5 Things to Do When You Can't Travel

things to do when you can't travel
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I'm just gonna come straight out and say it: I'm in a rut! A blogging rut, a content rut, a photo rut, a travel rut......basically, I'm lacking some serious inspiration here lately. Womp womp. I think a lot of it is due to that fact that I haven't traveled anywhere since June.....that's two months if you're curious and that's the longest I've gone all year without a weekend getaway. Travel feeds my gypsy soul, ya'll! And I need food to survive, ha.

C and I have been very blessed to go on so many trips this year but as it turns out, quick weekend trips start to add up. Between having to work within a tight budget, having surgery, attending a few weddings, being insanely busy at work and trying to catch up on real life things at home, traveling took a bit of a back burner but my brain is always in Vacation Mode. To satisfy my wanderlust, I started to think of fun things to do in the mean time to get me through until my next trip - one month to go but who's counting? Scroll on down to read my "What to Do When You Can't Travel" suggestions!

what to do when you can't travel

vacation mode tank

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1. Try a New Restaurant
Eating unique local food is one of my favorite things about traveling. C and I have eaten everywhere from fancy five star NYC restaurants to Austin food trucks and many places in between....fact of the matter is, we just like trying new stuff and creating memories together. We try hard to keep up with all the new OKC restaurants - our food scene is seriously booming. It gives us something to look forward to; we like to experience our own local cuisine just as much as we do other city's. Just this weekend we tried a new brunch place and got snow cones for a little Sunday Funday treat.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
Go on a tour, see an attraction, visit a museum, go to the zoo/aquarium, see a show....all those things you would seek out to do elsewhere, do them at home! It is so fun to explore your own city and experience it in ways you never have before. You might even learn something! I recently went on the Bike & Brews tour with Ride OKC and am still thinking about how much fun I had.

3. Plan a Spa Day
There is nothing quite like a relaxing beach vacation......but when you can't make it to the beach, bring the beach to you! Plan a day filled with manis, pedis, massages, facials, what have you. Enjoy a little wine and dine, play some relaxing music, take a nap, read a book..... whatever type of self care you need, schedule some time for yourself and make it happen.

4. Visit Family Nearby 
Sometimes just getting out of town for a day or two will satisfy my craving for travel. Both my family and Cole's family are only a quick road trip away. We love to spend the weekend at either of our parent's houses because it's relaxing, it's a change of scenery and honestly, we just like to feel loved, spoiled and care-free! This weekend we are headed to my parent's house in Northwest Arkansas. They live on a lake and it is always so peaceful and relaxing.... I am looking forward to recharging!

5. Take Day Trip 
Like I said above, just getting out of town helps reset my brain! Recently I went to Dallas for the day to go shopping with some girlfriends and had such a blast! I also love planning day hikes with C like this one we took to the Wichita Mountains. Sometimes I meet my mom in Tulsa (it's half way between OKC and NWA) for brunch and shopping. Dedicating a day to exploring a new area is always fun!

okc snow cones

plaza walls okc

AUrate jewelry

Planning little mini-adventures like these semi-satisfies my craving for bigger adventures....at least for a little while! Back to my content rut, though.... I am struggling to come up with good topics for blog posts lately. If there is anything you are interested in or would like to read, please let me know in the comments! I'm all ears.

By the way, how cute is my dainty little rose gold "A" necklace and matching ring from AUrate? I haven't taken the necklace off since I got it. I'm loving AUrate's jewelry right now because all of their pieces are real gold with a fair price tag, plus they give back to kids in need through literacy programs. Their fine jewelry is ethically sourced, made in NYC and sold without concessions. You can shop my initial necklace here and my stackable ring here - both also come in yellow gold and white gold!

Thank you for reading! It really means so much. Happy travels near and far!

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