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lash extensions review
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Hi, friends! I recently jumped on the eyelash extension train and have received so many questions about them so I thought I'd put a little review and Q+A together for you. Long lashes are all the rage right now; I tried so many of the lash options out there before giving extensions a try so I feel like I have a good perspective on it. Spoiler life will never be the same!!

I've tried glue on strip lashes, magnetic lashes, serums, lash primer and even growth enhancing essential oils. My lashes were never short by any means, but they didn't wow anyone, either. I hated how heavy strip lashes felt (and sucked at putting them on), magnetic lashes were too "straight" on me (for lack of a better word) - I loved how they looked in photos but they didn't fit the curve of my eye and always stuck out on the edges. Serums and primer definitely helped my lashes look longer, but they were never very voluminous, partially because my natural lashes are a bit of a lighter color. When I first tried lash extensions, I wasn't sure if I would keep them up but now I can't imagine life without them!! I seriously wake up every day, look in the mirror and think.... "I woke up like this!"

lash extensions q+a

I got my first full set from Kelleigh at Moss and Magnolia Salon. She is amazing, so sweet, gentle and very talented! I was a little nervous that my lashes would be over the top and look fake but Kelleigh definitely helped ease me into it throughout my first few visits. I started with a classic set with a bit of a cat eye shape (so, slightly longer on the outside edges). With classic lashes, each natural lash has one extension glued to it for a really natural look, kind of just like you're wearing mascara. The before and after picture below is from my first visit!

For a few weeks, each time I went back for a fill, I slowly went a little longer and a little fuller. Now, I have a mix of volume and length. With volume, a little fan of three lashes is glued onto each natural lash....I like this because as they naturally fall out, there are enough other lashes left behind to help my eyelids not look like naked mole rats, ha! I think the level of length/volume I have is just enough to really amp up my look and open my eyes while still letting me look natural / I can go without makeup and not look like crazy lash mania.

lash extension before and after

So, now for the Q+A!

Q: What is the application process like? 
A: When you arrive for your appointment, you lay down, close your eyes and relax! I've gotten so many good naps in while on the lash table haha. Your lower lashes will be taped down and an under eye pad will be applied. Each extension will be glued on using tweezers, one at a time, and then wall-ah! You're done before you know it. It doesn't hurt at all.

**Be sure to tell your lash artist if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to anything so that they can test you beforehand and use the right glue for you. I've had some friends who's eyes puff up like Hitch!

Q: Can you wear contacts when getting lashes done?
A: I do, but I've heard that it can bother people with sensitive eyes, so maybe play it safe and wear glasses the first few times.

Q: Where do you go to get them done?
A: I go to Lashes by Kelleigh at Moss and Magnolia Salon in Edmond, she's amazing and gets all the stars. Moss and Magnolia is a hair salon located on NE 150th. There are several studios / salons in town that do lash extensions in addition to other services. Wherever you go, make sure it is quality! Lashes (or anything on your face) are not something you want to risk messing up just to save a few dollars. i.e. Don't Groupon it!

Q: Should I arrive to a lash appointment with no makeup?
A: Extensions need to be applied to clean lashes so if possible, yes. If not possible, your lash artist can take your makeup off for you, it just takes some extra time. Face makeup is fine, though!

Q: How often do you have to get your lashes touched up?
A: It is recommend to get lash fills every 2-3 weeks, depending on the person. Two weeks is what I shoot for! If I wait much longer, I end up losing too many lashes and the fill takes longer than it should. You can also get mini fills to help you stretch it out or keep you looking fresh, if needed.

Q: Can lash extensions damage your real lashes? 
A: They can, but only if they are put on or taken off incorrectly (reasons to not go to Groupon salons....) or if not cared for correctly. If taken care of, lash extensions can actually help your natural lashes be healthier. When you wear mascara, you are constantly putting "gunk" on your eyes and rubbing your lashes to take it off which can cause breakage. With extensions, you don't really even touch your eyes so it allows your lashes to grow and remain healthy.

