grown up.

Another year older, another year wiser. At least thats what they say. Its not every day you turn 22, but I just did, and got to spend it in downtown Oklahoma City with some of my favorite people. I'd say nothing feels different about "being older," but for once, thats the biggest lie ever. I feel incredibly grown up. Not only did I get the position of Photography Coordinator on the editorial board of my capstone Cowboy Journal magazine class, I also scored a big girl job! Thats right, I will be working in Oklahoma City at a marketing firm that works with high end clients. Boom! I am just a little bit excited and experiencing a tiny bit of that thing called senioritis. Only 108 days to go....... not that I'm counting.

On a fun note, my birthday celebration was a blast. We (myself, my boyfriend Cole, his friend Ryan, and my best girl friends Amanda, Candace, and Shicka) hit up a pretty entertaining venue called Club Albee.

Now, it isn't my typical scene by any means, and I don't plan on going back any time soon, but it made for a night of stories and laughs. I also got to go eat at a delicious restaurant with Cole called Iron Starr. I highly recommend it, especially the mac & cheese. We also got to go to a Thunder Game (thank you Ryan for the tickets!) and although I felt like I was cheating on my beloved Dirk, I had a hell of a time and have found it difficult to change out of the KD jersey I got. If all you Okies are lucky, you might even catch me saying "Thunder Up!" on special occasion.

So thats that, real life is just around the corner and I am anxious to experience it. Now I'm sure one day I'll be saying "I wish I could go back to college when everything was simple," but lets not kid ourselves, the world is at my fingertips and I am pretty sure it can only get more exciting from here.

2011: Recap

2011.... gone. Whaaaat?? In some ways this year has literally FLOWN by, but looking back on it, some things seem very far gone, and I'm OK with that. 2011 taught me a lot. I started it and finished it in two very different places in life. I went through a lot of crap, learned from it, and have become a stronger person because of it. Truly figuring out "who you are" and what you want is one of the most valuable lessons in life, and that is what 2011 has taught me. Let's recap.

I turned 21. I survived the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2011. I got dumped and put my life back together, for the better. I played volleyball and softball... badly. I went out with friends and really lived it up. I made the dean's list - twice. I lost friendships, gained friendships, and kept friendships... even re-gained some that I thought were lost. I gave up coke... for lent. I went to a rangers game. I ALMOST jumped the wake while wakeboarding - maybe I'll get it next summer. I spent two weeks in southwest Oklahoma with some awesome people learning about photography. The Mavs became NBA champs. I went skydiving. My best friend had an adorable baby boy, Neil. I spent the summer with my dad interning at a magazine and learning to drive his car like a bad ass. I survived the hottest summer in Texas ever. I got my work published in a magazine. I started my senior year - say whaa? I got to sit front row on the 45 yard line at an OSU football game. I won tickets to a Dallas Cowboy football game. I had dinner with OSU's President Burns Hargis.. cool guy. I spent a week at the Texas State Fair working with some really great people. I re-discovered my love for hotdogs. I lost my ID and found it a week later. I did a keg stand. I dressed up for Halloween. I met Justin Blackmon. I started running... and ran a 5k. I finally went to Bedlam, and stormed the field. OSU became Big XII Champs. I met a lot of really great people who have become important parts of my life. I had a crazy year that created a ton of memories, and looking back on it, I wouldn't change a thing.... weeellll, maybe a few small details, but we'll let those slide.

What's next for 2012?? I guess I could come up with a few "resolutions..", but do those ever last? Nah. Here are a few things I am planning on doing from here on out, no calling it quits:
- Run a half marathon - April 29, OKC
- Graduate college - May 5, Stillwater, be there
- Start blogging - here goes nothin!
- Run atleast 365 miles this year - 8 down, 357 to go
- and whatever else may come to mind or fall in my lap.. suggestions are welcome

Adios 2011, you were fun while you lasted. Thanks for the memories!

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