Best Shoes for Travel

best shoes for traveling
Nike Roshe | Fav Leggings

With all the traveling I've been doing the last six or seven months, I've learned a lot about what shoes to wear and what shoes not to wear. Not all shoes are made for walking! There isn't much worse than getting a blister in the middle of a vacation that has a lot of walking involved - I know from experience..... I can't tell you the amount of times I've had to ask for bandaids at the front desk of a hotel! It is also important to wear shoes that are supportive and that won't leave the soles of your feet feeling tired and bruised. Lastly, you want to look cute (duh) and have shoes that fit in your suitcase and match a lot of outfits.

I rounded up my go-to shoes that have been travel tested and approved. Some of these have literally been around the world with me and probably have a few marathons worth of miles on them.

nike juvenate
Nike Juvenate
Also available here!
These are my #1, holy grail, can't travel without them shoes. I've gone through several pairs and keep buying more. They've been to Austin, Seattle, Belize, London, Paris, Rome, New York City (several times), Houston, LA, Denver, New Orleans and more. I've convinced so many people to buy them and no one has ever been disappointed in them. I promise, they are the comfiest shoes you will ever wear and are GREAT for doing lots of walking. There isn't a hard structure to them (they slide on more like socks) so you won't get any blisters. The only negative is that they aren't great for running or lifting, so if you plan to workout while traveling you would need to bring a second pair of sneaks. They seem to be getting hard to find (no new versions have been released lately) - I really hope Nike doesn't discontinue them! If they do, I will have to buy ten pairs to keep on hand. If you buy any pair of shoes from this round up, BUY THESE!!
nike roshe
Nike Roshe
Also available here!
These are another great athleisure shoe! They aren't quite as comfortable as the Juvenates (they have structure around the heal, so it could rub a bit) but are just as cute - I love that they are sporty but still look good with jeans/regular clothes! And I really love all the color options. Since these have a bit of structure and a thicker sole, they are better for running or lifting, meaning you could wear them for working out and walking around - win!
tory burch miller
Tory Burch Miller
OK, I'm not going to tell you that these are supportive because they aren't. They will leave the bottoms of your feet feeling tired and sore if you walk too far in them. BUT, they don't rub at all, they are easy to pack, and they are the perfect sandal that can be dressed up or down (meaning I wear them to dinner with maxi dresses and sun dresses). The quality is AMAZING - I wore mine all summer last year + all over the rocky cobble stone streets of Rome and they are still in great shape. They are pricey, but I 100% believe they are worth every penny. And they go with EVERYTHING!
Now these babies are supportive! They are definitely a more casual sandal, as opposed to the TB Miller, but are much more comfortable to stand and walk in. And lets be real, who doesn't love a good pair of Birks?!


Also available here!
I used to wear chucks when we traveled because they weren't quite as "sporty" of sneakers, but they aaaalways gave me a blister on my heal after a day or two of walking. I decided to give Keds a try when we went to Europe and I was so surprised at how comfy they were! No blisters + just enough support. They are the perfect casual sneaker! Just beware of the pigeons in Paris......they poop on people's shoes if you're not careful.
michael kors ballet flats
Michael Kors Flats
Also available here and here!
I searched high and low for a flat that didn't rub in all the wrong places. I just about gave up, but then I found these Michael Kors flats! They are very, very flexible so they move with your foot instead of rubbing against it. They are just the right amount of casual yet dressy (i.e. very versatile). Best part? The bottoms are padded so you are basically walking on foot pillows! I think they are discontinued, so they are a bit hard to find. Luckily, that means they are a great price.
target braided booties
Target Booties 
OK, $35 and SUPER comfy. Need I say more? I always want to wear booties when we travel in the fall but I hate walking in heels. These are the perfect solution! The heel is more like a cowboy boot so there isn't a ton of pressure on the balls of your foot - the weight is much more evenly distributed. I have been amazed at how comfy these are the stand in and walk in - they don't rub at all. And for that price?! Sign me up!

TOMS dupe wedge bootie
Wedge Booties
Wedges are supposed to be more comfortable because they distribute your weight more evenly than a regular heel. These are on sale for $15 and are SO GOOD. They're basically TOMs dupes and are worth every penny. They also come in a dark tan color! Again, no rubbing at all. I wore them all around downtown Denver and never had a problem plus I wear them to work regularly for events and such where I stand for long periods of time. They look great with dresses, skinnies and even slacks. I think they're a good pair to wear to dinner when on vacay. I always like to dress up for vacation dinners but we still typically have to walk quite a ways - these are the perfect solution for those instances.
cognac pumps

Cognac Heels
Last but not least, I had to throw in a pair of dressy heels. I never wear heels on vacation unless I'm dressing up for dinner or a show. When we were in LA, though, I wanted to dress up a bit to shop on Rodeo Drive (hello, basic white girl). I knew I needed a pair of pumps that were on the more comfortable side and these were perfect! They did make my feet hurt a bit, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated or as bad as other heels I own. I've worn them to work on a weekly basis since so I can definitely justify my purchase. The cognac color matches eeeeverything and they come in a few other colors, as well.

There ya have it! All my favorite shoes that are travel approved. If it were up to me, I'd have a whole suitcase just for shoes BUT life doesn't always work that way, haha, so I have learned to narrow down my selection and only travel with a few solid options.

Do you have a pair of shoes you always travel in? If so, let me know in the comments. I kinda sorta have a shoe fettish SO any excuse to snag a new pair is a-ok by me.

Happy shopping, happy travels and thanks for reading!

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