Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers

gift guide for stocking stuffers

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Less than a week until Christmas WUT. I don't know how that happened but luckily I'm done with my shopping! It seems like the stocking stuffers always get saved for last (at least they do for me) so for my last gift guide of the year, I rounded up some quick, cheap and fun ideas for you! Most of them are from Amazon so you can use prime shipping OR they're from stores that have physical locations in most cities....if you're tough enough to brave the crowds, that is! If you're using Amazon, they will let you know if it is expected to arrive before or after Christmas, just FYI! A lot of the things I linked have similar options if you just search on Amazon itself.

I think girl's stocking are pretty easy to fill (lipstick, nail polish, pony tail holders, etc) but guy's can be a bit tougher! I tried to pick some things that were gender neutral + items for both guys and girls! Did Santa ever bring you something specific each year? I ALWAYS got dried pineapple (the best) and my brother got Wint-o-green Lifesavers. Cole's stocking always had Reeses stuffed in the toe! Were your stocking stuffers wrapped or no? I'd love to hear your traditions!

A few things of note.....

Bobble Hair Ties - These are my FAVORITE pony tail holders because they don't leave a lot of creases and don't damage your hair as much.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick - THE BEST lippie ever. I linked a mini set that comes with three colors, but "Patina" is my signature color. This product wears really evenly and lasts for hours without giving you an awkward lip color line.

Dog Breed Tie - how fun is this for guys who love their dogs! They have several dog breeds to choose from.

Bath Bomb & Sheet Mask - every lady needs some self love, especially after the craziness of the holidays.

Christmas Light Charger - I have this it in my car. It is so fun to charge my phone while the Christmas lights glow! Tacky? Maybe. It's fine. It also comes in a snow flake version and you can make it blink!

Selfie Light - perfect for bloggers or teenage girls! Gotta get that good lighting ya know?!

Gel Pens - HOW FUN is this?! So great for those of us who grew up during the 90s or early 2000s.

We are going on our annual Christmas date on Friday (YAY! I love this tradition!), we have our last Christmas party on Saturday and will be heading to my in-laws on Christmas Eve to start the holiday festivities and celebrations. We're heading to my parents over New Year's Weekend to have our Christmas with them. It can be hard to spend Christmas with both sides of the family, but it definitely spreads out the fun (and the presents).

I hope you're close to finishing your shopping and are able to slow down and enjoy these last few days of the season. I'm so looking forward to wrapping up this work week and enjoying my favorite Christmas movies, cookies and hot chocolate by the fire. Hopefully this weekend will be a bit slower than other recent weekends for me and for you!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Amanda Martin
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