Backstreet's Back

Somewhere - probably in a box at my parent's house hidden in the basement - there are videos of my twelfth birthday party. My friends and I all pinky swore, crossed our hearts and promised on our lives to never show those videos to anyone. EVER.

I kept my promise. But at this particular moment in life, I'm wishing I could share them with you.

Thank goodness they're 1,000 miles away. 

You see, we (and probably every other group of pre-teen girls in the early 2000s) liked to make our own  music videos. We'd dress up like our favorite boy bands (drawn on goatees included), choreograph their latest single and practice until we had it down pat. Then we'd record the masterpiece, do a wardrobe change and start on a Britney or Christina inspired performance. We'd stay up until the wee-hours of morning making sure every part was perfect before we finally watched the finished project and hit the hay. 

This past weekend, it all came rushing back to me: every single perfectly choreographed move of I Want It That Way.

Yep. The Backstreet Boys came to OKC and I was lucky enough to see them live. 

[cue twelve-year-old screaming and jumping up and down]

Please excuse the awful Snapchat quality video. Priorities, man.

Nick Carter is still just as dreamy as he was circa 2000. What a total babe. I'll show him the shape of my heart any day.

They still knew every single dance move, too. Don't let their age fool ya. 

Our inner-pre teen might have gone a little crazy when the boys came on stage..... And that's fine. Its not every day your childhood dreams come true. 

Can I get a "Backstreets back?" ...... alright!

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