If you give a mouse a cookie.....

WARNING: the following post may contain disturbing images and may not be suitable for those affected by the sight of dead animals.

This is what I learned this week: mice like blueberry bagels and dog food. They also are stupid enough to fall for a trap even after Tom & Jerry has been a thing for a while now.

Tuesday, I noticed there was a hole in my brand new package of blueberry bagels. "Whatever, I probably ripped it when I took the twisty tie off." Wednesday, I noticed a quarter of a blueberry bagel was missing and there was a new hole in the bag. "Those little bastards!" I had to throw my beloved blueberry bagels away and invest in some mouse traps ASAP. Wednesday evening when I got home from work, my house REAKED of garbage. I assumed it was Chloe, who of course had been playing in the mud all day, but I quickly came to find out she just smelled like a dog; nothing like the stench coming from the living room.

Thursday morning.... dun dun dun.....

RIP Gus Gus. Of course, I screamed and jumped the second I saw this... What 22-year-old blonde female wouldn't?? I left it sitting there all day until Cole came and picked it up for me. Thank goodness I have such a brave knight in shining armor around.... However, the stench in the living room remains. I'm about 95% sure its a dead mouse in the wall. Good thing I have a Scentsy. All the research I have done says that small rodents will deteriorate within a few days and the smell will go away..... hopefully thats true, or else I may have to bust a hole in the wall and invest in a cat to put in it....or two.

"If you give a mouse a cookie (errr, blueberry bagel), he's going to ask for a glass of milk."

Next time: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (I know you're excited).

Peace out Girl Scout.


I forgot this thing existed.

In my defense, my life has been pretty busy the last nine months (we'll get into that shortly). And honestly, I don't want to be one of those people that assumes everyone wants to know everything that goes on in my life. I don't want to advertise myself, "Hey go read my blog!" or "I got seven views today! Three more and I'll update again!" .... I hate that (sorry). BUT, on days like today when nothing is going on at work and time is dragging by (Its 10:50 a.m. on a Friday and I've only had two emails....), I enjoy reading friends and family member's blogs to pass the time. So I thought hey, maybe updating my own will take up some time as well! I don't care if anyone reads it, I'm not THAT great of a writer, who are we kidding? But I can amuse myself, pretend that I'm funny and post a few pictures. So here goes.


January: The last time I updated. Life was swell. 
February: Nothing of any significance. 
March: I took the first step into adult-hood. I got a dog. Say hello to Chloe!

This little bundle of joy has become my baby. I am now THAT girl that constantly posts pictures of their dogs. If I'm not careful, this blog could quickly turn into my own version of a "Marley & Me" type column. My dear friend and Stillwater roommate Chasity brought Chloe and her brother Champ home one evening. They were found in a ditch on the side of the road when they were about eight weeks old. Being the dog lover I am, I couldn't bring myself to take Chloe to the pound. She was just too cute. And I had been looking for an excuse to get a puppy for quite some time. Sometimes I wonder what we were thinking keeping two puppies, but I am SO glad we did. Chloe brings me so much joy and even though she is a mess (there are currently about six chewed up golf balls, two Joe's cups, and four pieces of carpet in my backyard), I wouldn't trade her for the world. I don't know for sure what kind of dog she is, but I'm guessing some sort of Golden Retriever, Border Collie, something or other mutt. 

April: Ho-Hum

May: After months and months of counting down the days, Graduation finally arrived! I somehow managed to pass all my classes and graduate in exactly four years. Good for me! It was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was lucky enough to have several family members travel to Stillwater for the big day. Although I was too exhausted to go out on the town to celebrate like I should have, I was still able to spend the evening with my favorite people. I am so glad I got to spend those four years in Stillwater. I met some of my best friends there, hopefully ones that stay in my life for a long time. We had some crazy times; the good, the bad and the ugly. But through it all, we built memories that will last a life time. "Nights we won't remember, friends we'll never forget," is one of the truest statements ever sung (props to Toby Keith). Goodbye Stillwater, it was great while it lasted. 

June: I guess this is where life really begins? After going on a never-ending house hunt and re-locating to Oklahoma City for a job that turned out to be a no-go, I was lucky enough to score the perfect gig. I am now the Director of Publications and Web Master for the Pinto Horse Association of America. Hey ohhh! Combining my love for horses with my major makes it a perfect fit. After only being on the job for a week, they shipped me off to Tulsa for 18 days of the Pinto World Championship. I would definitely say I jumped in head first, but it was great to be back in the horse show world. Since then, it has been a whirl wind of magazines, newsletters and the dreaded website work. (Please don't go look at the website - it is a disaster. I am in the process of re-designing it. Can you say headache?) If you want to see what I do, you can view the latest magazines on line at http://issuu.com/pintohorse

July/August/September: Since returning to OKC, I think I have become an old lady. The OSU starting QB was born in 1994 (say what?!). Britney Spears "Oops I Did it Again" is considered old school. I can't drink more than three beers without getting a little bit hungover (the days of out drinking the boys are long gone). My days consist of work, working out, TV (usually Sex and the City or Friends reruns), dinner (sometimes just Cheez-Its) and going to bed by 10. Repeat. I guess thats what growing up is all about? Luckily I have my faithful companion, Chloe, and my incredibly attractive boyfriend, Cole, to keep me company. And when I'm lucky he cooks for me or takes me to S&B Burger Joint. What a sweetheart, huh? Since I am an alum now, I also get to tag along to OSU Football games and sit on the alumni side from time to time - do these people even remember how the cheers go? Or are their memories starting to fail?

All in all, life is great. I love where I am headed and look forward to each step along the way. Though sometimes I want to speed up or hit rewind, I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the simple things, because one day when I look back, they'll be the big things.

WOW, that was wordy. Don't worry, my plan is to keep posts short, sweet and simple from here on out (and cover more humorous and interesting topics, instead of being so diary-esque). Now I'm back to eating candy corn and staring at an empty email inbox.

Catch you on the flip side.
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