so you want to be fit?

Disclaimer: I am stepping on a soap box. 

I am sick and tired of getting on Facebook and seeing posts like "In just 12 days you too can lose five pounds and three inches.....just purchase [fill in the blank weight loss supplement] from me!"

Really? The overall goal is to be healthy, right? I don't know about you, but filling your body with chemical junk to lose a few l.b.'s doesn't sound very "healthy" to me. Regardless of whether you see instant results or not, it's more of a crash diet approach than a healthy lifestyle, meaning those results more than likely won't stick around.

You want to know how to lose weight and get fit the right way? I'll tell you. It's not that hard.


You don't have to do crossfit. You don't have to go 100% paleo. Just because that's what I do and what works for me, doesn't mean it's right for everyone (although I highly recommend giving it a try before you start dissing it).

What you DO have to do is clean up your diet and do some sort of physical activity.

Limit your alcohol intake. Eat fewer carbs, grains and sugars. Eat more protein, healthy fats and veggies. Drink more water and fewer cokes. Cut out the processed junk and replace it with real, clean food to fuel your body the right way. Allow yourself a cheat meal or a cheat day every now and then so you don't go totally mental.

And exercise? So what if you can't run five miles or lift more than ten pounds? Just start somewhere. Walk, then walk a little faster, then walk a little longer. Before you know it you'll be running. Buy a workout video. Try beginner yoga or zumba. Go for a bike ride. There are a gazillion options out there to choose from, you just have to be willing to go and do, get moving and push yourself. Yes, scale everything to YOUR level, but keep pushing and keep trying, and soon you won't need to scale it anymore.

That's the secret, ya'll. Fuel your body with clean food and get active. Then you, too, can have results like these in just 21 days.....

Stepping off my soap box, now.

But for real, if you have any questions about eating clean or working out, I'd be happy to share what has worked for me. You can also check out my crossfit idol Emily Schromm's thoughts on the matter. If her bangin' bod isn't enough to convince you that the paleo-ish lifestyle works, I don't know what is. Also, I highly recommend her 21 Day Superhero Challenge. It is life changing, packed full of good (and scientific) information, and clearly her method works.

Going to eat bacon and work on some pull-ups now, byeeee.


cheers to 2015

It's New Years. A time to look back and look forward again; a time to reflect and a time to dream. A time to make things new. As I look ahead at what I have planned for 2015, I am filled with excitement for all the new adventures I'm about to experience: marriage, honeymooning, living together and creating our home, new traditions, new family members (a new puppy, maybe??), a new last name.

Forgive me for going all "wedding" on you, but it clouds my the best of ways.

But now, it's time to reflect. 2014 was an amazing year; it got off to a rough start, but the good more than outweighed the bad.

I turned 24 and celebrated by holding a baby tiger...and a liliger. My family said our final farewell to my grandmother, Mom Grout, and our German Shepherd, Abby. I traveled to Austin, Texas, to cheer Ryan on at The Fittest Games and ate some amazing food truck grub. I gave crossfit a try, and fell head over heels in love. I started a new job. I tried [a few too many] beers at the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival. I went to a Backstreet Boys Concert (Nick Carters still got it). I watched one of my close friends get married. I went backpacking in McGee Creek State Park. I bought a succulent and kept it alive. I was an OKC tour guide when friends and family came to visit. I competed at my first crossfit competition and got a top ten finish. I tried (tried) to make cake balls. I PR'd my clean/deadlift/snatch/front&back squat, then PR'd them all again. And again. I made new friends (even though one left me behind...lookin' at you, Ashley). I road tripped to St. Louis. I met the Budweiser Clydesdales, toured the Budweiser plant, rode to the top of the arch and ate some amazing BBQ. I signed up for Emily Schromm's 21 Day Superhero Challenge and won. I went to the OSU Cowboy's opening game at AT&T Stadium and sat in the front row on the 50 yard line. I placed a bid at the Ace High auction. I got ENGAGED to the love of my life. I went paleo, again. I bought a bike. I competed in my second crossfit competition and got 4th. I toured historic houses in my favorite OKC neighborhoods. I convinced Cole to dress up as Don & Betty Draper for Halloween. We registered for gifts and got engagement pictures taken. We also got in a wreck. I learned how to do kipping pull ups and handstand push ups. Chloe learned how to walk up stairs. I went to my first ugly sweater party...finally! I flew to Kentucky for my last "Bradley Family Christmas" before I become a Martin. I said yes to the dress. I marked a few distilleries off my Kentucky Bourbon Trail checklist. I ended the year with some of my favorite people. We kissed our loved ones as the clock struck 12 and said cheers to what 2015 holds. I know it will the best year yet.

I don't have any resolutions this year, just dreams. Dreams to better myself and goals to meet. Dreams of what the year holds. Dreams of what I want to accomplish.

  • It's wedding season: time to eat as healthy as possible and get in the best shape of my life.
    • January 21 Day Superhero Challenge. Don't cheat. 
    • Fittest in OK Crossfit Competition.
    • Do a handstand....without the wall.
    • PR that dang clean. 158, I'm coming for ya. 
    • Join the 200 back squat club.
    • Become a DU pro.
    • Floss regularly (ha! yeah right) and whiten my teeth. 
  • Plan my dream wedding.....without becoming bridezilla.
  • Enjoy the short time period of being engaged instead of rushing through it.
  • Soak in every second of our wedding day. 
  • Honeymoon. Blue water, beach and bottomless beverages. I can't wait. 
  • Make it to the Pink Pistol and treat myself to a Root Beer Float. Who's with me?
  • Sign the wall at the Copper Penny in Stillwater, Okla.
  • Get on the kiss cam. It's due time. 
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