2017: my year in review

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It's that time of year again.....time for a year in review post! These posts may seem silly (and probably pretty repetitive this time of year) but I always love looking back and reflecting on years past. My first EVER blog post was a review of 2011....my how things have changed in six years!

2017 was a great year filled with exciting opportunities and new adventures. I traveled all around the world, checked a lot of things off my bucket list, had a bunch of "firsts." learned to be happy with who I am and where I'm at while working towards my goals and dreams. Of course some crappy things happened - health, home warranties, insurance and finances don't always go according to plan - but taking those things in stride and looking at the big picture makes it all OK. If 2018 is half as great as 2017, I'll be more than satisfied.

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I turned 27. I did a juice cleanse. I had an MRI.  I went to physical therapy...a lot. The US got a new president. I got my three year Koda Crossfit letterman jacket. I ran around downtown OKC in a mermaid bodysuit to raise money to help #end NF. I moved into a historical home that I remodeled and designed myself. I started facetiming with my bestie monthly. I got TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. I went to an Oklahoma Bernese Mountain Dog meet-up. I also went to a Thunder playoff game. I started to take this blog thing seriously and I worked hard to grow it. I ate crawfish and drank mimosas while other people ran the OKC marathon. I put the Miracle Miles 5k/10k together for the third year in a row and raised $20,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. I won $11 betting on the Kentucky Derby winner - and then I won best dressed at the neighborhood watch party! I worked on my aerobic base. I checked seeing Tim McGraw in concert off my bucket list. I ran a 5k for the first time in a long time. I vacationed in a beach front cabana in Belize. I hosted a brunch party. C & I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary with brunch and ice cream. I took a brush lettering class. I participated in the "Squat Your Dog" challenge. I got to try my first Sprinkles ATM cupcake. I was invited to a movie set. I met Jenna from Pretty Little Liars and David Koechner from Anchor Man.  I spent my life savings during the #NSale. I watched the solar eclipse. I signed up for StudioHop. I got in a wreck. Kylo went on a diet and we started treating his elbow dysplasia. I ran around NYC for a day. I flew across the pond and toured Europe! I saw Big Ben. I rode in a red double decker bus. I walked through Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London. I got a picture with a member of the Royal Guard. I ate a full English breakfast (even the black pudding). I had high tea at Kensington Palace. I took the chunnel to Paris. I climbed all the steps to the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Coeur. I sipped Angelina's hot chocolate, devoured macaroons and ate escargot. I shopped on Champs de Eleeses. I ran into my neighbor in a Parisian Bakery. I had a breakdown in the Paris airport....oops. I threw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. I shopped at Gucci on the Via Condotti. I climbed the Spanish Steps. I fell in love with carbonara. I explored the Coloseum and the Roman Forum. I toured the Vatican City, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basillica. I sipped wine and painted with new blogger friends. I staycationed in OKC. I white water rafted through downtown. I was nominated to be on my historic neighborhood's board. I started dabbling in yoga again. I read a lot of books. I cheered on the Pokes at every home game.....even when they didn't deserve it. I was accepted to RewardStyle. I was interviewed on the local news. I flew to Houston for a conference. Then I flew to Austin for a friends weekend getaway. I dressed up as Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears for Halloween. I sat front row at a fashion show. I found out I'm going to be an aunt! I decorated my house to the fullest for Christmas, including our first real Christmas tree as a married couple. I had shoulder surgery. I became a Starbucks Gold Member. I binged hard and finished every episode of Pretty Little Liars. I celebrated the holidays with loved ones and ended the year in a good place....even though I had a sling on my arm.

For 2018, I have a few goals to work towards. Resolutions, goals, whatever. I'm all for them if they push me to be a better version of myself. I did a pretty good job of accomplishing my goals for 2017, so I hope to keep the momentum going this year!

  • Rehab my shoulder and stay healthy/fit in the meantime
  • Continue to grow Amanda's OK and truly find my blogging niche
  • Find a way to share my passion for health and fitness with others
  • Travel somewhere every month
  • Break my post-lunch caffeine addiction - kinda started this early since I couldn't have carbonated beverages post-op. But I need to keep it up! I'm thinking Starby's only once a week.
  • Work towards an emotional support dog certificate with Kylo (maybe)
  • Pay off my credit card ... or at least pay it down, ha!
  • Put more money into my travel fund
  • Stop comparing myself to others, whether that be at the gym, in blogging, on IG, etc. We are all in different chapters of our own stories
  • Be better about repurposing outfits in new ways instead of ordering new stuff all the time

What are your resolutions/goals? I'd love to hear - I may even borrow some of them for myself! I definitely stole the last one from my blogger friend Courtney from Life of a Med School Wife.... it was just too fitting and relatable! 

As always, thanks for reading...it means so much! Cheers to what 2018 holds!

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