28 Things About Me

28 things about me
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Guys!! It's my 28th birthday tomorrow, cheers to another trip around the sun. In light of celebrating ME all day (ok, all weekend), I'm sharing 28 things about me that you may or may not know. I really enjoy reading these posts when other bloggers do them, so I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little more. Lets be friends!

28 things about me

birthday outfit

28 things about me

1. Dogs are my all time fav EVER. I take crazy dog lady to another level. You probably already know this, but I thought I'd reiterate. Big, fluffy dogs are my favorite, especially @chloe_and_kylo.

2. I don't really like Mexican restaurants - only fresh, homemade Mexican food! My mom's Mexican dishes are so good that she ruined me for life.

3. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I had all their VHS movies and my best friend Rachael and I would always play spy after church on Sundays. I had a special backpack filled with magnifying glasses and spy tools. We'd solve any crime by dinner time. 

4. I rode horses growing up instead of playing sports. I had three horses of my own, Warrior, Sassy and Ace, and I showed Tennessee Walkers and Hunter Jumpers. I still have a box full of blue ribbons!

5. I have competed and podiumed at multiple Crossfit competitions. Power cleans and rowing are my fav! I'm really strong (tooting my own horn) but terribly slow (truth). 

6. My left pinky is quite a bit shorter than my right pinky - I broke it on the growth plate falling off a Razor scooter as a kid. 

7. I work in the marketing department of a credit union as my full-time job.

8. I was homeschooled until 9th grade and then I went to a private Christian high school. 

9. I grew up in Argyle, Texas, just outside of Denton (which is outside of Dallas, haha).

10. My dad is a professional photographer so I've always loved posing in front of a camera!

11. Breakfast is my favorite food. 

12. I went to Oklahoma State University and have a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science. I originally wanted to be a Vet....but then chemistry happened.

13. I have the world's biggest sweet tooth. I never know when to stop and believe it's 100% necessary to have dessert after every meal. 

14. I drink a gallon of water every day. Seriously.

15. I ran a half marathon once, even though I absolutely despise running. Never again!

16. I had oral surgery when I was 18 to fix a receding gum line and I have cadaver gums sewn into my mouth! Gross. 

17. I've been driving the same car since the day I got my learner's permit. That's almost half my life. Toyotas never die!

18. I played a homeless kid on a TV show once. 

19. I won tickets to my first concert from a radio station when I was 9 or so! Lauren Kay Sims (you may have heard of her 🤷🏼‍♀️) and I went together and sang our little hearts out. 

20. There is a home video somewhere of my little brother and I doing a dance routine to Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life. I've also been known to perform I Want It That Way on occasion.

21. I never had braces...luckily my teeth are straight! 

22. I did ballet for five years or so. I had pointe shoes and was the Queen in Snow White once! I still love to do dance workout videos and memorize the dance routines. 

23. My high school didn't have cheerleaders, so my friends and I decorated matching overalls and called ourselves spirit leaders. Ha! That's a little embarrassing. 

24. I've had the same haircut/length since I was 15. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I didn't dye my hair until I was 25. Still to this day, I only do a little bit of balayage every six months or so (and no, I do not have extensions).

25. I used to style photoshoots for my Barbies and take pictures of them with my OG Fisher Price camera. Obviously I've always loved photos and fashion.

26. I was on the cover of a magazine once for racing my dad's Porsche in Autocross.

27. When I was 5, I won a Halloween Coloring Contest and had my picture in the Dallas paper.

28. I'm one of the only females I know that has an insanely good sense of direction.

Runner Ups: I have a tattoo, I've been sky diving, I was once grounded from watching The Lion King 2, my doppelgänger is Rory Zambard (totally going to Sister/Sister or Parent Trap her one day) and if I had to move anywhere in the world, I would choose London.

I'd love for you to share something we have in common or anything else fun about yourself in the comments section! 

birthday outfit

my 28th birthday

28 things about me

my 28th birthday

28 things about me

28 things about me

Do you have a three-day-weekend? I do, and I'm so excited that it falls on my birthday weekend! We are heading to Tulsa tomorrow to meet my family for brunch (they live in NW Arkansas, so Tulsa is the perfect half-way point). On Sunday, C is taking me on my annual Lululemon shopping spree for my birthday, yippee!! He is also making me a huge plate of fried rice per tradition and a coffee buttercream birthday cake....hi, hello, delicious. I'm feeling extra spoiled already. Monday will be relaxation-station and it's going to be oh so great. We are supposed to go on a birthday date at some point but I can't decide where to go.....any suggestions? What do you have going on? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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