Not cut out for a K-9 modeling career.

Growing up with a professional photographer as a father meant that I fell in love with photo shoots from an early age. Regardless of whether I was behind the camera as a five-year-old styling my Barbies, in front of the camera for senior pictures, or behind the camera again shooting local landscapes or action shots,  I loved it all. Still do.

It's no surprise that I was almost as excited to take engagement pictures as I am for the wedding. Almost. It was the best day, you guys. At least for me.

I got my nails and hair done, shopped for the perfect outfit (or outfits to be exact), cleaned my ring and pinned 67 engagement picture ideas to my wedding board. I'd had my heart set on Candi Coffman Photography for quite some time, and I knew she wouldn't disappoint. 

Cole put on his patient pants along with a smile and put up with my need for cliche kissing photos.....aaaand a few other "corny" shots. OK..... a lot of corny shots. But it made me happy and that's what matters. What a guy. 

Chloe, however, ... bless her heart. She made her debut at our last stop, a wooded park with a bike trail. Although very well behaved, she made it clear that she is not cut out to be a K-9 model. 

I mean, look at those crazy eyes. 

You woulda thought we just got done beating her or something.

At least we got one good Chloe picture out of it. This one's going above the mantel. 

Maybe her soon-to-be puppy brother, Guinness, will be more photogenic. 

Here's to hoping! 

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