Okie Sweet Tea Slush

blogger Amanda's OK shares a recipe for a frozen Arnold Palmer cocktail using Red Diamond Iced Tea

Happy [almost] Memorial Day Weekend! Memorial Day marks the start of summer and to me, summer means iced tea! In preparation for the long weekend, I created a tasty three-ingredient cocktail slush recipe using Red Diamond Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea that I’ve named the “Okie Sweet Tea Slush,” aka an adult Arnold Palmer slushie. Whatever your weekend holds, this drink would be the perfect addition…it’s refreshing, simple and delicious, plus it would be easy to make a kid-friendly version - just omit the alcohol!

While grocery shopping, I always grab a gallon of Red Diamond Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea to keep on hand; it is made with simple, real ingredients and it always hits the spot. My go-to afternoon pick-me-up is their Sugar-Free Sweet Tea because it tastes great while being guilt free and zero calorie since it is sweetened with Splenda. Red Diamond also offers Ready-to-Drink gallons of unsweet tea and regular sweet tea - both are equally as delicious. They’d all pair perfectly with a Memorial Day backyard BBQ, whether enjoyed straight from the gallon or made into an Okie Sweet Tea Slush!
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