Renovation Progress

We are roughly half way through renovations at our White House on the Prairie. Everything has gone so smoothly [knock on wood] and we are anxiously awaiting completion. It has been so fun to see my ideas and designs become a reality as the house starts to take shape - it is all coming together just like I envisioned and I couldn't be happier!

Side note: if anyone wants to buy our old house, it will be on the market next week! The open house will be Sunday, January 8, from 2 - 4. Email me for more information or keep an eye on Verbode's website!

Choosing paint colors has probably been the most difficult part of the entire renovation process. There are way more than 50 shades of grey, you guys. We decided on wood floors for the kitchen, white hex tile for the bathroom floors and white subway tile for the showers and kitchen backsplash! Classic Joanna. There will be "rococo" countertops and white cabinets in the kitchen. We also have started collecting new furniture - I am so excited to get in there and figure out where everything goes! I've always dreamed of being an interior designer so I feel like I'm fulfilling my destiny.

One of my favorite parts of the house will be a reclaimed wood vent hood cover that will go over the stove. My dad is making it for us - it will be so special to have a handmade piece in the heart of our home. I can't wait to show you the finished product - and everything else that goes with it!

This was taken in the beginning stages of the master bathroom addition - it actually has four walls and a shower, now!
Check out those grocery store floors in the sun room! They will be stained/painted concrete...eventually!
I chopped so many branches you guys. Then I tore my shoulder.
This is the countertop we chose for the kitchen. It is called "Rococo."
Current kitchen situation. Floors installed but awaiting stain. Cabinets and backsplash coming soon. 
Chloe & Kylo (mostly just Kylo) are really excited to move to a house with stairs.
Paint samples! We are going with "Repose Gray" (bottom) for the main living areas and Dorian Gray (second from bottom) in the kitchen.
Bathroom floors are on deck!
Our master shower is nearing completion! I'm obsessed with the penny rounds on the shower floor - they were in our hotel shower in NYC and we knew right then we had to have them!

I can't wait to show you more progress, as well as before and after pics, as we get closer to move-in. Stay tuned!


Merry Christmas from the Martins

I just love sending and receiving Christmas cards! I also love looking back on cards from previous years and seeing how I've grown and how styles have changed. Being a graphic designer by trade with a photographer for a dad, I more or less obsess over finding the best card design and getting the cutest picture each year. I search Minted, Etsy, Pinterest and Shutterfly for ideas and inspiration and then usually end up designing it myself.

Last year, it was easy. A wedding picture with a cute "Married & Merry" or "First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs." quote on it. This year, however, it took a little more time and thought. Obviously, we had to include the pups. I also wanted a photo we could print and hang in our new house for years to come! On top of all that, it seemed like the opportune time to include a picture of our new house with the new mailing address. Thank goodness for double sided cards.

I had my dad snap some family photos the last time we visited their lake house in Northwest Arkansas. I'm obsessing over all of them -- I had the hardest time deciding which one to use for our cards! So, naturally, I'm posting my favorites here to show off how incredibly adorable our little family is. Sorry not sorry.

Thanks, Daddy, for the photo shoot :)

I am counting the hours until we head back to my parent's for Christmas! We leave tomorrow (Thursday) after work and will be hiding out/cozying up at the lake all weekend long! We'll do Christmas with Cole's family in Stillwater over New Year's know you're getting old when your in-laws probably have bigger NYE plans than you do! Maybe they'll let us tag along....if not, I'll be raiding their wine cabinet. ;) 

How are you spending your holiday week? Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope it's full of happiness and cheer. 

Merry Christmas to all! 

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My Christmas Wish List

one: pom pom blanket | two: candle | three: the north face beanie | four: silk pillowcase | five: dog breed ornament - multiple breeds available | six: fresh sugar lip set - my favorite lip balm of all time! | seven: ugg slippers | eight: christmas mug | nine: nike juvenate - I have these in grey and wear them all the time! so comfy | ten: mk tote - currently on sale + a great dupe for the designer version | eleven: kate spade portable charger - a must if going on vacation! | twelve: off the shoulder sweater | thirteen: mock neck sweater  - comes in several colors! | fourteen: texture knit pullover - comes in several colors! | fifteen: moto jeans - so in right now | sixteen: pj pants - I have the fox print and they are the comfiest pj pants EVER! I want all the other color options!

