Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffer ideas
one: a fun water bottle | two: my fav lipstick | three: pony-tail holders | four: a portable phone charger | five: the cutest contact case | six: a selfie light | everyone's fave chap stick (no number, oops!) | seven: my favorite sheet mask | eight: a pop socket | nine: bath bombs | ten: phone camera lens kit | eleven: a fun mug | twelve: a fun usb drive | thirteen: custom dog breed tie | fourteen: crazy socks | fifteen: a cocktail kit (throw in mini liquor bottles!) | sixteen: beard bomb | seventeen: a kitchen tool kit | eighteen: a tea infuser
With only a week left until Christmas, I hope you are all done with your shopping! But that sounds much easier in theory than it is in reality amirite?! Hopefully by now, though, all you have left are those little last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. According to Santa, girl's stockings are easy to fill with lipstick, nail polish and pony tail holders but guy's stockings are a little more difficult. I tried to include options for both in this post!

Santa always brings me dried pineapple while my brother gets a bag of wintergreen Lifesavers. The toe of C's stocking always gets filled with mini Reese's! Do you get any specific stocking stuffers from the big guy each Christmas? I'd love to hear your traditions!

How was your weekend?? We had a Christmas date, a Christmas party, I got my hair cut and styled (a relief after having to fix it one handed lately!) and we saw the new Star Wars movie!! I'd say it was a weekend win. I hope you're having a great Monday and that you are able to soak in all the joy of the Christmas season this week.

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