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perfect holiday party
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'Tis the season to deck the halls! Nothing puts me in the Christmas mood more than decorating. Pulling out old favorites and purchasing new pieces to add to my collection - I love every bit! I always seem to put pressure on myself to decorate everything perfectly, though. Let me tell you what... Perfect's not easy!

This year, I insisted on hanging Christmas lights on the exterior of the house as well as putting wreaths on all the windows. Christmas Queen, over here. It ended up looking perfect, like a house straight out of a movie, but my poor husband had to spend two whole weekends on a ladder to meet my high expectations. He strung and re-strung the lights, he took them down and exchanged them for a different color. He called out a professional to help, then said professional quit halfway through. Once it was finally all up and working, a fuse blew. Back on the roof he went! God bless him, he deserves a major award. Thankfully I was able to serve him a glass or two of Red Diamond Iced Tea to show my appreciation. How 1950's house wife of me!

perfect holiday party

perfect holiday tablescape

perfect holiday centerpiece

perfect Christmas tablescape

perfect holiday drink

perfect holiday drink

perfect christmas cookies

While my husband was busy hanging lights and wreaths, I was hard at work filling the inside of the house with Christmas cheer. The perfect tablescape for a Christmas dinner party, a mantel fit for Santa's arrival (complete with cookies, of course), fragrant seasonal candles and multiple trees covered in twinkle lights. Decorating brings me so much joy, but the cleaning that goes along with it does not.

Living with two giant fur balls means vacuuming almost daily, especially before having guests! I tend to stress myself out and work up a sweat before people come over. I always attempt to make my home appear perfectly clean, decorated to a T and dog-hair-free, ha! Funny. I might get close on the decor, but the fur always reappears immediately. Like I said earlier, perfect's not easy! Lucky for me, Red Diamond Iced Tea keeps me refreshed before and during Christmas get togethers (and it looks perfect served in my new Christmas glasses). It is the best reward after a hard day's work, plus, the fact that I can get calorie free sweet tea makes it even better. More room for Christmas cookies, ya know?!

perfect holiday decor

perfect stocking

perfect Christmas ornament

perfect holiday puppy

perfect festive mantel

Despite the difficulties of getting the lights hung, the house decorated and all the fuzz vacuumed up, the finished product is flawless in my eyes, even if it is perfectly imperfect. I am so excited to start rocking around the Christmas tree while celebrating Christmas with friends and family. Perfect may not be easy, but it is always worth it.

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