OKC Outlets Mother's Day Gift Guide

OKC blogger @AmandasOK visits OKC Outlets for Mothers Day gift shopping

I'm so excited to be able to celebrate Mother's Day myself for the first time this year! It still counts even if bebé is still in my belly, right? I think yes! I know Mother's Day looks different for everyone...whether you are a mom, have a mom, love someone who is a mom, or if you've lost a baby or mom. No matter what, the special ladies in your life deserve to be celebrated, big or small! 

Everyone's love language and budget is different, but for those in Oklahoma who are the gift giving type, I picked out some items at OKC Outlets that would make perfect gifts for Mother's Day! I chose three stores for three different budgets:

AOK Guide to Palm Springs

travel blogger Amanda's OK shares her guide to Palm Springs
Shop this maternity outfit here! Code AMANDASOK25 gives you a discount on the dress.

Suns out bumps out! C and I took a little babymoon getaway to Palm Springs, California, and had the best time! We chose Palm Springs because it had a little bit of everything we were wanting out of a babymoon: relaxation, sunshine, outdoor activities/hiking, good food and shopping. We LOVED it there! Palm Springs used to be a vacation spot for the old Hollywood crowd (think: Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra)... Many stars still have vacation homes there and I can see why! The area is well known for its midcentury modern architecture - some areas really feel like you're stepping back in time, in the best way! 

I'm sharing all the things we did, the places we ate and where we stayed below (plus a few bonus activities that were on our list). I'd definitely recommend Palm Springs for a babymoon, bachelorette party, friend trip or just a low-key long weekend! In my opinion it was similar to Scottsdale, but on a smaller and quieter scale. 

OKC Outlets are in Full Bloom

OKC blogger Amanda Martin visits OKC Outlets for spring shopping

Spring is in the air in Oklahoma and OKC Outlets are in full bloom. If you haven't heard the news, I'm in a season of change myself - a baby boy is due late this summer! My changing body and growing family means I've been on the hunt for new, bump friendly clothes (and of course lots of baby items)...OKC Outlets to the rescue! It's so great to shop discounted prices on clothes I need now that won't fit me after baby. Finding staple pieces that will grow with me is a win, too! 

Weekend trips to OKC Outlets have been a staple for me & C throughout our relationship. It's fun to see how what we shop for has changed through our personal seasons: from dating to engagement/wedding to buying our first home and now to having a baby. OKC Outlets has a store for every season of life and this season in particular is in full bloom. Below I'm sharing some of my personal go-to stores at the outlets  + some favorite items from each one. All of the pieces below are not maternity - I either picked items that would stay flowy and stretch with me or I just sized up for the bump. 

5 OKC Holiday Traditions to Start

OKC Blogger AmandasOK shares her favorite holiday traditions in OKC
Raw Edge Sweater - get a discount with code AMANDASOK15 | Faux Leather Leggings - size up | Similar Heeled Hiking Boots

It's Christmas time in the City, ya'll! Throughout my ten years in Oklahoma City I've found a handful of holiday activities that have become traditions in the Martin household. I look forward to them every year! I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you so that you can incorporate them into your family's holiday season, as well. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year - lets live it up and support our city's local businesses in 2021!

AOK Guide to Lisbon, Portugal

Travel blogger Amanda's OK shares a guide for visiting Lisbon, Portugal

Have you ever traveled somewhere that completely blew your expectations out of the water? That was Lisbon for me! I was immediately in love with the lively and vibrant atmosphere, the architecture, the colorful and hilly streets, the fresh food and the friendly people of Lisbon. In my opinion, Lisbon is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe - I would go back in a heartbeat and would recommend it to anyone!

We originally planned to only visit Spain but decided to include Portugal, as well, since it was so close. We wanted to get another country added to our travel list and wow am I glad we did! Lisbon was my favorite destination of our three-part Spain & Portugal vacation (see my guide to Seville, Spain here). Believe it or not, we arrived in Lisbon via private car from Seville - it was the cheapest and fastest way to get there! So fancy. We hit the ground running and didn't waist a second. I'm sharing all of my favorite sites, restaurants and more below! 

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