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starbucks and flowers

Happy Friday, friends! It is time for my monthly "real life" Friday Favorites post - a quick recap of everything going on behind the scenes in my day to day life. Honestly, this month has been crraaaaazy for me between work, evening work events every single Thursday, teaching Beyond 500, blogging, going to physical therapy and weekend social activities. I'm feeling a bit burnt out on everything (physically and mentally) so much so that I've barely picked up my phone to snap a picture of the pups. You know I'm worn out when that's the case! I've really had to come to terms with learning to say no to things - sometimes I can't do it all and that is OK! Whether that means taking a day off from working out, saying no to a cocktail in lieu of catching up on sleep or not finishing a blog post at 10 p.m. the night before it is supposed to go live....heck, I almost didn't even write this post.

That being said, this Friday Favorites is short and sweet. LOTS has happened this month, but not a lot has been documented (at least not people, just snaps of random things). In a way, though, that's the way it should be. Less time on our phones and more time enjoying life with those we love. Can I get an amen?!

In regards to the picture above, it seems fitting for my "favorites" post because it is a few of my favorite things! Coffee, flowers and Louis V. I'm basic, I know.

family easter picture

Easter in Stillwater at the Country Club! I love my honey bunny (and I love carrot cake, too).

coffee before workout

Teaching Beyond 500 at 5:30 a.m. has been an adjustment! Honestly, once I'm there I forget how early it is and power through, but the afternoon following has been yawning like crazy. I've definitely upped my caffeine consumption x 3 on the days I teach. And that's fine. Props to any of you who workout before work on the daily, I don't know if I could do it!

oklahoma sunrise

The benefit of waking up in the 5 o'clocks, though, is seeing the sunrise. Oklahoma, you done good.

warby parker louise glasses

How do you like my new pair of Warby's? These are the Louise....they have me feeling very Linda from Bob's Burgers and I'm OK with that haha. If you're in OKC, be sure to check out the new Warby Parker store in Classen Curve! It is so cool - I could try on frames for hours!

On another note, I'm wearing my all time favorite long lasting lipstick here (color is Patina). It matches everything, lasts for hours and wears evenly. THE BEST.

cuppies and jo

My mom came to visit a few weekends ago for some girl time. Of course I had to take her to my favorite cupcake place in town, Cuppies and Joe! If I had it my way, I would get coffee and a pastry there every morning. Yes, I'll have my usual please.

shop good okc coffee mugs

While my mom was here, we did lots of shopping at all the local OKC boutiques! I stumbled upon Shop Good and fell in love! Why had I never been in there before?! So many coffee mugs - the quickest way to my heart! Their locally themed goods were spot on - definitely come here if you're looking to sport anything OKC.

okc thunder game

Speaking of OKC...... THUNDER UP!! I got to go to the first 2018 playoff game and sit in the club seats - it was so much fun. I will always have a soft spot for the Mavs (DFW born and raised) but the Thunder quickly won my heart as soon as I made OKC my home. I love how the playoffs bring our city together each year!

See what I mean? The whole city, big and small business alike, support of the Thunder and I love it. I finally had the chance to stop by Esca Vitae (have been trying to for months but unfortunately their schedule and mine just don't mix). The outcome? Absolutely FANTASTIC. Best Americano I've ever had and I'm still day dreaming of the almond croissant - it was filled with the yummiest almond goo. Mmm. I really want to go back and get a full breakfast or lunch....... and more croissants!

Dibs on the best man! Our closest couple friends (you know, that couple you do literally everything with) got married last weekend! We couldn't be happier for them and had an absolute blast at their wedding. So much so that I left my phone on the table all night, took zero pictures, and stayed up partying until the 3 o'clocks (and we all know I'm way too old and boring for that ish these days). Congrats, #doonguires.

I most definitely do not have baby fever and don't plan on getting it any time soon. However, put a puppy and a baby together and I melt! Yes, Kylo looks like a bear rug..... but I was so pleased with how he acted around our friend's one-year-old. The sweetest!

Because sometimes ya just gotta treat yo self. Happy Friday!

What do you have going on this weekend? I have to work tomorrow but am heading to the Mode Turn's 2 party afterwards. Then, C and some friends are running the Oklahoma City half marathon on Sunday so the pups and I will be cheering them all on - mimosas in hand. Cheers to being officially released to start running myself next week! Shoulder surgery + recovery blows...... I'm getting back to normal, though, slowly but surely.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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