President's Day Sales

OKC Blogger Amanda's OK Shares her President's Day Sale Picks
Denim Jacket, on sale! | Camo Pants, 40% off | FP Scarf | OTBT Wedge Sneakers, 10% off with code AMANDASOK | Glasses | Lips, color is Patina

If you're a luckier person than I and you actually have today off work, I hate you.

Kidding. Kinda. President's Day is probably one of my least favorite days of the year. I work at a financial institution so we are closed on all federal holidays (eh hem, today), but we have a mandatory all employee meeting every year on President's Day, so I still have to go in to work. Womp womp. C works for a bank, so he is off today and it is absolutely and completely NOT FAIR. But shopping is great therapy and there are SO MANY President's Day sales going on right now, so I'll be fine! I rounded up some of my favs + a few of my sale picks below!


14 Things to Look for in a Husband

Oklahoma blogger Amanda Martin shares 14 things to look for in a husband in honor of Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Yesterday was my wonderful husband's birthday and today is THE day of love so I thought it was only natural to devote this post to him! Last year on Valentine's Day I shared 14 Reasons I Love My Husband (all of those still hold true - I'm seriously the luckiest!) .... today, I want to share 14 Things to Look for in a Husband. 14 because it's February 14th, clearly :)

I'm gonna be honest, I kissed a few too many frogs before finding a prince. Some of them weren't so bad (they just weren't so "right" either) but others....yikes! All that to say, I truly believe that there really is someone out there that is made for you. They say marriage is work, yes, there is some give and take, but it shouldn't be hard work or strenuous work...ya know? The right relationship should come naturally and be a perfect fit for both of your personalities, characters and lifestyles.

An Honest Rothy's Review

Blogger Amanda's OK shares an honest review of Rothy's The Point

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I got a pair of Rothy's for Christmas and no lie, every single time I wear them, someone asks my thoughts on them! I shared a little bit about them in my January Favorites post, but thought I would dive in and give you a full, honest Rothy's review. I'm not sparing any details! I have The Point style in Persimmon, for reference, but they also have a loafer, a sneaker, a standard [ballerina] flat and a TON of fun colors and designs to choose from. I'm totally crushing on the camo, the zebra and aaaall the leopards. I'd take a pair in every color, really!

For a little background, Rothy's are made from water bottles. The company has been in business for three years and they have already taken 20 million plastic bottles and repurposed them into flats. How's that for going green?! There is no waist throughout the entire shoe making process! People rave about their Rothy's for work, for travel, and for everything in between, but they're PRICEY ($145 a pair) so it's understandable to question if they live up to the hype. Below are the questions I had prior to owning a pair that I thought would be helpful in deciding if they're worth the splurge!

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Blogger Amanda's OK Shares ideas on what to wear for Valentine's Day
Heart Sweater c/o Chicwish | Pink Maxi Skirt c/o Chicwish | Gucci Purse, Dupe Here | Similar Michael Kors Flats | Lips, color is Twig

The month of love is here! Some love it, others hate it. I'm neutral. I actually haven't been single on Valentine's Day since I was 14 (HA!) but I've also never been overly into celebrating the holiday. Now-a-days, Cole's birthday is the day before Valentine's so we celebrate that big and lay low on V-Day. Note that that also means I celebrate his birthday in lieu of Galentine's Day, but I wouldn't trade it for the world (I could be persuaded to trade it for chocolate cake, though .... I kid I kid).

Our Valentine's Day tradition is to order Chinese take out and eat at home by candlelight! It's become something that we look forward to each year. We exchange small gifts (like, $30 a person) because Christmas is in December, my birthday is in January and his is in February so we are usually gifted out come Valentine's! But, those small gifts are often things we put a lot of thought into and they are always fun and special.

Even though we don't go out on a Valentine's date, I still like to dress the part leading up to it and revel in all things love! Any excuse to wear pink and eat candy....I'm here for it! I rounded up some Valentine's Day outfit inspo including comfy PJs, date night looks and cozy matter what your plans are, I gotchu!

How I Use Hartz Dog Pads for Large Breed Dogs

Blogger Amanda's OK shares why she uses Hartz Dog Pads for her large breed dogs

Thank you Hartz for sponsoring this post. Hartz Dog Pads are America’s #1 brand of dog pads and are available nationwide at Walmart, Amazon and your local grocery store.

When most people think of "Dog Pads," potty training probably comes to mind. Though they work great for puppies who are learning and small apartment dogs who are inside all day, dog pads can be used for dogs of all shapes and sizes! They serve more of a purpose than just potty pads.

I have two large breed dogs: a Bernese Mountain Dog, Kylo, and a Great Pyrenees Mix, Chloe (you can follow them on Instagram here). I love them to pieces and will always be a large breed dog kind of girl, but my goodness they track in so much dirt! My house, my floors, my car, my's all covered in dog hair, leaves, dirt and muddy paw prints. I promise I clean my house every weekend, but you wouldn't know it if you dropped by on a random Thursday! Throughout the winter when there is snow, sleet, etc., it has been extra hard to keep things clean.....that is, until I started using Hartz Dog Pads!
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