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I know,  I know, I say this every single month but holy macaroni time flies. September, especially! With New York Fashion Week at the beginning of the month and another trip starting today, I feel like I blinked and September was nearly over. This time next month it will officially be the holidays....WHAT THE!? No complaints, though, it's my favorite time of year and I am ready for it! I am 100% done with my summer closet...I'm so sick of tank tops and shorts. If the Oklahoma weather could just drop a few degrees so I could break out my sweaters and boots, that'd be great!

I was able to find lots of new items and products this month thanks to fashion week! And thanks to my bad habit of burning a hole in my pocket (and by that I mean swiping that credit card...sorry babe). Do you have any new items you're loving? If so, let me know in the comments! I'm such a product junkie and I love to try new things!

Attending NYFW as a Micro-Influencer

nyfw in the rain
Shop this outfit here!

Hi friends! If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you saw my overload of New York Fashion Week photos! It was my first time attending fashion week and it was such an experience. I shared a roundup of what I wore in this post but I wanted to talk a little bit about why I went, how I went, what I learned and what I would do differently next time.

At the time I decided to go to fashion week, I probably had around 6-7,000 followers which is not a ton in the influencer world, but I was still able to get invited shows, meet with brands and get some of my outfits sponsored! I think you really get out of it what you put into it - if you're willing to work your booty off, you can make it happen. Of course, some of it was luck, but most of it was hard work.


Best of OKC State Fair

best of okc state fair
Tee | Shorts | Sam Edelman Rose Gold Shoes (on sale!)
Disclaimer: I promised this post would be up Monday but I got hit with the stomach bug on the way home from the fair  Womp womp. I wrote this post in the midst of the bug so I did not go into much detail on each food item for obvious reasons. Sorryyy.

Every September the great state fair makes it way to Oklahoma! Along with it come the trashiest residents of the state which makes for some great people watching. The way I see it, there are only a few reasons to attend the fair 1) food 2) people watching 3) games/rides. C and I choose to go for the food but we limit ourselves to going every other year. As you can see, 2018 was our year to go! Honestly, I was really disappointed this year (and I usually am). I grew up going to the Texas State Fair and though I love Oklahoma from the bottom of my heart, it just does not compare. I always look forward to going, though! Maybe its the nostalgia. 

I typically do a lot of research on what food will be available so that I have a game plan going in and can ensure we'll get the best stuff available..... but this year I kinda slipped up. I had been way too busy planning my NYFW trip and then playing catch up on, we winged it! However, with several years of Oklahoma State Fair experience, I feel well equipped enough to share the best foods of the state fair.  

What I Wore to NYFW

what i wore to nyfw

Hi everyone! I just got back from my first New York Fashion Week and it was such a whirlwind experience. It's hard to put it all into words, so before I tried to do that, I thought I'd do a roundup of what I wore. That's what fashion week is about, anyways, right? My favorite part of the whole trip was probably getting to take all these amazing pictures - every corner of NYC is a great backdrop and I am obsessed with how they all turned out, so I had to share!

Packing for fashion week was harder than packing for any trip I've ever been on - even harder than year's two week Euro-Trip, and that's saying a lot! I started planning my outfits back in July, then I ordered/purchased things in early August. I wanted my items to still be in-stock come September so that I could like them for you guys, so I didn't want to order tooooo early, but I also wanted to give myself enough time to try on and return things, if necessary.


House Tour

amanda's ok home tour
Wreath is from Kirklands, similar here

Hi friends! I asked a while back for feedback and suggestions on what you wanted to read on my blog and literally every single response I got was asking for home and decor content + several requested a house tour! I forget that even though I did blog about buying my historical home and renovating it, most of you weren't following me back then so you had no idea!

I did a before and after renovation home tour back in the day (you can find all my house posts by clicking the "white house on the prairie" topic link at the bottom of this post), but I thought it was time for home tour 2.0 now that my sunroom is complete and we've been living here for a few years / really made it home.

Special shoutout to Hive Helper for doing all my cleaning prior to the photo shoot! Having two giant long haired dogs means my house is rarely this clean.......(read as: dirty paw prints and dog hair everywhere) but Hive Helper saved the day! They offer home cleaning with tons of add ons, errand running, organization, garden name it, they'll help. I can't recommend them enough. They serve all of Oklahoma City and Denver, too!
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