What I Eat in a Day

what I eat in a day
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I'm always so intrigued by the "What I Eat in a Day" videos on YouTube. Anyone else? I could watch them for hours! I'm not a YouTuber by any means (I can barely get my words out in an Instagram story, let's be real haha) but I thought it would be fun to share my own blog version with you.

I talked about it in stories a few weeks back, but I choose to follow a macro-tracking diet. In the past I've eaten Paleo, all natural + sugar free, etc., but the high amounts of fat in those diets really aggravated my gallblader (which I no longer have) and caused digestion in general to be really hard for me. A few years back I switched to "If It Fits Your Macros" and have since made it a part of my lifestyle. I work with Greg from MyoBrain; he is located in OKC but does nutrition coaching online for anyone.

macro meal plan

Essentially, tracking macros is like a more intense and efficient way of counting calories. You are allowed certain amounts of proteins, carbs and fats (your macros) each day depending on your goals, body, activity level, etc. You track everything you eat in My Fitness Pal and try to hit those macro goals. Your macro coach (highly recommend MyoBrain, btw) will set and adjust your macros to help meet your goals and lifestyle. It really comes down to calories in/calories out...it's just basic science!

Eating this way allows a lot of flexibility...for example, I can have one donut for breakfast OR I can have 2 slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a bowl of oatmeal and 3 slices of bacon. The donut (a coconut cake donut from Dunkin, specifically) has 4g protein, 48g of carbs and 20g of fat while the entire toast/oatmeal/bacon meal has 20g protein, 48g of carbs and 19g of fat. It's all about choosing what will satisfy you the most, whether that is giving in to the donut craving or keeping yourself full and satisfied all morning. I generally eat a high protein diet (choosing lean proteins like chicken, pork tenderloin, tilapia, greek yogurt, etc) and making sure to get fiber and healthy carbs at meals. Then, for my snacks / desserts, I have room to play around and enjoy treats in moderation.

This type of "diet" works really well during the holidays because I can enjoy a piece of Halloween candy or a PSL without going overboard or feeling guilty since it "fits my macros." Because I'm accounting for those calories within my daily macro limit, it forces me to make up for it elsewhere (like choosing chicken and veggies for dinner instead of a burger and fries or skipping my afternoon snack in lieu of dessert). It's all about moderation and balance and deciding whether something is worth it.

OK...now that I explained WHY and HOW I eat the way I do, let's get into the fun part.... WHAT I eat!

healthy low calorie breakfast

homemade starbucks wrap

My FAVORITE breakfast right now is a homemade version of Starbuck's Spinach, Egg White and Feta Wrap. Flat out wrap, 1 tbsp light veggie cream cheese, 1 oz light feta, spinach, egg whites and some sun dried tomatoes. YUM. And coffee, obviously. I take it black with just a splash of 2% milk (no sugar).

macro friendly lunch

A classic sandwich with "chips." I have the palette of a four year old haha. This healthy take on a cuban sandwich is heavy on the lean meats (thin sliced deli chicken breast and ham), served on a flat out fold it bun (I eat a LOT of flat outs, tortillas and flat breads) and topped with pickles and mustard because they are typically zero calories but still give it some oomph. Today my "chips" are lentil crisps but sometimes I have low fat potato chips, light cottage cheese, a salad or even cauliflower tots. Another lunch staple in my house is tacos....tacos of all kinds!

healthy snacks

healthy starbucks order

I LIVE for snacks. I have a Greek yogurt almost every day (Light & Fit is my fav) and typically some kind of cracker (gold fish are life). Sometimes I'll have toast or a PB&J if I have room for extra carbs and I like to add in light string cheese or beef jerky if I need a little extra protein. I always have some zero calorie drink mixes on hand to help me meet my water intake goal (I aim for a gallon a day) and I try...TRY....to limit my diet coke/energy drink/Starbucks intake to two per week, one on weekends and one during the week.

healthy dinner idea

Dinner is usually my meat and veggie meal. Today it's broccoli (with cheese, because I eat like a child) and a seasoned pork tenderloin.

macro friendly dessert

I am the type of person who has dessert after every meal. No shame. A lot of times I have cereal for dessert - seriously my favorite food group! Other times I'll have a piece of candy, an Oreo, toast or some low cal ice cream like Halo Top.

There you go - a day in the life of my stomach! It's a good thing I'm not lactose intolerant in the least because, as you can tell, I eat a LOT of dairy haha. Tracking macros really makes you realize the makeup of all foods and look at them in different ways - there are so many "healthy" foods out there that are SO HIGH in calories, it can be deceiving! Even if you don't want to track macros, I still suggest looking at the nutrition label (both ingredients and nutrition facts) to know what you're putting in your body.

If you're interested in learning more about tracking macros, slide into MyoBrain's DMs. He has a wealth of knowledge and can really help you get in shape and meet those nutrition/fitness goals.

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