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Hi hello! Long time no life update! Mostly because life has been NUTS lately and I haven't had time to write one. It sounded so fun to plan two trips back to back (three if you count NYFW).... and it was fun but it was also hella-stressful! Cramming two weeks worth of work in before/between/after my trips meant I had little to no free time the entire month of September and all of October thus far. Literally, all I've done is werk werk werk werk werk to *try* and stay on top of things. I even bought WiFi on two flights to catch up on emails! Who am I?!

Not to complain, though. I am so grateful for everything that keeps me this busy: a have a full-time job that pays the bills, blogging that gives me so many fun experiences and teaching at Beyond which lets me share my one of my biggest passions (fitness) with others.

So, now for the fun stuff.....let's begin!

AOK Guide to Vermont in the Fall

Vermont in the Fall

Every time I told someone I was going to Vermont, they asked me kind of surprised me. 1) For obvious reasons, FALL! Vermont is every basic white girl's fall dream! 2) My mom grew up in Vermont so I wanted to see her made the trip a bit more meaningful than some of the others I have taken.

Vermont did not disappoint; it was seriously fall heaven around every corner! Apples, pumpkins, maple everything, changing leaves, historic homes....I loved it so much! It was one of those places that was so beautiful that it had me questioning why I live in Oklahoma haha.

We visited both Manchester and Stowe (which is a ski town about 20 minutes outside of Montpelier, the capital and my mom's home town). I liked Manchester a teeny bit more but honestly every part of the state is equally as charming in it's own way - you really can't go wrong! Please take note on all of my suggestions below which city I'm referring to.


The Kimpton Taconic: A Vermont Hotel Review

kimpton taconic review
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I just got home from the most amazing fall getaway to Vermont with C! My mom grew up in Vermont so I've always wanted to see her home town, plus, what basic white girl doesn't want to do all the fall things? Vermont is the perfect autumn destination - if the foliage isn't enough of an enticer, the pumpkin patches, corn mazes, apple cider and maple flavored things are sure to convince you! I'll be doing a full guide to Vermont next week but today I wanted to share my experience at the Kimpton Taconic Hotel in Manchester.

Before we dive in, I just want to say that the Kimpton Taconic truly wowed me! I've stayed at a lot of hotels this year throughout all of our travels (and C's family is in the hotel business) so I know a good hotel when I see one. This property was top notch, the staff was so accommodating and, what really matters most (let's be real here), dogs of all sizes are welcome and the bed and shower were both superb! I'm already wanting to plan a trip back to Manchester next fall and of course, the Taconic will be my home base.


AOK Guide to Bend, Oregon

guide to bend oregon

I took a little travel break over the summer but jumped back in head first this fall! I went to NYFW with my girls a few weeks back and then C and I headed to Oregon for a much needed entire week long vacation. Normally when we travel, it's for a long weekend so we cram as much as possible into those few days. We pick out restaurants and make reservations, set an itinerary, wake up early and go go gooooo. This time, though, we didn't really plan a single thing. It was kind of nice! On top of that I didn't have service a lot of the time so I was forced to put my phone down and live in the moment.

I've been to Oregon multiple times throughout the years because my aunt and uncle and two of my cousins and their families all live in Bend, Oregon. We stayed with my family throughout the whole trip and we just kinda winged it! There were a few places that I'd been before that I wanted to go back to but besides that, we slept in, took our time exploring and relied on my family's local recommendations. It was a great time and I seriously love the Pacific Northwest so much - it's a place I could be happy living in (and I don't say that about many destinations). Bend is a super fun town but the entire state of Oregon is absolutely gorgeous - every corner of it has something different to explore and it would take weeks to see it all!

BTW.... Sorry in advance about the lack of quality travel / food photos......I wasn't really in full on blogger mode since we were visiting family.


5 Best Skinny Jeans for Athletic Girls

best skinny jeans for athletic girls
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Hi loves and Happy October! Long time no blog, huh?! I've been seriously slacking on blog posts lately because #life. I was sick, I was on vacation, I was trying to get everything else done somewhere in between it all....sometimes the world wide web just has to go on the back burner and that's OK. But this week, I'm back and I've got several posts coming your way!

Today I want to share my top 5 skinny jeans! My entire life I've never ever found a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly. I'm very tall (5'10) and have muscular legs (quadzilla over here) and a big booty but a small waist. They just don't make pants with athletic girls in mind! However, recently I've found several brands that I LOVE and that fit me flawlessly! For reference, you can see photos of me wearing all the jeans at the bottom of this post.
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