Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC

Blogger Amanda's OK shares the Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC

There is nothing quite like the hustle, bustle and magic of New York City! I've visited the big apple six times now - at least once a year for the last five years and twice in 2018! I like to think I know my way around by now, but New York is a whole 'nother world and it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it can be to get across Manhattan whether by car, foot, or subway.

Between all of my trips, though, I've been able to visit almost all of the most instagrammable spots in NYC. It seems like every time I visit, a new Instagrammable cafe has popped up....there is always something new to see! If you're heading to Manhattan soon, here are some of my favorite photo spots that you won't want to miss...although I will say, just a random street pic in New York often turns out better than a photo almost anywhere else!

NYFW Outfits + How My Feet Survived

how my feet survived new york fashion week
Band Tee | Leather Skirt | Leopard Golden Goose Dupes | Studded Strappy Heels

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe

I couldn't agree more; I felt like I was on top of the world while at New York Fashion Week with my best babes last week! It was my second trip to Fashion Week and my sixth trip to NYC overall. I never tire of visiting the city that never sleeps, it is just as magical every time I go! I have visited Manhattan enough that I know my way around the city and to really perfect the art of "touristing" in NYC. In my opinion, one of the most important things to do in New York, whether visiting during Fashion Week or just for fun, is to take care of your feet! You will do a LOT of walking and your feet will take a beating! Even the comfiest of tennies can rub a blister if you aren't careful.... Add fashionable heels or booties into the mix and your toes and arches will be screaming and that can ruin a day of sight seeing real quick! With the right pair of shoes, though (and a little help from Foot Petals), anyone can conquer New York City.....or the world!

I'm rounding up all of my NYFW outfits below (even the ones that haven't made it to Instagram, yet) and sharing my secret to making any pair of shoes more comfortable to walk in.

Perfect's Not Easy: My Struggle with Being a Perfectionist

Oklahoma blogger Amanda Martin shares her struggle with being a perfectionist
Hat | Tank | Leggings | Sneakers

Warning: I'm about to get real with you! Pour yourself a glass of Red Diamond iced tea and let's dig in.

I'm far from perfect, but I am a perfectionist. It's a flaw, but it can also be a good thing. I spend entirely too much time and effort trying to look perfect, act perfect, have the perfect house, the perfect hair, the perfect Instagram feed, the perfect marriage, the perfect life. I am very much a victim of Keeping up with the Jones' and hate doing things I'm not good at (hello, enneagram 3). One tiny flaw from my perfectly structured agenda can make me feel like an utter failure and can cause me to lose my mind for a hot second (or a hot couple of hours, ha). I run myself into the ground by saying yes / doing too many things at once and it always catches up to me. I do something perfect for so long until I burn out and can't do it at all anymore.....I say screw it and ruin or unravel all my hard work. Those are faults that I'm aware of and trying hard to overcome.

On the other hand, being a perfectionist has its perks and can be a good thing, in a way. I'm constantly trying to be the best version of "me" that I can be. I'm always working to grow my blog/Instagram and make something of myself. I'm trying to eat better, tone up and get stronger/faster/fitter at the gym on a regular basis. I'm attempting to keep my house cleaner, my dogs more brushed and my marriage as happy as it can be. I give myself me time, the occasional slice of chocolate cake and lots of self love (even if it's in the form of lash extensions or spray tans). These are all things that when done correctly, bring happiness and contentment to my very structured, type A mind and make me feel successful and pleased with myself.

All that being said, perfect's not easy, ya'll (even if it looks like it from my feed). I am not even close to perfect and have my fair share of flaws, but I still keep trying to better myself.....even if that means being less of a perfectionist!

My Experience with Hand Tied Extensions

According to OKC blogger Amanda Martin, hand tied extensions make chunky braids much better!

Truth time: my hair is my favorite thing about myself. It always has been! That might be shallow, but whatever. I've been a "Becky with the Good Hair" since I was in highschool and it makes me feel beautiful. I chopped my hair off like Reece Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama when I was 12 and vowed to never have short hair again. I grew it back out and since I was 14, I've had the exact same hair cut, color and style. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...ya feel me? the last year or so my perfect blonde locks started thinning out and not growing like they used to. Maybe it is from too much heat, maybe it is from color, maybe it is a part of getting older. Whatever it is, since my hair has always been such a big part of my identity (especially on Instagram), it was causing some insecurities and frustrations. Most people would probably say it would be healthier to reinvent your identity and love your new self instead of indulging yourself....but I digress. I tried hair growth supplements, I tried expensive repairing products and nothing was working.

OKC by the Districts: Deep Deuce

OKC Blogger Amanda Martin shares her guide to the Deep Deuce District of Oklahoma City

Hi, fellow Okies and potential visitors!! I'm back with another OKC by the Districts post (you can find my others here). These are some of my favorite posts to write because I get to share places I genuinely love in my home-sweet-homa. Today we're heading to Deep is not an area that I frequent but that doesn't mean it isn't worth visiting! Deep Deuce is just north of Bricktown and was originally OKC's African American neighborhood in the 20's - 50's; it was known for it's jazz music! Today, it is a vibrant urban neighborhood filled with apartments, condos and other urban homes surrounded by a few delicious restaurants.

I always think of Deep Deuce as being very clean and well kept. It doesn't have that grimy downtown/city feel, but it definitely feels like it is at the heart of an urban area.
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