I love the convenience of wish lists. It makes Christmas shopping for friends and family so much easier - you can confidently pick out the perfect item and know they'll be pleased! I have zero shame in the fact that my wish list on is a mile long....I like to give people options, ya know?!

This Christmas I am hoping to get lots of home stuff for our new house! This pom pom blanket would be the perfect addition to our living there is no such thing as too many candles! And of course, a #KyloTheMountainDog ornament..... I need it! It may seem silly, but I also really want a silk pillowcase. I've read they help your hair and skin and prevent those crinkles you get while sleeping. I want to test it out!

Obviously, I want all the clothes, too. A girl can never have enough stuff hanging in her closet, amirite?! And since my average size closet is about to become a giant walk-in closet at the new house.........well...fill 'er up! Workout clothes, sweaters and cute PJs have been my jam lately. These jogger style PJ pants are everything. I have them in the fox print and I can barely bring myself to take them off on weekends in order to wash them! I think that means a pair in a different print is a must....don't you agree?

What are you asking Santa for this year? I'd love to hear....I may need to add it to my list!

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My Go-To Winter Weather Remedies

Top | Jeans (so cheap but so comfy! runs extra small, so size up!) | Leopard Flats (sold out, similar here) | Engraved Necklace | Quilted Watch | Sailor's Knot Bracelet

It's no secret....the basic white girl in me has been anxiously waiting for cooler weather to make its appearance in Oklahoma for months and months. I mean....I had a closet full of new sweaters, scarves, boots and beanies to break out!

While the Peppermint Mochas, fuzzy socks and Christmas music fill me with joy, the dry skin/lips, scratchy nose and staticky hair do not. But have no fear, my go-to remedies are here! 

Dry Skin
  • Matte lipstick is all the rage right now and I love it. My lips, however, do not. So, I like to use a lip stain and top it (after it dries, of course) with a little lip balm. It helps my color to not crack throughout the day while keeping my lips hydrated and smooth. Try evolution of smooth and your lips will thank you! I keep an "egg" in my purse, my desk drawer, my bathroom and next to my bed! It has just the right amount of moisture and shine without being too thick or sticky. It doesn't hurt that their products are gluten and paraben free and not tested on animals! 
  • I never go anywhere without my eos hand lotion. My hands crack really bad in the winter, especially if I'm outside in the cold wind, so having lotion readily available is a must! eos's formula is fast absorbing and non-greasy - a major requirement for me.....and for my hubby who uses it more than I do, ha! Plus it's in a cute shaped bottle that fits in most purses, big or small. 
Scratchy Nose
  • I recently had a facial where my esthetician used a humidifier and OMG you guys, it made all my dryness go away! I could literally feel my skin and sinuses loosen up and fill with moisture. It was amazing! You can get the same effect at home with a humidifier of your own, or put a hot steamy towel over your face for a few minutes. Also, turn the heat down at helps!
  • Drink water! This seems to be the go-to cure for everything from weight loss to recovering from the flu......but, if your body is dehydrated, it can't provide any excess water to hydrate your nose! 
Staticky Hair
  • Use a anti-frizz treatment. My favorite (I'm more or less obsessed) is Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine Spray. It not only smells incredible, but it softens and smooths crazy, staticky hair better than anything I've tried. I spray it on after styling and it makes my hair so silky. 
  • Rub a dryer sheet on your hair! It also works to rub it on your body if you're wearing a particularly sticky outfit. It might seem weird to carry one with you, but it comes in handy and sure makes your purse smell good in the mean time.
Do you have any winter weather remedies to share? If so, I'd love to hear!

Thanks to Evolution of Smooth for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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