My OrthoSmile Experience with Lewis Orthodontics

OKC Blogger Amanda's OK shares her experience with OrthoSmile Clear Aligners from Lewis Orthodontics

BIG SMILES on the blog today because I finished my clear aligner treatment with Lewis Orthodontics in Edmond, Okla.! I can't recommend Dr. Lewis enough, my entire orthodontic experience was fantastic and I am so pleased with how my smile turned out. I shared about my first two weeks with Lewis Orthodontics and did a Q+A in THIS blog post, but I am going to recap the process for you from start to finish below, in case you are curious about how clear aligners work (note, Dr. Lewis offers traditional braces, as well). 

I was blessed to grow up with really straight teeth - I never had much of a need for braces. As I got older, though, one tooth started to shift, move forward, and turn a little which crowded my front teeth. Being a blogger, I take an obscene amount of photos and videos and that tooth really irked me when I would look at it. It wasn't a major snaggletooth by any means, but I was concerned it would continue to shift more over time. Several of my friends had clear aligners and recommended them, so I decided to get ahead of the issue and fix my snaggletooth before it got worse. 

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