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There's not much I love more than sleeping in on weekend mornings and laying around in PJs all day, but sometimes a girl's got a to-do list to get done. You know, nails, coffee and shopping ;) kidding! More like errands, laundry, cleaning, gym and yard work.

But in all seriousness, sometimes I hate having to put on real clothes to go out in public. Luckily, the athleisure trend is all.the.rage right now and I am all for it! It's a major life goal of mine to be able to wear Lulu 24/7....that and use a real coffee mug every day instead of a travel tumbler. Girl's gotta dream, ya know? In the mean time, I'll settle for dressing all sporty spice two days out of the week. All the stylish workout clothes on the market right now make it so easy to go from the gym to the store - or even to brunch! Or to just wear around the house - I won't judge.

Speaking of the gym, am I the only one who despises working out on weekends? I would love to be the type of person who wakes up early and gets a run in before breakfast, but that's just not me (and probably never will be). I workout super hard Monday - Friday but I prefer not to step foot in the gym on my days off of work! That being said, I do try to get in some active recovery (like a bike ride with C) or a short workout that I can do at home to balance out any cheat meals or alcohol. I did the following workout last week and it was just the right amount of difficult. I also mixed in some tabata abs at the end - check this post for ideas!

1/2 Mile Run

5 Rounds of:
20 Walking Lunges (weighted, if possible - 10 per leg)
20 Bent Over Rows (10 per arm)
20 Dumbell Curls (10 per arm)
1 Minute Rest (or no rest, your call!)

Finish with another 1/2 Mile Run

I bought these leggings from Anchored Hope Boutique, the cutest online store based out of Tulsa. They are currently a part of a flash sale and are only $18! I absolutely adore the marble print and mesh (anything marble gives me all the feels). Heads up, though, they are definitely more athleisure-only wear than actual gym wear because they are slightly see through when you squat or bend over. Disclaimer: all you ladies with skinny legs would probably be a-ok....but fellow quadzillas, beware! I linked a few similar options in the widget below.

I also want to give a shoutout to my Nike Juvenates. They've stuck by my side through many-a-vacay and never given me a single blister. I'll most definitely be purchasing a second pair soon! They are not made for high intensity workouts or running, but they're a great casual shoe and are so supportive when you're doing lots of walking. They do make your feet smell if you go sockless (ew), but these socks will save the day.

What do you think of the athleisure trend? And what is your favorite comfy walking shoe? I need a few good pairs with some variety to take with me on my big trip abroad later this year and would love some recommendations!

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