Road Tripping in Scotland

Travel blogger Amanda Martin shares her experience road tripping in Scotland

Hi friends! I'm wrapping up my Scotland post series today with some road trip destinations! I shared tips on what to pack in this post and did a full guide to Edinburgh here. I'm certainly no expert on the best places in Scotland to road trip to as our ten day vacation was entirely too short to experience all that Scotland has to offer....BUT, the places we made it to were pretty spectacular and definitely worth a visit. Most of them were within easy driving distance to either Glasgow or Edinburgh and could easily be fit into a day trip from either city.

Scotland in and of itself was amazing. Everywhere we went was fantastic, but our favorite and most memorable experiences came from our days spent in the car road tripping around the beautiful countryside! We called it "car hiking" - lol - as we spent a lot of time purposefully getting lost on tiny, hilly backroads. We only barely dipped our toes in the water that is "adventuring in Scotland"....there is SO MUCH we didn't have time for like the Isle of Skye (and the other isles), Loch Ness (and the other lochs), the northern Highlands, Culloden, Inverness, Glen Coe, etc. but I'm sharing what we DID do below.

AOK Guide to Edinburgh

Blogger Amanda Martin's guide to Edinburgh

Hi there, friends! I recently got back from a ten day roadtrip around the UK. Though we started in Manchester, England, my husband and I spent the majority of the trip in Scotland. We ended our trip with three and a half days in Edinburgh and the capital city completely stole my heart. I've never been so sad to leave a place! I've always been a victim of the post vacation blues but this time it was different.....I wasn't just sad that vacation was over, I was and still am sad that I'm no longer in Scotland itself.

Edinburgh is one of the most unique cities I've ever visited - and one of the most haunted city in the world. It has the charm of London, the history of Rome, the wind of Oklahoma (and then some), the rain of Seattle and the hills of San Francisco. I was shocked at just how medieval and historical the city was; if you took the cars and modern day signs/electricity away, I would believe I had stepped back in to the 1800s. All of the buildings are made of stone and look like they came straight out of a storybook. There was overwhelming beauty and history around every corner! I could have wandered for hours and never gotten tired of the cute storefront shops covered in flowers, greenery and ivy, the views of the castle towering over the city, the historical monuments and the genuine niceness of the locals. Though it was a bustling city, it was never overwhelming or dirty like New York or other large European cities can be (unless you were walking by a bus stop, that is). It was very compact but still quiet and peaceful; it made me feel instantly at home.

What to Pack for a Trip to Europe

OKC blogger Amanda Martin shares what to pack for a trip to Europe
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Hi, hello! I'm home from Scotland and I have a terrible case of the post vacation blues. It was seriously the BEST trip I've ever taken; I don't know if I've ever been so sad to leave a country before. It is always sad for vacation to end, yes, but Scotland itself truly stole my heart and I feel like I left a part of me behind. I would go back tomorrow if money and work didn't hold me back. Work, save, travel, repeat....ya feel me?

I'm working on a Guide to Edinburgh blog post as well as a post about roadtripping around Scotland seeing castles, ruins, going on hikes, etc. Stay tuned! In the mean time, I wanted to share a quick recap of what I wore as well as tips on what to pack for a trip to Europe. I received a lot of questions over Instagram DMs about European approved hair tools, power converters, etc. and thought I'd share my tips. But IG outfit roundup! 

How to Survive a Long Flight

Blogger Amanda's OK shares tips on how to survive a long flight

Hola! Bonjour! 'Ello! I'm jetting off on an exciting international trip across the pond today! C and I are going somewhere we've never been before and I.AM.PUMPED. Any guesses where?! Stay tuned to my Instagram stories to find out! I'm so excited to share our destination with you (or actually two destinations) but until then I thought I would share some tips on how to survive a long flight. They can be really stressful....flying in general can be stressful....but luckily with the right tips, tricks and accessories, the phrase "sit back, relax and enjoy the flight" can be a reality!

This will be my third trip to Europe. The first time, I was so anxious about the long flight. I didn't know how I would survive! We ended up doing a 24 hour layover in NYC to break up the flying time.....turns out, though, the long flight wasn't that bad! The second time I flew to Europe, it was a nine hour overnight flight (my first overnight flight) straight from Dallas. Again, I was so anxious.....I usually can't sleep on planes and I was so worried it would be awake the entire time and it would cause me to start the trip off feeling exhausted. It was much better than I anticipated, though! On both of those trips I actually enjoyed the flights and looked forward to the flights home!

Fall Favorites

blogger Amanda's OK fall favorites
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Happy October 1! Happy Fall! Happy National Pumpkin Spice Day! My favorite time of the year is FINALLY here and I couldn't be more excited.....not to mention there is a cold front coming and I'm going on a fall vacay later this week, eeeeek!

You may have noticed I didn't post my monthly favorites roundup in August or September. Honestly, I was having a hard time finding enough items I truly loved to fill up a blog post and I wasn't getting many views on those posts. They take a lot of time to put together so I didn't think they were worth the effort BUT several of you noticed they were missing and asked what had happened to them. Moving forward, I think I'm going to do seasonal favorites, instead! I might throw in an occasional holiday themed post in addition to spring, summer, fall and winter...if you'd like that, please let me know as it's hard to gauge people's interest without feedback.

So, without further ado, here are my Fall Favorites! Get ready for pumpkin spice everything!
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