just call me joanna

Fact: I've seen every single episode of HGTV's Fixer Upper.

I'd like to thank Chip and Jo for inspiring me and teaching me everything I know.

Somewhere in the midst of a Fixer Upper marathon, I started wondering what Joanna would do to our house....after a few mock ups and tossing around ideas with "the hubs," we decided to knock out a wall in our very closed off kitchen. It took the space from so-so to so open. So functional. So usable. So perfect.

Granted, as with most renovations, we ran into a few hiccups. And a lot of mouse poop. It took twice as long as expected, but the results were just what we wanted and so worth it.

Before & Afters:

Chloe likes it, but obviously not enough to walk into the kitchen.

Let me just pat my own back for being such a great interior designer. I just love what our little urban farmhouse has become.

Now offering my services to the OKC metro. You can pay me in homemade cookies.
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