How to Style Paperbag Pants

paperbag pants
Black Lace Cami | Yellow Pants (they come in three other colors!) | Black Strappy Heels | Leopard ClutchLips, color is Patina | A Necklace | Bracelets are Kinsley Armelle, get a discount with code AMANDASOK

Hi, friends! I’m coming atcha live from my car, heading home from a weekend at my parent’s house in NW Arkansas. Every time I visit I always have to swing by Onyx Coffee on the Bentonville Square. It is my favorite coffee in the entire world - so much so that I always stock up on their beans to brew at home! I’m a coffee snob through and through, I know. You can also order their beans online from Trade Coffee Co. and get 50% off your first bag with code TRADE_2f674j if you want to give them a try! You’ll love them, I promise.

Now, onto clothes! I want to talk about one of my favorite trends right now: paperbag pants. I was hesitant to try them at first, but the second I put my first pair on I was SOLD and immediately ordered about three or four more pairs in different colors and lengths. I think they are some of the most flattering pants on the market right now; the high-rise hugs you in all the right places without giving you too much of a mom-jean booty if you know what I mean. I struggled a little bit with how to style them, but after some pinterest-inspo I feel like I’ve got the hang of it. Scroll on down to see my tips on how to style paperbag pants [or shorts].

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how to style paperbag pants

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yellow paper bag pants

1. With a flowy cami like I’m wearing here - this is my go to! I added a photo at the very bottom of a similar look with shorts.

2. With a body suit or fitted top - if you have really loose, flowy bottoms, a fitted top can help even out the outfit.

3. With a graphic tee - I love combining dressy and casual pieces to create unexpected outfit pairings!

4. With a button down - this would look so professional. Hello, work week chic!

5. With a jacket - I’d recommend a blazer for a boss babe look or a moto jacket for a little edgier feel. You could pair it with a cami, a body suit or a graphic tee!

6. With a crop top - again, mixing styles makes outfits so much more fun! It’s OK when things aren’t exactly made to match….they can still compliment each other!

7. With a chunky sweater that you can front tuck - this would be perfect for a holiday dinner or a nicer event when you still want to feel cozy…….is it too early to be talking about holiday dinners???

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Depending on the color of the pants, mixing in a fun pattern up top could add some oomph, too! I like to wear my pants with pumps or strappy heels and I wear my shorts with nicer sandals. I think if you had skinnier pants (as opposed to really flowy ones like I’m wearing) they would look great with nice sandals or even a trendy sneaker! Like I said above, I love mixing dressy and casual pieces and creating unexpected looks. Get ready for lots of that coming your way during NYFW!!

Have you tried the paperbag trend yet? Are you a fan or are you ready for the phase to pass? I’d love to hear your thoughts or how you style them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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P.S. Here is the slightly more casual shorts look I mentioned! Which do you prefer? 

high waisted shorts look

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