Chloe + Kylo

It's no secret that I'm a crazy dog lady. My pups have their own Instagram account, @chloe_and_kylo, and they get more likes than I do half of the time. Having two giant dogs is expensive - they eat a ton of dog food and require lots of brushing, attention and exercise regularly. Plus I have to vacuum a lot. But I love them more than I love mac and cheese (and that's a lot). Kids are not in our immediate future, so these pups are our babies. If I love my future children half as much as I love these silly dogs, I think my heart might explode.

Chloe is a Great Pyrenees mix that I rescued during college. My roommate, Chasity, saved her and her brother from the side of the road. Chloe is very.....special. She doesn't like wood floors, storms, crossing bridges, riding in cars, or sometimes even walking out the back door. However, she loves digging, patrolling the property and barking at squirrels (also at clouds in the sky). I got her DNA tested and it claimed she is mostly Great Pyrenees with a little bit of Aussie, Irish Wolfhound and Maltese (?!). Whatever she is, she is her own. Chloe is 5 years old and about 80 pounds - we don't know her exact birthday, but we like to pretend she's a Christmas Angel Puppy.

Kylo is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He is my dream come true! I begged for a Berner puppy for yeeeeears and finally, after sending 6.2 million pictures and videos, I convinced C it was time. Kylo is literally the happiest dog on the face of the planet and lives to rub his slobbery head on white pants. We purchased him from Cole's Bernese Mountain Dogs in Haskell, Okla. and had him trained at Sit Means Sit in Edmond, Okla. He is 1.5 years old, about 110 pounds, and yes, he sheds a LOT. He loves to howl at tornado sirens, carry koozies around the house, steal socks and chew on Chloe's neck. He is slightly overweight because he eats Chloe's food when no one is looking, so he is currently on a crash diet. I feel ya, bud.

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