Stages of a CrossFit WOD in the form of gifs.

1. When you look at the WOD online and know you'll be dreading it all day:

2. When you show up to the "box" rocking some brand new leggings:

3. Being forced to do burpees:

4. In the middle of the WOD:

5. How you think you look:

6. How you really look:

7. The coach's face when they watch your power clean:

8. When you and your partner get the best WOD time:

9. After you finish the WOD:

10. Not being able to talk about anything but CrossFit from there on out:


brunch in the 405

What is it about brunch that makes you feel so classy? The flowing champagne? The upscale entrees? The ambiance? The fact that your sweatpants won't quite cut it? I'm not really sure, but consider me a fan.

Some Texas friends came to visit this past weekend, so clearly, brunch was a given. After dragging the sleeping beauties out of bed at 11:30 a.m., we headed downtown to one of my favorite brunch spots in the 405, Kitchen No. 324.

B and I focused on embracing our inner-Upper East Siders. Mimosas were a necessity....brunch without booze is just breakfast, after all.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, so I went with the Fried Green Tomato Benedict: a homemade english muffin topped with fried green tomatoes, hollandaise and poached eggs on top.

So much rich, creamy goodness, you guys. Initiate drooling......now. I wasn't (and still am not) quite sure what hollandaise is, but boy am I all about it. Of course, I had to get a side of the world's best bacon to go with it; I am a crossfitter, you know.

From Green Eggs & Ham to Smoked Salmon Bagels, everyone else was just as pleased with their entrees of choice. OKC knows how to do brunch, ya'll. That's a fact.

The rest of the day consisted of patio day drinking, great company, full bellies and a surplus of pictures.

I love my life. Hashtag blessed.

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