Gift Guide for Pups & Pup Parents

gift guide for dogs

In the Martin household, the pups are a v. important part of the family and Santa always visits them - regardless of if they've been naughty or nice! I've been called a crazy dog lady on multiple occasions and I have no shame in it. Since we don't have kids, my pups are my babies! And they bring so much joy into our home and lives.

We usually give them some dog-friendly pup cakes from a local dog bakery along with a stocking full of toys, treats and if they're lucky, a new sweater, collar or leash! I love spoiling my pups but I also love giving and receiving dog-related items, they are always fitting, especially when they're breed specific! I thought I'd round up some of my favorite dog items and create a gift guide for pups & pup parents!

A few items to note....

DNA Test - this would make such a fun stocking stuffer! I rescued Chloe when I was in college and didn't know for certain what breed she was. We did a DNA test and really enjoyed finding out more about her! My guesses were mostly correct on her breeding (Mostly Great Pyrenees with some Aussie) but we found out she had some Yellow Lab, some Maltese and some Irish Wolfhound, too!

Furbo - we don't have a Furbo but we do set up cameras from time to time and we always enjoy watching the dogs! We've caught Chloe on the couch several times......naughty dog! I'd love to be able to communicate a little more with Furbo one day!

Dog Hoodie - I LOVE dressing my 100 pound dogs up hahaha. They have a ton of Halloween costumes, Thunder and OSU jerseys and Christmas sweaters! I think this sweatshirt in particular is so funny because it matches the human version which I am actually wearing as I type (it's the comfiest thing I've ever worn). Mommy and me, anyone?!

SUV Barrier - we were in a wreck a few years back while Chloe was in the car and ever since she has had a fear of riding in the car. She likes to stand with her feet on the center console and constantly nudge the driver's arm with her nose. It is not only annoying but it's dangerous for everyone involved! I bought this barrier for my car and it has been such a worthwhile purchase. Not only does it keep her safely contained, but it keeps my car from getting covered in hair, too! It is adjustable so it fits a variety of SUVs and is pretty easy to put in and take out as needed.

Phone Case - I've had about 6 or 7 of these Casetify cases. They're my favorite! They have a ton of breeds and design combinations to choose from (cactus, wine, unicorn, flowers, fall, Christmas, you name it).

Candle - I'm a sucker for any candle but I think this one in particular is so cool! It is supposed to help get rid of that "dog smell" and the proceeds go to rescues. It is also made from recycled wine bottles so it goes right along with my motto, "Puppies, wine and I'm fine."

Are you a dog person? If so, please tell me all about your pups in the comments! I hope Santa treats them well this year.

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