Gift Guide for Guys

gift guide for guys
one: a cocktail book or cookbook | two: google home, have and love | three: bbq or grill tools | four: a cocktail carry on kit for the jet setter | five: a herschel backpack, have and love | six: a yeti | seven: a decanter & glass set paired with his favorite liquor | eight: a watch | nine: a new wallet | ten: crazy work socks | eleven: a toiletry bag for travel | twelve: a turntable for the music lover | thirteen: nintendo switch - only get him this if you're ok being ignored! | fourteen: a puffy vest | fifteen: a plaid shirt | sixteen: aviators | seventeen: a new hat | eighteen: house shoes, have and love | nineteen: lounge pants | twenty: a stylish but warm sweater, have and love

Good morning and Happy Monday! Can you believe we are already four days into December? Time seriously flies. As a kid, December seemed to be the slowest month of the year but it is definitely not that way anymore. It goes by so fast I don't even need an advent calendar.

I'm slightly freaking out about getting my shopping done in time for Christmas. I pretty much finished buying things for all the ladies in my life but I haven't even started on my husband, dad or brother. Isn't that the way it always is? I save the hardest for last and lets face it, dudes are just really hard to buy for.

I thought I'd put together a gift guide for guys to help any of you that might have the same problem......and maybe inspire myself along the way! Several of these are things I've given C in years past that he loved or items he has and recommends. He helped make this gift guide and gave it his stamp of approval. If you have any ideas or items to add, PLEASE share them in the comments. I need all the help I can get!

Happy Shopping!
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