Fashion Inspo Throughout Europe

Since London Fashion Week just came to a close, Paris Fashion Week is coming up AND I just got back from visiting both cities (+ Rome), I thought a little European Fashion Inspo post seemed fitting!

Based on what I observed during our trip, the outfits and pieces I picked out below really fit the look and vibe that each city gives off. It's crazy how different countries can have noticeably different styles - I definitely stood out as an American tourist, even though my outfits wouldn't get second glance at home! If WHEN I go back, I'd love to wear one of the outfits in my wish list below.

Bell Sleeve Top | Frayed Hem Skinnies | Letter Detail Bucket Hat | Velvet Lace Up Sneakers | Pink Longline Vest

London fashion was the most similar to our's. I always think Burberry, bucket hats and yellow rain coats when I think London, but it is so much more than that! One big difference that I noticed was how popular Dr. Martens are - everyone was wearing them!

Striped Bell Sleeve Top | Black Ripped Denim | Hat | Pink Quilted Crossbody | Ankle Strap Heels
The French are very classy people and their outfits reflect it! Though classic, they remain simple with just a little bit of oomph and pizazz, but not too much! Stripes and black on black seem fitting - and I saw them repeatedly. I also noticed opposites being paired (like stripes and floral or chic and distressed). Something else the French are known for is modesty; if you're going to show some shoulders, wear pants. If you're going to show legs, cover your shoulders and cleavage. Shoes should be clean and classy. I didn't see a single Parisian girl wearing sandals or shorts!

White Embroidered Dress | Yellow Bell Sleeve Lace Up Dress | Toe Ring Sandals | Boater Hat

It's hot in Rome and the dress code reflects it! Lots of girls wore sundresses and sandals - anything that breathes easily! I also saw a lot of white, embroidery and floral prints. And some wild Gucci designs, of course. All the roads in Rome are made of uneven cobblestones, though, so I would recommend wearing sandals that buckle to your foot, aka Jesus sandals (not slip ons or flip flops, definitely not heels). Heads up, though, many tourist spots, like the Vatican, require shoulders and knees to be covered, so plan accordingly.
Disclaimer: I didn't actually see anyone wearing a boater hat.....BUT it just feels right to me, ha! 

There you have it! I am still on the jet lag struggle bus and already dying to go back to Europe. It is truly a dream destination! I'll be starting my Travel Guide on Friday with a review of our time in London, so be sure to check back!

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