It is important to note that everyone "sheds" (yes, like a dog). Your real lashes, along with your hair, goes through stages of growth and stages of shedding to make room for new growth. So, if you lose a bunch of lashes, you could just be shedding. It doesn't mean they are falling out as a result of extensions.

Q: How long does it take to get a full set / fill?
A: A full set takes about two hours and a fill takes about one! Mini fills take around 30 minutes.

Q: Do you still wear eye makeup?
A: It depends on the day! With extensions you NEVER have to wear mascara which is great and saves me so much time in the mornings. 50% of the time I don't wear ANY eye makeup - probably my #1 favorite thing about lash extensions! I feel so pretty and put together with lashes alone that I don't feel the need to do much makeup at all. Some people think extensions are "high maintenance" but really they help me be less maintenance because I don't spend a ton of time getting ready any more. I do still wear eyeshadow when taking pictures, attending an event or going out to dinner but I rarely ever wear eyeliner on my upper lids anymore and never touch mascara.

Note: if wearing eyeliner, it's recommend to NOT use a pencil liner on your upper lids. Liquid, gel or powder liner is best! I normally don't use liner, but when I do I use a black eyeshadow and apply with a damp liner brush to create a smoky eye look.

Q: How do you take makeup off without ripping your lashes out? 
A: I use makeup wipes and position my finger at a downward angle on my lid (almost behind the lash as to not touch it). I'm just extra careful to not rub the lashes. It's important to not use a makeup remover with oil in it - it can weaken the glue and cause the extensions to fall off.

Q: Can you feel them / are they heavy like strip lashes?
A: No! They are so light I forget they are there + mine aren't quite long enough to "tickle" my lid. Occasionally they itch/scratch just a little bit where they are glued on at the base of my natural lash but it doesn't last long and doesn't happen often.

Q: Do you have to sleep on your back so you don't smash your lashes?
A: It's recommended, but I'm not a back sleeper at ALL. Side sleeper for life. I'm just really careful to not smash my face into my pillow....I kind of sleep on the edge of my pillow and prop my face up a little with my hand.

Q: How much do they cost?
A: One of the only negatives of extensions is the cost. They are definitely a splurge but they are worth it (to me) because they make me feel good about myself and they seriously cut down on my getting ready time. The price of a full set depends on the style you get (classic, volume, etc) but are about $175-$225. Fills run about $70 and mini fills are roughly $35, I believe. It is definitely worth it to go to a lash artist who knows what they're doing - it's not something you want to take the cheap route on!

Q: How do you care for your lashes?
A: Everyone kind of has to figure out what works for them but for me, I try to touch them as little as possible! Oil can cause the extensions to fall out (it weakens the glue) so I don't touch them and I don't apply any creams or serums too close to my eyes. It's important to brush your lashes, though, (you will receive a lash brush at your appointment), just like it's important to brush your hair. I normally brush mine in the morning after sleeping on them to get any kinks out but some people brush them twice a day.

Lashes in general are meant to protect your eyes and keep dirt and dust out so extensions can get dirty (especially if you wear eyeshadow). I use this tea tree cleanser every 2-3 days to clean my lashes - I just use my fingers or a clean makeup brush and very gently brush the foam on in a downward motion. It really helps make my lashes look darker and fluffier! After air drying for a few minutes, I'll lightly blow dry on cool/low with a lash brush to fluff em up. I try not to dry them with a towel because it can catch and rip the extensions off.

IMPORTANT: it takes about 24 hours for the glue to set after getting extensions applied so don't get your face wet! I made that mistake once and lost almost my lash extensions within a week! Even after 24 hours has past, I get my eyes wet as little as possible. When I wash my face, I gently use my hands/a cloth to wipe the soap off.... I NEVER put my face under the stream of the shower or splash my face with water.

lash extension experience

There you have it!! If there are any questions I missed, feel free to leave them below in the comments, email me, or send me a DM on Instagram! If you're in the OKC area, I HIGHLY suggest Kelleigh, she's amazing and will take good care of you. I LOVE my extensions and am so glad I finally gave them a try. Fair warning, though, once you get lashes you'll never go back! They are addicting in the best way possible.

Thanks for reading!

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