My Top Travel Tips for Flying

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Hi, friends and Happy Labor Day! I'm coming attcha live from New York City this morning - we're about to board a plane to Europe! C and I have been saving and planning for this vacation basically since before we got married and we.are.PUMPED. We'll be hitting London, Paris and Rome during our two week stay. I'm gonna go ahead and apologize now for the overload of pictures coming your way. Feel free to follow along on Insta-stories (@amandamart15), + I'll be sharing travel guides for each city when we get back. YAY!

But for now, in light of this 7.5 hour plane ride, I thought I'd share my best tips for surviving a flight. I am not exactly a fan of flying (C would tell you I'm the absolute worst travel buddy on airplanes), so anything that makes it slightly easier or less stressful is big time in my book!

Dress Comfortably
This should go without saying! I like to travel in leggings (these are my favorite) and a loose, soft top. Of course, I still like to look cute, so a cardigan or light sweater is a must. In the summer, I'll switch out the leggings for my favorite pair of stretchy shorts. Regardless of the weather, though, layers are my #1 recommendation - you never know if the plane will be stuffy or freezing!

Wear a Hat
I stole this from Emily Ann Gemma's playbook. A hat is not only cute and fashionable, but you can use it to cover your face if you want to nap. No one wants to be seen with drool down their cheek! Wearing a hat on the plane also keeps it from getting smooshed in your suitcase - win!

Wear Your Biggest Pair of Shoes
I always try to wear the biggest/heaviest pair of shoes on the flight to save room in my suitcase! I'm a terrible over-packer so I'm usually right at the weight limit. However, make sure your shoes are comfortable! There is nothing worse than sprinting across the airport to catch a flight in a pair of riding boots that gives you blisters before your trip even starts! Been there, done that.

Contacts v. Glasses
I've tested this out so many times and I'm still not honestly sure which option is the best. Contacts dry my eyes out when flying but glasses get in the way of napping or resting your head. I think I prefer contacts for morning/daytime flights and shorter travel days and glasses for nighttime flights when you will be sleeping or super long flights. What do you think?

Bring A "Blanket"
A.k.a. a blanket scarf! You can scrunch it up like a pillow or use it as a blanket or wear it per the usual.

Bring a Giant Water Bottle (or buy the biggest one you can find)
Although you can't bring a full water bottle through security, you can bring an empty one! This marble Swell bottle is a fav. Staying hydrated on a flight is BIG TIME, especially a long flight. It will help your skin stay hydrated and keep any swelling down around your feet or ankles. No one wants to look swollen and haggard on vacation. I've also been told that water pills will help, so I'll be testing that out today.

Do a Face Mask
I always bring a super moisturizing face mask to use the evening after landing. It helps revitalize and rehydrate your skin after a day of flying. You'll wake up good as new and ready for a fun day of vacation! Try this one, it's a fav.

Carry-On Essentials
I always come prepared with healthy snacks (yes, you can bring food through security), a book, noise-cancelling headphones and a movie/TV show to binge on. Netflix lets you download shows to your phone/iPad so you can watch them without an internet connection - score! A good portable charger (LOVE this one) is also a must so you don't have to worry about your phone running out of battery power.

TSA Pre-Check v. Global Entry
If you travel regularly and have even the slightest anxiety over the airport process, believe me when I say this is worth every penny. Even if you travel once or twice a year, this is still worth it!

TSA pre-check lets you skip the main security line in the United States; you still have to go through security, but you don't have to remove your shoes or hat, take your laptop out or be pat down, and your line is often much shorter. It is sometimes longer on busy business travel days, but the TSA Pre-Check line moves much faster.

Global Entry (what I have) gets you all the benefits of TSA Pre-Check PLUS you get the skip the customs line in the United States - game changer. It costs a little more and you have to do an in-person interview and background check to be approved. They only offer the interview at certain airports (we had to drive to Dallas) but it was 100% worth it and makes the airport process waaaay less stressful.

There you have it! Of course, you can't forget the dramamine if you get motion sick. What are your top travel tips? Like I said before, I am a pretty terrible flyer, so please share anything that may help in the comments - it would be greatly appreciated!

I mentioned in Friday's post that I already have posts planned and written for the two weeks I'll be gone, so I should be able to stick to my regular M-W-F blog schedule, pending my international wifi connection. Fingers crossed and stay tuned - there's lots of good stuff coming.

See you on the other side of the world - Bon Voyage!

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These are such great travel tips! Enjoy your vaca. I LOVE your outfit.

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