Talking Swimsuits + Body Image + Pool Floats

OKC Blogger Amanda Martin shares her thoughts on body image while wearing an Amazon Tassel Bikini
Tassel Bikini, only $25 and comes in a ton of colors! | Unicorn Float & Watermelon Island c/o Intex | $10 Designer Inspired Sunnies 

Swimsuit season is here which means swimsuit shopping is I the only one who loathes trying on swimsuits and looking in the mirror? No? Good. There was a day a few years ago that I loved my body and was proud of my thick thighs and broad shoulders but now? Not so much. I'm challenging myself to get back to that mindset - both physically and mentally - and I thought the best way to do that was to put it in writing. Hopefully my vulnerability encourages someone along the way! 

As women, I think we all battle body image issues at some point in our lives (or all the time) no matter how big or small we are. I remember my first "negative" thought about myself was how huge my calves were during Vacation Bible School sitting next to my two best friends. calves are still cankles, but I've moved on to feeling negative about other areas of my body as an muffin top, love handles, bra bulge, bingo wings, thunder thighs, etc. Sure, I'm good at hiding them in real clothes that flatter me, but in a swimsuit? It's all out in the open. 

I've been on a roller coaster of health and fitness stages the last couple of years and I'm currently in a valley. I was at my fittest in 2015-2016 but I had a pretty intense shoulder surgery a year and a half ago that was followed up by a gallbladder surgery last summer. My "comeback" has been challenging (just as much mentally as physically) and getting back into a healthy eating and workout routine (especially both at the same time) has been much harder than I expected. I think knowing what I once was has made me feel worse and more insecure about my current physical state. 

A Charming Sale at James Avery

Oklahoma City blogger Amanda's OK shares the James Avery Charm Bracelet Sale

James Avery has been a household name for as long as I remember! As a kid, I always received James Avery charms as gifts for birthdays, accomplishments, milestones and special celebrations. Somewhere I still have that jingly little bracelet covered in horses and ballet slippers. As I grew, my James Avery pieces grew with me....I started asking for rings and earrings that I could wear into adulthood, and I still wear those items today! If you look closely you can see my two favorite James Avery rings in these pictures.

Honestly, I thought I had outgrown the charm bracelet phase, but when I discovered James Avery's new bracelet designs, I was smitten! I'm a sucker for twisted wire cable bracelets and this Oval Twist Charm Bracelet compliments my daily wrist stack perfectly. I chose to add two charms on the same link to give it just a little something extra. I chose an "A" for Amanda and a black onyx bead because it will match everything. I like having two charms on the same link because it keeps it simple and dainty but makes it pop at the same time! No lie, I have worn it almost every single day since I got it and I love it.


Derby Fashion with Roma Designer Jewelry

Amanda's OK wears a Retro Floral Dress with Pearls
Dress, c/o Chicwish | Pearl Necklace & Pearl Drop Earrings c/o Roma Designer Jewelry, use code AMANDASOK20 for a discount | Shoes | Lips, color is Patina

Channeling my inner Betty Draper here! I wore this outfit for my neighborhood's big Kentucky Derby dinner party over the weekend (complete with a fascinator, of course) and I LOVED it. It is so fun and fabulous - I got a ton of compliments! I placed my bets on Maximum Security and was so bummed when his win got overturned......even though I lost my money, C and I won second place best dressed couple, so at least there is that! We lost to a couple dressed as a horse and jockey and I'm OK with that. I think I carried the team with this outfit, though - I have always loved retro fashion, in particular the 50s and 60s. This dress is no exception and the pearls compliment it perfectly. I like to imagine my Grandma used to wear something similar to cocktail parties!

I shared in this post that I've always been a pearl girl.....whether they are simple and stately or bold and attention grabbing, pearls are always appropriate! What I love most about this specific pearl strand necklace and drop earring set from Roma Designer Jewelry is that it can be dressed up, like it is here, or dressed down with something simple and classy like a black shirt and denim. Either way, it accentuates an outfit perfectly and makes a statement. I love that this strand of genuine South Sea Shell pearls is a bit oversized (10mm pearls) really makes you stand out in a good way! The clasp is actually a round bead made of sterling and inlaid with crystals that twists together! I really appreciate that the necklace still looks OK when the clasp sneaks around to the front and I love how it sparkles. You can see it peaking out in a few of the photos below if you look closely.

Paris & London Travel Diaries

Amanda Martin's Paris & London Travel Diaries

Bonjour! Hello! I'm currently suffering from a terrible case of the post vacation blues and really need to have my sweet tooth pulled. After spending 10 days eating my heart out in Paris and London with my mom, it was nice to come home and get back into a healthy routine......but it has been a week and I'm tired of said routine and ready to travel again! Ha! #HaveCameraWillTravel. Seriously, does one get an HGTV show?

I wanted to share our trip with you but since this was my second time visiting both Paris and London, I've already published my usual "AOK Guide to...." posts for both cities. You can find my Paris Guide here and my London Guide here. So, that being said, today's post is more of a travel diary....things we did, things we ate, and experiences we had. You can read about where we stayed for the first half of our time in Paris here - shoutout to Hotel Chavanel, they get all the stars! I shared all of my outfits and tips on what to pack in this post!

Now, let's dig in, shall we?
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