Feeling Festival-y

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Turns out, I'm a huge fan of the color yellow! Who knew? I've found myself not only filling my closet with yellow errrrthang, but also using it as an accent color throughout my house. For such a bold color, it goes with so much. I love to pair it with neutrals like I did here, but it also looks amazing with other bright colors like pink or turquoise! I think this dress would look amazing with a pair of turquoise statement earrings like these.

The second I put this dress on I felt like I needed to head to a festival. It's so fun and flowy and boho. I usually shy away from maxi dresses because I feel like they are dressier statement pieces that you only wear once, but this one is casual enough to wear on repeat, and it's super affordable ($20 on sale). Win-win! It would be perfect to throw on for a last minute dinner date when you want to look cute but don't have the time to put forth a lot of effort. It would also be great for a wedding or baby shower or even just a Sunday Funday. I seriously felt like a dream the second I slipped it over my head!

Confession: I've never actually been to a festival. What!! I don't exactly love big crowds so it never really appealed to me, but the more festival snaps I see, the more I want to give one a try! Who's with me?!

How was everyone's weekend? I don't think I sat down to relax for more than five minutes - I am drained! But that's just a sign of a fun time, don't you think? It makes me glad to be back at work so I can sit at my desk and stop running around like a mad woman, ha! I'm hoping next weekend has more Netflix and less activities....hashtag homebody.

Thanks for reading - I hope your Monday is off to a good start!

Photos by A.W. Photography

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