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october favorites
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Happy Halloweeeeeen!!!! Huge Halloween lover over here - always have been, always will be! Eight-year-old me and twenty eight-year-old me both love any excuse to play dress up and eat candy......some things never change. Check my Instagram to see this year's costumes - Regina George with my friends and an 80s Hair Band Rocker at work!

I honestly can't believe it is already the last day of October. I really wish fall in general lasted a bit longer (especially in Oklahoma). I love Christmas with all my heart but I hate how rushed everyone gets skipping straight to Christmas. I'm just as guilty, I'll turn the Christmas music on in my car any day now, but I'm also still trying to soak up all the pumpkins and leaves over here! I'm really excited for Thanksgiving - it will be my first Thanksgiving with my parents in several years (like....five?). I'm ready for my Grandma's Pumpkin Bread and my Aunt Karen's Pecan Pie! YUM. But for now, let's talk about my October favorites! I've been anxiously waiting for this post for weeks because there are SO MANY good things to share.

Alterna Hair Care sent me this spray and I've been using it regularly! I spray it on wet hair before styling and it gives it just enough texture and thickness without making it feel weighed down, sticky, or dirty. Their Caviar line of anti-aging hair products are LIFE CHANGING.

Botanics sent me a little care package when I was on vacation in Oregon. My skin got really dry while gone (it always does when flying but the high desert in Bend made it worse) so this was the perfect package to come home to! The night cream isn't overly greasy or thick, which I appreciate but its till leaves my skin feeling soft. I really like that it soaks in quickly because I can follow up with my Retin-A retinal treatment without worrying about residue. It is made with hibiscus and is supposed to help you wake up with brighter and smoother skin.

Along with the night cream came a radiance balm! What a cool name, amirite?! I apply this in the morning after using a toner and before applying moisturizer. It leaves the most perfect subtle glow without leaving any grease or residue under makeup! It also soaks in super quick so it's easy to add it into my morning routine without waiting for it to dry. 

Did you know Hydroflasks were started in Bend, Oregon? It only seemed natural that it should be my souvenir from the trip. I've already started buying stickers to go on it - according to my younger cousins, that's the cool thing to do! I love my Hydro Flask because it's the 32 oz quart size, so it's easy to track how much water I drink each day (I aim for a gallon a day). Also, it has a straw. I am 100% more likely to drink water if I have a straw. Anyone else? 

5. Juice Rose Fig Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner
Another care package I received in the mail and I LOVE IT. This shampoo REALLY foams up, even when my hair is super dirty, so I feel like it is really working. Both products smell amazing and I like that they are natural. It's always nice to omit chemicals when you can. 

I HATE whitening my teeth....it takes forever to sit there in the strips/trays (obviously you can't do that at work or on the go), you have to not eat or drink so it's hard to fit into your routine at home, and my teeth get super sensitive. It has been far too long since the last time I whitened so I figured I should give it another go....... insert, the Zoom Pen. I don't think it works quite as well/intensely as white strips, but I do know that it is ten times more convenient and it doesn't make my teeth hurt at all! I'll take it. I think it's perfect for those who just have light coffee stains and don't require any major whitening.

I had my eye on these sneaks for Steve Madden dupes for AGES before pulling the trigger and I'm so glad I finally did! They are sooooo comfy and sporty chic, plus that price!! I've been wearing them to work on jeans days and I feel so put together but still cute and fun. They're on sale for like $24!

I don't know why I didn't start using these sooner! I used to spend SO MUCH money on K-Cups each month and I didn't even love the taste/flavor that much. I finally gave these reusable k-cups a try and I'm so glad I did! 1) they actually work in my Keurig 2) they are so inexpensive and 3) I can drink my delicious craft coffee every day now instead of just on weekends! HIGHLY recommend for any coffee snobs in your life who work full time and need their coffee brewed to-go in the a.m.

Avon sent me a holiday gift package and this little palette set has been my favorite part! The eye shadows are so pigmented and there are so many color options that all blend together to perfection. I usually have trouble knowing which colors to blend, but this palette really makes it easy. Every time I've worn the "She Dreams of Silver" palette on Insta-Stories I get so many DMs about it! 

Not gonna lie, I was never a fan of the pop socket because it made my phone too thick and clunky + it stuck out in my pants pocket! However, I'm 100% on board the Loopy train! These cases are so sleek and the loop makes it easy to hold / not drop without taking away from the simplicity of the phone and case. I really like that I don't have to rest my phone on my pinky finger anymore haha.

Have you tried any of the above? Do you have any new products worth sharing? I'd love to hear! 

Wishing you a Happy Halloween filled with tricks and treats and a wonderful November ahead. Thanks for reading, ya'll.....it means the world! 

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