I fully believe that the post-vacation blues are a real thing.

After an amazing week in paradise with "the hubs" (am I using that phrase correctly?), I found myself in a funk. A bad one. Yes, marriage was great, getting back into a day-to-day routine was rejuvenating to say the least....but....does it have to be over?! 

After months of anticipating the wedding/honeymoon, I had a void in my life! I had completely forgotten how to relax and enjoy today. I was so used to the go-go-go, plan-plan-plan. The honeymoon was absolutely incredible, but once it was in hindsight, I was left with a yearning to go somewhere and do something again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving married life and learning how to relax and enjoy the little things again....BUT...

I was craving travel. Putting an itinerary together. Exploring new places. Eating my way through an adventure. Freeze-framing the moment with pictures. Figuring out what the locals think is worthwhile. I was wanderlusting hard.

The day we got back from the Bahamas, a friend from college posted something on Facebook that caught my eye.

That's some pretty solid advice. I couldn't get it out of my head. 

We sat down over the weekend and discussed our household budget: bills, spending money, debt and savings. We were 100% on the same page when it came to travel. We needed to do it, and do it as often as possible, before life expenses and kids and all that comes along [several years down the road, I might add]. Cole suggested we put a certain amount of each paycheck into a vacation fund and start planning bi-yearly trips to places on our stateside bucket list. 

Obvi I said yes. 

First up? WE'RE GOING TO NYC THIS FALL! And I. Can't. Wait.

It's been on my bucket list for years, but now I need your help. 

Where do we eat? What do we see? What do I have to get a picture of/with? HELP!!


An NYC Virgin 


the best day of my life

It's true what they say.

After months and months of anticipation, planning,  and stressing over every intricate detail, your wedding day comes and goes in the blink of an eye.

It's over? Already? But I'm not done, yet!

Surrounded by our closest friends and family, June 5, 2015, was truly the best day of my life.

I woke up at my normal hour of 7 a.m., wide awake like a kid on Christmas. I sat criss-cross-apple-sauce in bed with several of my bridesmaids and chatted about life, love and boys, like thirteen-year-olds might. We ate brunch and drank coffee, like adults, and relaxed until it was time to get our hair done.

That's when the day went into fast-forward mode.

Hair, makeup.... (blo. gets lots of thumbs up on my bridal hairstyle. absolute perfection.)

The dress? Allure.

Something old, new, borrowed and blue.

Before I knew it, my dad arrived to whisk me away to the McGranahan Barn. We chose this venue partly because of the historical background, but the outdoor ceremony setting and the rustic, yet classy feel inside the barn didn't hurt matters any.

The boys had a good day, too. At least it looks that way.

Yes, we elected to do first look pictures, and I fully support it.

As you can see, our photographer, Candi Coffman, gets all the gold stars.

We had the cutest of ring bearers and flowers girls. I can't even.

Our wedding party wasn't so bad, either.

The ceremony was just as I always dreamed.

As was the groom. [insert heart eyes emoji]

We sneaked away for a few sunset photos before the party started.

Can you say amazing? This puppy is getting blown up on my mantle. When we get a mantle, that is.

We ate Roxy's Ice Cream in lieu of a groom's cake and played yard games.

We danced the night away... Well, Ryan and I danced.

And before we knew it, before we even got to talk to half of our guests, the night was over.

And we lived [are living] happily ever after.

It was the best day, you guys. Better than I could have ever imagined. I'm sad it's over, but so happy about what the future holds for us. Thank you to everyone who played a part in it.

All my love,

Mrs. Martin

P.S. Happy one month anniversary to us! Time flies when you're having fun.

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