New Year, New Name

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Happy 2018, you guys! As I reflect back on the last year, I am overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I received as I started to take this blogging thing more seriously. It is crazy to think how much Amanda's OK has grown in eight months and how many new friends I have made through the process. So many exciting opportunities have come my way and I am so thankful! Each of you has played a part in that and it means more to me than I can put into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of your day to check in here and for following along on my adventures via Instagram.

That being said, I want to look forward to 2018 and what it holds. One BIG change that just took place: I changed my Instagram handle from @amandamart15 to @AmandasOK. I want my "brand" and image to be unified and professional on all social media platforms and I thought that was a good place to start. It was a little sad to say goodbye to my personal Instagram, but it is still the same me underneath it all!

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my goals for 2018 is to truly find my blogging niche. I want to re-focus this blog on what matters most to me (and hopefully you) instead of reaching for any topic I can find to write about just to post something and "keep up" with the industry. I want to really connect with readers instead of only sharing sharing surface stuff and a cute outfit.

1) Personally, I want to write more travel posts. We are planning on taking tons of weekend getaway trips this year as opposed to one or two big international trips, so I will have tons of new travel content coming your way soon.

2) I am so very passionate about health and fitness - especially as I rehab my shoulder post-surgery. I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist, but I do have a lot of knowledge on both topics because I'm obsessed with them and research/test them out constantly. I'd love to find a way to share that passion with the world.

3) Of course, I can't stop / won't stop shopping, so there will still be fashion and outfit posts intertwined.

4) I want to share my balanced life - fashion, food, fitness and travel in OKC and beyond. And puppies, obvi.

Basically what I'm saying is, I NEED YOUR HELP! What do you all want to see on Amanda's OK? What have you enjoyed? What have you not cared about? I really want to speak to my audience and provide the content you want to see and want to read, so please let me know in the comments or send me a direct message on IG! More puppies? More local OKC stuff? Travel? Fitness? Fashion? Food reviews? Tell me what you want and I'll make it happen.

Again, THANK YOU for your support. It truly amazes me that anyone besides my family cares what is going on in my life or cares what I think about something. I really consider so many of you my friends, even if you are just "internet friends," and I hope you feel the same way about me. Here's to 2018 and whatever it holds!

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P.S. I had my eye on this skirt for months. I love it! This was my first photo shoot post-op and it was literally 10 degrees, windy and starting to snow when we took these pictures. We were only able to snap a few before we high tailed it back inside. If you look closely you can see goose bumps on my legs!

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