Clear Aligner Q+A | My First 2 Weeks with Lewis Orthodontics

OKC blogger Amanda Martin shares her experience with clear aligners at Lewis Orthodontics

When I was a kid, I wanted hot pink braces SO BAD because all my friends had them. I magically had a perfectly straight smile that never required braces. At the time I felt so left out of the club, like I was being cheated out of a major childhood / life experience. What was I thinking?! I laugh at my naivety. I was truly blessed. I should have been voted "Best Smile" in my yearbook because I had dimples and perfect teeth. It turns out, though, that around the ripe ol' age of 30 (and again around 60) your teeth can shift. Who knew!? Mine decided to do just that and after 30 years of having the perfect smile, they went rogue. It was only two teeth and wasn't overly noticeable to anyone other than me, but it started to really bug me when I saw pictures or watched myself talking in a video (I'm sort of a perfectionist, it's probably my greatest flaw).

Insert: Lewis Orthodontics in Edmond, Okla. Dr. Lewis reached out to me about working with them and I jumped at the chance. I wanted to get out ahead of the problem and hopefully prevent it from getting worse as I get, here I am. Thirty years old and getting braces for the first time. It is never too late to straighten your teeth and luckily in today's world, there are a lot of options to do it discreetly. I no longer want those hot pink bands (LOL) or anything noticeable so I opted for clear aligners

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