Christmas PJ Roundup

blogger Amanda's OK shares a roundup of Christmas PJs
Christmas PJs (only $12!) | UGG Slippers | Faux Fur Blanket | Fair Isle Stocking | Snowflake Stocking Hanger

Good morning a happy Friday! I'm waking up in New York City this morning! C and I flew in last night and will be doing all the Christmas things. I've been to NYC many times but never during the holidays so I.Am.Ecstatic! I watched Elf and Home Alone 2 this week in preparation haha. You can follow along on Instagram stories throughout the weekend!

It seems like everyone and their mother have the tradition of opening one single present on Christmas Eve and for most of us it was always matching Christmas PJs. When I was young I wished I could open a different present instead of PJs but now as an adult I buy myself like six pairs of Christmas 'jams every year. I love them so much! Not sure why pajamas bring me that much joy but it's fine. I rounded up aaaaallll the pairs for you below - a lot of them come in different prints, too! The pair I'm wearing above is only $12 and they are thermals (so warm but breathable and not too hot to sleep in)....I sized up for a baggy fit but I'd say they fit true to size.

Christmas Morning Pajamas

Did you ever have the PJ tradition and do you carry it on in your adult life / with your kids? Not sure I can convince C to wear matching Christmas PJs with me but you betcha any future kids will wear them! 

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