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gift guide for guys
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Good morning and happy Monday to you!! I'm writing this from the sky on my way back from New York City. I cannot believe that Christmas is a 15 days away. HOW did that happen? December used to be the slowest month of the year when I was a kid but now I blink and it's nearly halfway over. I'm barely even in the Christmas mood yet....better get on it!

I'm slightly freaking out about getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done before the big day. And by 'the rest' I mean almost all of it. Normally I'm on top of shopping and more or less done by now but this year I am so far behind! It seems like every year, no matter how far ahead or behind I am, I save the guys in my life for last. My husband, dad, brother and father-in-law are all sooooo hard to shop for! I convinced C to help me put this gift guide for guys together - these are all items he has and loves or items on his wish list this year! He is pretty well-rounded (he likes sports, traveling, hiking, has recently gotten into woodworking, is a master chef and works out a lot) so I think these could work for a variety of guys.

A few items of note....

You can never go wrong with a wallet, a watch, sunglasses or cologne! All of these items are just special enough - you can find budget friendly options or pricier, designer ones depending on your budget, and they'll be used for years to come.

I think bluetooth speakers are to guys as lipsticks are to girls.....they can never have enough and they always make a good stocking stuffer!

I've gifted Cole the Ugg slippers, the Herschel backpack, the leather weekender bag and the puffer coat in years past and he loves and uses all of them regularly!

There you have it! Of course, I still have no idea what I'm going to get my guys this year, so if you have suggestions of other gift ideas for the guys, PLEASE leave them in the comments. I need all the help I can get! Stay tuned, I'll be blogging about our Christmas NYC trip later this week (spoiler, it was magical).

Thanks for reading and have the best week!!

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