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I hate the mall. Walking a mile in the Okla. weather to get inside, teenie-boppers trying to be cool, hot headed girls being as loud as possible in the dressing rooms, trashy families with screaming kids walking five people wide and not letting you pass........yuck. I avoid it at all costs.

I also dislike wearing the same clothes that every other twenty-something in America owns. Major retail stores are great and all, but it's the same stuff you see everywhere else! So, I've become strictly a boutique shopper. And a little Target, I just can't not go to Target.

My favorite? Lush Fashion Lounge (website, instagram). A little OKC based boutique that supports all things local.

I'm obsessed.

Lush is responsible for 80% of the clothes in my closet. From work clothes to beach wear, they have it all, and most for under $40. I scored several of my recent holiday and honeymoon outfits here and they have all become staples for me.

I'm also really crushing on Anchored Hope Boutique (website, instagram). Although they don't have a brick and mortar, the Tulsa based company has an incredible website. They offer all sorts of highly fashionable items ranging from fancy dresses to comfy tanks and shorts. I have to limit the orders I place or they'll start to know me by name and address.

Although I don't make it to Dallas as often as I used to, Riff Raff (website, instagram) will always have a special place in my heart. Thankfully, they offer free shipping (always) from their website, so I can shop their amazing selection whenever I please. With a variety of prices and styles to choose from, Riff Raff has something for everyone. I've had this "Mermaids Have More Fun" graphic tank on repeat this week...don't tell Regina George.

Last but not least, It's All About Moi (website, instagram) in Weatherford, OK (my husband's hometown), is quickly making it's way to the top of my boutique list. Although their website isn't exactly up to par, their Facebook page and IG allow you to see all of their recent styles with ease. This store is my Pinterest store - the place where you find all the trendy fringe, graphic tanks and aztec print you can dream of.

What are your go-to boutiques? Are there any I need to add to my list?

Happy shopping, ladies. That #ootd is gonna get so many likes.


married life? i'm a fan

Question of the month: How is married life?

Fantastic, duh.

Of course married life was wonderful in the Bahamas; it's easy to be happily lovey dovey in paradise when you're literally waited on hand and foot and all you have to worry about is which bikini to wear or which tasty beverage to order next.

What's really fantastic, though, is married life in the real world. It's like playing house and never having to stop.

Our "normal" hasn't changed much (besides that whole living together thing), but man is it nice to get back to it. The weeks months leading up to the wedding were mentally and physically exhausting (we still aren't quite caught up on sleep), so a little mundaneness was welcome with open arms. We are basking in the norm.

For us, normal means working out and eating healthy M through F. And of course there's weekend patio brews, a few anticipated cheat meals and Roxy's on "Ice Cream Sunday." It's nice to not be on a 100% wedding diet, ya'll. A new favorite cheat meal spot for us is Roxy's neighbor, Oak & Ore. One of our wedding showers was held here, as was Cole's pre-bachelor party dinner - they just can't get rid of us.

With a constantly rotating chalkboard of specialty beers on tap, unique and flavorful twists on normal foods (think beer cheese and plantain chip nachos, YES) and decor that perfectly matches my dream home Pinterest boards, Oak & Ore is the perfect Sunday-Funday dinner stop for the Martins (the Martins - that's fun to say).

Married life....I'm a fan. It's full of fun and laughter, laziness and adventure, chasing dreams and eating delicious food (most of which he cooks). Of course I don't exactly approve of Cole's dirty socks stuffed between the couch cushions or his shoes left scattered around the living room, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

And that's probably good, 'cause I'm stuck with it for life.


The feel of a cool ocean breeze on your skin. The sand between your toes. The taste of a pina colada [heavy on the rum] on your lips, sweet and refreshing. The sound of the waves, slowly crashing at your feet. The sun, soaking in to your skin as you shut your eyes and doze off on your beach chair.

Ah, life in the Bahamas.

We were welcomed in to our Emerald Bay Honeymoon Suite with champagne, flowers and a breathtaking view. A full week spent being awoken by the sun, slowly creeping in the shutters. Coffee on the patio, overlooking the bright turquoise water. Days on the beach, drinks in hand, basking in complete relaxation. Nights spent dressing up for romantic sunset dinners, sipping wine...simply enjoying each other and no one else.

In one day, we boated across clear, shallow waters, swam with pigs, fed iguanas, got a shower via blow hole, snorkeled above endangered coral, spotted a baby barracuda and hiked to the top of an island for a 360 degree view. It was worth every penny.

Another day, we visited Exuma's historical sites, swung by the Tropic of Cancer, and posted up at Santana's Bar & Grill for lunch. The best meal of the trip: fresh caught lobster and conch, with Ma's vanilla rum cake for desert. Holy taste buds.

Santana's is not only delicious, it's also almost-famous. You see, it was the meeting spot for the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny, Orlando, Keira and the others would hop on boats in front of the restaurant that whisked them away to smaller nearby islands where they filmed scenes for the movie. After a day's work, they'd return and enjoy dinner with a view....this view.

Honeymoonin' is nothing short of wonderful. I highly recommend it. Married life is even better.

More pictures and videos coming to the Facebook world soon, courtesy of GoPro Hero 4.

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