How to Style Paperbag Pants

paperbag pants
Black Lace Cami | Yellow Pants (they come in three other colors!) | Black Strappy Heels | Leopard ClutchLips, color is Patina | A Necklace | Bracelets are Kinsley Armelle, get a discount with code AMANDASOK

Hi, friends! I’m coming atcha live from my car, heading home from a weekend at my parent’s house in NW Arkansas. Every time I visit I always have to swing by Onyx Coffee on the Bentonville Square. It is my favorite coffee in the entire world - so much so that I always stock up on their beans to brew at home! I’m a coffee snob through and through, I know. You can also order their beans online from Trade Coffee Co. and get 50% off your first bag with code TRADE_2f674j if you want to give them a try! You’ll love them, I promise.

Now, onto clothes! I want to talk about one of my favorite trends right now: paperbag pants. I was hesitant to try them at first, but the second I put my first pair on I was SOLD and immediately ordered about three or four more pairs in different colors and lengths. I think they are some of the most flattering pants on the market right now; the high-rise hugs you in all the right places without giving you too much of a mom-jean booty if you know what I mean. I struggled a little bit with how to style them, but after some pinterest-inspo I feel like I’ve got the hang of it. Scroll on down to see my tips on how to style paperbag pants [or shorts].

Sunroom Reno | How to Create Faux Shiplap

sunroom shiplap renovation

Hi, friends! It has been a hot second since I talked about the #WhiteHouseOnThePrairie. Back before I was seriously blogging I talked about it a lot, but I forget that most of you weren't around back then! Let me give you a quick run down......

I live in a historical home built in 1920. C and I bought it in October of 2016 and spent about four or five months renovating it. It wasn't in bad shape necessarily but it wasn't good, either. It was not tastefully updated, the yard was an overgrown disaster and there were structural and cosmetic changes that we wanted to make (knocking down walls, adding a bathroom/closet, rearranging/redoing the kitchen, bathrooms, e tc). We didn't do the work ourselves (we hired a contractor) but I did most of the design and am so proud of the way it turned out.

The one room that didn't turn out like we hoped was the sunroom. We tried to take the cheap and easy way out on the floors and it turned out teeeerrrrribbly. Plus, the walls were cinderblock and they just looked cold and blah. For the last two years it became "the dog's room." It has a door to the backyard so it is easy to let the dogs in and out and then lock them in there if they are wet and muddy. It is also where Kylo it was always dirty. I finally had enough of it and decided to do something about it!

5 Things to Do When You Can't Travel

things to do when you can't travel
Vacation Mode Tank c/o LivLuvShop | Initial Rose Gold Necklace c/o AUrate | Heart Sunnies, $14 Chloe Dupe! | Rose Gold Greece Slides

I'm just gonna come straight out and say it: I'm in a rut! A blogging rut, a content rut, a photo rut, a travel rut......basically, I'm lacking some serious inspiration here lately. Womp womp. I think a lot of it is due to that fact that I haven't traveled anywhere since June.....that's two months if you're curious and that's the longest I've gone all year without a weekend getaway. Travel feeds my gypsy soul, ya'll! And I need food to survive, ha.

C and I have been very blessed to go on so many trips this year but as it turns out, quick weekend trips start to add up. Between having to work within a tight budget, having surgery, attending a few weddings, being insanely busy at work and trying to catch up on real life things at home, traveling took a bit of a back burner but my brain is always in Vacation Mode. To satisfy my wanderlust, I started to think of fun things to do in the mean time to get me through until my next trip - one month to go but who's counting? Scroll on down to read my "What to Do When You Can't Travel" suggestions!

What's Left of the N-Sale

final days of the nordstrom anniversary sale
N-Sale Top | Jeans (BOGO for $9.90) | Similar Booties 

If I was to guess, I'd say you are sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and are 100% over it. If you were to shop it, you most definitely have shopped it by now. If you weren't going to shop it, you probably aren't even interested in reading this post. I feel ya. This sale is kind of like Christmas music in that it is SO EXCITING at first but after a few weeks you are ready to get back to your regularly scheduled programming (which in this case is summer clothing because it is HOT out).

Needless to say, the N-Sale only has a few days left before it ends. It won't be back until next July so if you've been thinking about pulling the trigger on something, now is the time to do it. Returns are piling in so certain sizes and colors are getting restocked here and there. There are still a few items, believe it or not, that are almost fully stocked. Everything will go back up to its original price on August 6, so if there is anything (and I mean anything) that you might regret not buying, snag it now! I rounded up some of my favorites items that are still in stock and those last few things that have my eye below.

Ride OKC: Bike & Brews Tour

ride okc bike and brews tour

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to hit the pavement and explore the nooks and crannies of a city. Finding uniquely cool areas and instagrammable spots makes my heart so happy! I got to do just that and play tourist in my own city last weekend during Ride OKC's Bike and Brews Tour. It was such a fun experience - I just had to share. 

The Bike and Brews tour starts at Myriad Gardens and winds you through downtown Oklahoma City stopping at five of the local craft breweries on the way. Between breweries, you see unique street art, historic buildings, modern architecture and Oklahoma City's best attractions and local districts. According to Ride OKC, the goal is to show off the main attractions of the city along with hidden gems and local favorites. Being a local myself, I concur! I discovered several new gems I didn't know existed while riding through some of my favorite areas of town. 
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