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It's officially December which means it's time to get shopping! I'm done shopping for one person on my list but I haven't thought twice about what to get anyone else. Yikes! I love looking at other blogger's gift guides for inspo - whether it be for someone else or for my own wish list!

In honor of a fun little Christmas getaway we're taking later this week, I thought I'd put together a gift guide for the traveler in your life! I've been on my fair share of trips this year so I feel pretty qualified to recommend these items - I use and love each and every one.

A few things of note....

A Big Blanket Scarf - I love traveling with a giant scarf because you can use it as a fashion accessory, wrap it around you to stay warm on a flight, use it as a blanket, or wad it up and use it as a pillow! So many options.

Hydroflask - staying hydrated when flying or driving can be TOUGH. I used to always buy the biggest bottled water I could find at the airport but have recently just been bringing my hydroflask and filling it up at a water fountain. It saves so much money and I'm more apt to drink it because it has a straw!

Sheet Masks - I ALWAYS travel with a sheet mask. Flying dehydrates my skin and leaves it so dull but doing a face mask the night I arrive really helps pump it back up with moisture and leaves me looking glowy throughout the trip! This coconut one (and their cucumber version) are some of my favs but I also love Grace & Stella's collagen sheet masks and Neutrogena's Hydro Boost sheet masks!

Nike Juvenates - These are my #1 travel shoe. They are SO COMFY to walk a long ways in, they don't rub or give blisters, and they are pretty easy to pack into a small suitcase since they don't have a lot of form to them. I've gone through two pairs because I love and wear them so much!

Vital Proteins Holiday Sampler Box - I LOVE taking collagen to help with better hair, skin and nails. I can tell a difference when I don't take it (i.e. when traveling, when I already don't get enough protein or hydration). These sampler boxes are perfect to toss in your suitcase and help keep your body healthy and hydrated when on the go.

KT Tape - I used this stuff during New York Fashion Week and I will never go to NYC (or anywhere else that you have to walk a lot) without it. It legit prevents blisters, rubbing, and chafing and seriously saves your feet. I can't recommend it enough! Perfect size for a stocking, too!

Portable Charger - I would literally be lost without this. I use maps on my phone to get EVERYWHERE when traveling and it drains my battery quick. On top of that, I'm always taking pictures and have my brightness turned up! I never leave home without a portable charger to keep my phone battery full throughout the day.

iPhone SD Card Reader - the best $12 I ever spent. This lets you upload photos from your real camera's SD card straight to your iPhone so you can post on the go instead of waiting until you're at your computer.

If you're a fellow jet setter, comment below with any must have travel items that I may have missed! So many of these would make great stocking stuffers, too, because they are small and relatively inexpensive. For next week's gift guide I'm debating between gifts for the pet lover (and for the pet, of course) or gifts for the fitness junkie. Let me know which you'd prefer!

I am so excited and counting the days until Friday - we're heading somewhere filled with Christmas cheer and snow is in the weekend forecast! Any guesses? Stay tuned to Instagram Stories to see!

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