I'm Supergirl

And I'm here to save the world.

Sorry. Ignore that Princess Diaries soundtrack reference....my inner twelve-year-old can't help herself.

I spent the last 21 days participating in Emily Schromm (my crossfit idol)'s 21 Day Superhero Challenge. Basically, that's:

  • 21 Days without sugar
  • 21 Days with no refined carbs
  • 21 Days alcohol free
  • 21 Days of working out
  • 21 Days of drinking a TON of water
  • 21 Days of taking fish oil
  • 21 Days of watching Emily's tips and following her advice

I made it, I tied for first place, and I didn't cheat once, but boy was I craving cupcakes and toast like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice-cream. 

I may have overdone it my first day back to reality.....15 cookies can cause your stomach to go into shock after being completely detoxed.....it didn't feel good, ya'll. But that awful feeling (mixed with happy taste buds) encouraged me to keep up the healthy lifestyle - with some necessary cheat days, of course. 

Although I didn't see a huge difference weight-wise, I did improve considerably in my workouts and felt better about myself overall (yes, that means working out in a sports bra or crop top and feeling confident - huge deal for me). Considering I am focusing on building muscle, staying roughly the same weight was the perfect outcome. It meant that I trimmed some fat while getting stronger. 

Over all, this challenge wasn't necessarily hard to adjust to. Eating healthy during the week is pretty standard for me, I just had to stop snacking at work. The difficult part was the weekends. Football games, tailgates, going out to eat with friends, turning down drinks.....visiting family and having to request special paleo-friendly meals. Watching Cole eat gas station snacks on road trips while I sipped water and ate my millionth pack of almonds..... Weekends sucked. They really sucked. But I did it, I stayed strong, and I'm pretty dang proud of myself.

I'm a freakin' superhero. 

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