Best of OKC for the Holidays

View of Downtown Oklahoma City from the Midtown Pop Up Shops

Happy Friday, everyone! I can't believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away. That means it is officially time to start listening to Christmas music, buying presents, putting up Christmas decor and taking part in all the fun festivities. Certain activities have become tradition / things I look forward to year after year. I thought for this month's Best of OKC post I would list off my favorite things to do in OKC during the holidays.

For YEARS I've been all over the Downtown in December events. There is something magical about all the decor and Christmas cheer throughout the city! OKC really goes all out for the holidays and it is such a fun time to enjoy my little corner of the world. Below you will find the best holiday activities in town according to moi!

Fall Outfit Roundup + Thanksgiving Inspo

fall outfit roundup

Hi, friends! I have been off my blogging game lately. Time has been getting away from me between work, teaching, gym and life and I have said 'yes' to way too many things so I haven't been getting as many posts up as normal. Luckily, I had a three day weekend all to myself (C has been in Tokyo - he comes home tonight) so I had plenty of time to relax and knock out some content. It was just what I needed after being at a work conference all last week. I'm feeling so refreshed and much more creative! Sometimes we all just need a few days off, ya know?! HOWEVER, I'm so ready for Cole to be home...I enjoyed my alone time but life is just better when he's around!

Anyways, since C has been gone I haven't been able to shoot much new content so I thought a fall outfit roundup was in order! I tried to pick outfits that would work for Thanksgiving...whether you lounge around or get dressed up, comfort is KEY - gotta wear something loose, flattering and stretchy, ya feel me!? Obviously the outfit above is a little too form fitting for Turkey Day hahaha but I wanted to post it because it is the epitome of fall outfits and I'm excited to see my cute hubs tonight! Everything below the fold is Thanksgiving food baby approved, don't you worry.

Gift Guide for Your BFF

gift guide for your best friend
one | twothree | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen

Good morning, everyone! It's supposed to start SNOWING in OKC today and it is a bank holiday so I have the day off work! All the cozy Christmas vibes going on in my house. I normally try to hold off on Christmas music, movies and decor until after Thanksgiving but with the snow falling and the fire crackling.....I just can't help myself!

I'm a major believer in getting my Christmas shopping done as early as possible - that way the holidays have a better chance of being stress free and I can actually enjoy all the magic of the season. I do most of my shopping online in November, so I thought I'd start putting together some gift guides for you so that you can do the same. I'm planning on publishing one a week from now until Christmas! My ideas for topics include gifts for her, for the home, for him, for the traveler, for the animal lover, stocking stuffers......maybe even my personal wish list for Santa??

What I Eat in a Day

what I eat in a day
Ruffle Cowl Neck Sweater | Destroyed Denim (size down) | Quilted Sneakers, Dupes Here

I'm always so intrigued by the "What I Eat in a Day" videos on YouTube. Anyone else? I could watch them for hours! I'm not a YouTuber by any means (I can barely get my words out in an Instagram story, let's be real haha) but I thought it would be fun to share my own blog version with you.

I talked about it in stories a few weeks back, but I choose to follow a macro-tracking diet. In the past I've eaten Paleo, all natural + sugar free, etc., but the high amounts of fat in those diets really aggravated my gallblader (which I no longer have) and caused digestion in general to be really hard for me. A few years back I switched to "If It Fits Your Macros" and have since made it a part of my lifestyle. I work with Greg from MyoBrain; he is located in OKC but does nutrition coaching online for anyone.

October Favorites

october favorites
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Happy Halloweeeeeen!!!! Huge Halloween lover over here - always have been, always will be! Eight-year-old me and twenty eight-year-old me both love any excuse to play dress up and eat candy......some things never change. Check my Instagram to see this year's costumes - Regina George with my friends and an 80s Hair Band Rocker at work!

I honestly can't believe it is already the last day of October. I really wish fall in general lasted a bit longer (especially in Oklahoma). I love Christmas with all my heart but I hate how rushed everyone gets skipping straight to Christmas. I'm just as guilty, I'll turn the Christmas music on in my car any day now, but I'm also still trying to soak up all the pumpkins and leaves over here! I'm really excited for Thanksgiving - it will be my first Thanksgiving with my parents in several years (like....five?). I'm ready for my Grandma's Pumpkin Bread and my Aunt Karen's Pecan Pie! YUM. But for now, let's talk about my October favorites! I've been anxiously waiting for this post for weeks because there are SO MANY good things to share.

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