December Favorites

Blogger Amanda's OK shares her favorite purchases from December

Hi Friends! I don't know how it happened so quickly, but 2018 has come and gone! This is my last monthly favorites post of the year and I'm pretty sure I started at least 50% of them with "How is it already [insert month]?". 

I've got lots of fun products and items to share this month... a lot of which I got as Christmas gifts! I always love getting new beauty products and little somethings in my stocking. My lifelong best friend gave me a beauty product advent calendar this year and it was such a fun gift to receive. She wanted me to have a little piece of her with me the whole season, so every day I got to open up a new mini beauty product! It was really fun and I've loved sampling them all December long - several of them made this list!

1. Happsy Mattress* - Cole and I have been in major need of a new mattress for quite a while. Our old one was a hand-me-down and was so lumpy and loud. We live in a 100 year old house and our stairway is veeerry steep and narrow so getting a new king sized mattress up to our bedroom was something we didn't want to deal with. Insert Happsy. I was so excited to collab with this brand and have them send me a mattress to review! It arrived in a box so it was easy to carry upstairs and set up inside our room. It is organic, comes with a 120-day trial period and has a ten year warranty. We LOVE it and have been sleeping like rocks ever since it arrived! You can get 10% off a Happsy purchase of $700 or more with the code AMANDASOK10 through January 17, 2019!  

2. Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Glow - I've been using Vital Proteins unflavored collagen for a while now (I put it in coffee - more about that here) but it is always fun to switch it up with new flavors! This tastes delicious and is packed with goodness for your hair, skin and nails! I mix it with water in lieu of the coffee, of course!

3. Julep Eyeliner - I received this in the advent calendar I mentioned! It is in the shape of a pencil but it's a gel formula....the best of both worlds! Super easy to apply and is supposed to be waterproof and long lasting (up to ten hours). I really like the consistency of it and how smoothly it goes on! 

4. David Yurman Dupe - fake it till ya make it I always say. LOL. But seriously I am majorly coveting some David Yurman jewelry but until I get the real deal, this dupe will have to do! 

5. Giorgio Armani Lipstick - this is VERY similar to Mac's Velvet Teddy (a favorite) but has a slightly pinker shade to it. It is very matte but not drying and lasts for quite a while. I really like it! 

6. Gap Joggers - I got these for myself before Christmas have have worn them at least once a week since. They are sooooooo soft and make perfect PJ pants but they are also acceptable to wear in public! The best! I have the light grey color but now I want them in other colors, too. The entire Gap website is 40% off today so snag them while they're on sale!!

7. Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks - these little pieces are GOLD. Literally. They are super cooling on tired eyes and pump collagen and minerals into the skin to help revitalize and rejuvenate. They are on sale for $9.99 until 12/31! 

8. NEST Black Tulip Perfume - another advent calendar find! I am such a perfume lover.....things that smell good just make me happy! This perfume is SOOOO good. It smells expensive and tasteful but still girly. But grownup girly. Ya know? Ha! It has warm floral notes like amber, pink pepper and Japanese violet. 

9. Tinkle Razor - OK time for real talk! I had my first dermaplaning treatment a few months back and LOVED the results (smooth skin, no peach fuzz). A fellow blogger talked about how she "shaves her face" once a month to get the same type of results at home/on a budget and I knew I had to give it a try. These little razors are like $4 and are amazing. I just pull my skin tight and shave down at an angle. It gets all the peach fuzz and dry skin and leaves my face feeling smooth as can be! And no, my hair does not grow back prickly. 

10. Newsboy Hat - I have the world's largest head you guys. I have bought soooo many hats and had to return them because they didn't fit! A lot of times I have to wear men's hats LOL. Anyways, I found this one at Target for $15 and it actually fit - without giving me a headache! I had to share incase any other big headed girls were looking for a newsboy hat. 

11. Trtl Travel Pillow - I have NEVER been the type of person that can sleep on an airplane. Neck pillows never helped because my head still flopped around too much for them to be useful. Trtl sent me this travel pillow to try and I was amazed at how supportive and comfortable it was! You wrap the fleece around your neck and velcro it in place and the hidden support lets you cozy up in the most comfortable position without using the side of the airplane or a stranger's shoulder. I actually got a few Zzzzs on my last flight using this! I do recommend using earbuds with it, though, as opposed to over the ear headphones because they kinda get in the way. 

12. Day Designer - Since it is the end of the year, I thought I'd share my favorite planner! I've been using a Day Designer for yeeeears now. Probably going on 6 or 7 years! I don't think I could ever use another brand of planner. It comes in two sizes (I usually get the mini). I like it because it has each day listed on it's own page with a to-do list and an hourly schedule, PLUS it has monthly calendars. Each day has a cute little quote, a note section, a top three section and a "due," "dinner," and "don't forget" box. I would be LOST in life without my Day Designer - it keeps me on track at work, at home and in blogging! 

Did you get any new items this month / this Christmas that you immediately fell in love with? If so, I'd love to hear about them! Check back Monday for my final post of 2018 - I always love ending the year with reflection and setting intention for what is to come. Thanks for reading, it means so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with cheer.

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*I received my Happsy mattress for free as a part of a sponsored collaboration. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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