two years

Two years ago today I walked down to aisle to say 'I Do' to my favorite person. June 5, 2015, is still the most exciting and magical day of my life! Our wedding was beyond perfect - everything I ever dreamed of. Every day since then hasn't always been perfect, but that's what marriage is all about: blending the good days and the bad days and sticking it out together, side by side, regardless of what life throws at you. The past two years have been filled with so many things, good and bad: tons of travel, our fair share of fights, injuries and medical issues, big decisions and some disagreements, buying and renovating our historical home, getting the world's cutest puppy, loving hard, eating a lot and enjoying life. C said we are no longer "newlyweds" which kind of makes me sad (currently taking it off my bio on all social platforms...booo), but it is so fun to experience every stage of marriage with my favorite human by my side. I can't wait to see what year three has in store!

To celebrate our anniversary, we brunched at The Drake and sipped cocktails at some of our favorite places around Oklahoma City (Hi, SidecarOak & Ore). We got ice cream at Roxy's (I've decided its a tradition since they served dessert at our wedding), I tried on my wedding dress (it fits), we read through our guest book and then watched our wedding video. It was such a fun Sunday Funday together and I'm excited to continue the celebration tonight on our actual anniversary with presents and dinner a la Cole.

Two years is the cotton anniversary -- any guesses on what C got me? I told him a Lulu tank would be a great cotton item and he can accessorize with some accessories like a clutch or jewelry. :)

Last year I posted this little questionnaire as a glimpse into our first year as Mr. and Mrs. It was so fun to look back on, so I wanted to keep it up year after year! Year two, as follows:

Places we visited:
Seattle, Arkansas, New York City, Belize

Restaurants we loved:
GoRo Ramen, ShakeShack, Catch, The Drake, Chick-fil-a

Things we did:
Bought and remodeled a historical home together, moved into said home, sold our old house, hiked Snoqualmie Falls, dressed up the whole family as Star-Wars characters for Halloween, road a ferry, ate the world's best mac and cheese (twice), ran through downtown OKC in our undies, ice skated in NYC, road bikes through central park, saw Tim McGraw in concert, watched Aladdin on Broadway, ate at a three-star Michelin restaurant, hiked the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail, whispered across the walls of Grand Central Station, tried authentic NYC pizza, stayed in an ocean-front cabana, hosted a brunch party and celebrated alongside a butt-load of friends and family as they got married

Shows we watched: 
Game of Thrones, Catastrophe, Master of None, Fixer Upper, Better Call Saul, Stone House Revival, Jessica Jones, Goliath, The Night Of, Westworld, Big Little Lies

Movies we saw:
Rogue One, Girl On The Train, LaLa Land

Our favorite homemade meals: 
Bobby Flay's Cajun Eggs Benedict, salt cod omelet, protein pancakes, smashed burgers, tacos of all kinds, elotes, edamame (or black bean) noodles with carbonara and chicken, Kenji's Mac & Cheese

Gifts we gave each other:
Nike Metcons, Electric Kettle (lame)
Monogram Necklace, lots of Lululemon

Favorite treats:
Oreos, Chick-fil-a Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cereal (Protein Cheerios especially), Braum's Ice Cream

Favorite pastimes:
Working out together (in the same building at least...;), trying new foods and restaurants, drinking coffee on the couch on weekend mornings, riding bikes, dog stuff

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