's has the BEST flowers in my opinion - not only are they cost friendly but they last forever! Seriously, way longer than flowers from anywhere else.

kendra scott fall candle launch

Last but not least, I'm SO EXCITED to be hosting the Fall Candle Launch at Kendra Scott with my blogger bestie, Ashley, from Sass and Satin! I would LOVE for any local girls to join us on Wednesday, August 29, from 5-7 at Kendra Scott in Classen Curve. There will be sips, sweets and a store wide discount (15% off everything) PLUS anyone who purchases a candle that night will be able to get a name, word or saying brush lettered on it by my friend Jessica of Loveleigh Creative Soul. I can't wait! Please come shop with us! You can find event details here.

I hope you have the best weekend! What do you have planned? I'm teaching Beyond 500 in the morning but my plan is to finish ALL my chores and blog work tomorrow so that I can relax and recoup on Sunday. I might even take C on a movie date. Fingers crossed I can make it all happen..... Lord knows I need some down time!

Thank you much for reading! It truly means the world.

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