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In light of our two-year anniversary this weekend, I've been reminiscing on our engagement and wedding. It's crazy how fast time flies, but some things seem like they took place in another life time! Like registering for gifts....... C still makes fun of me for insisting we buy an apple corer/slicer/thing with one of our gift cards. I don't even remember that we have it until he brings it up! But I swear, I will make homemade apple pie one of these days.....and I'll be glad I bought it!

Regardless, I wanted to highlight a few of our registry items that I'm still head over heels in love with. So many styles come and go all too quickly - I wanted ALL THE TURQUOISE THINGS when we were registering, but I forced myself to balance it out with lots of neutrals and I'm so glad I did! It made transitioning into our new house much easier. I have a new found love for yellow, and it blends so seamlessly with the turquoise and white theme I picked out a few years back. I tried to link as many items as possible in the widget below.

Pottery Barn Duvet Cover & Euro Pillows

If I could recommend one thing to any bride or someone picking out decor for their first home, it would be to choose simple, neutral items for any big pieces (dishes, couches, bed spreads) and accent or mix and match with fun, colorful and patterned items (pillows, napkins, linens). Those pieces are much cheaper and easier to change with the seasons or as trends come and go. I like to swap out pillows and table decor with every holiday, and having neutral backgrounds makes it that much easier.

I hope a glimpse into my home inspired you in some way! I think a house is such a reflection of someone's character.

What are you up to this weekend? As I mentioned above, it's our two-year anniversary! Last year we started a tradition of going to brunch, watching our wedding video, and then hopping around to our favorite places in OKC for a progressive afternoon of cocktails, desserts and fun. I can't wait!

Thanks for reading!

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