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must have travel items
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With all the traveling we've been doing, I've quickly learned what travel items and gadgets I swear by and can't leave home without. There has been a lot of trial and error throughout the last few years of traveling, but I think I finally have a foul-proof system - unless of course my flight gets delayed, then I freak the BLEEP out.

I thought I'd share my top ten travel items with you in the hopes that they will make your travels easier and more enjoyable, as they have mine.

The biggest game changer since sliced bread. Raise your hand if your iPhone dies by noon? Yep, me too. Especially when I'm using maps to get around a new city, have the brightness turned up because I'm walking in the bright sun w/sunglasses on and am constantly taking pictures. These portable chargers are life savers - we have three or four that we rotate through when traveling. I ordered a short USB lightening cord to make it easier to carry without getting tangled.

This little guy is one of my favorite purchases - and it is so cheap, too! I prefer to use a real camera (as opposed to my iPhone) because the photo quality is so much better. Problem is, that means I have to lug my laptop on every trip so that I can get those photos off the camera. Until now! This tiny gadget allows you to transfer images directly from an SD card to your phone, meaning you can upload them to Instagram on the spot! Best $12 I ever spent.

If you're flying, these are a MUST. They aren't 100% sound proof, but they're dang close. That screaming kid a few rows back? No problemo! Airplane hummmm ruining your movie? This will fix it! I also like that they are bluetooth so you don't have to worry about getting caught in a cord. THESE are a cheaper version (C has this pair) if you're on a budget. 

Selfie-sticks are so out. Gorilla tripods are in! This handy tool can hang from a tree, balance on a bench or cling to a light post. It eliminates the need to ask someone to take your picture (WIN) and makes standing up your phone for selfie-timer so much easier!  

I NEVER fly without a sheet mask (or two) in my bag. Flying dehydrates your skin SO BAD and can leave you looking tired, dry and haggard throughout your vacation. No one wants that! I always use a moisturizing or calming sheet mask after a flight - it truly works wonders!

As I mentioned above, I prefer to use a real camera so that I get high quality, crisp photos. I hate lugging around my big DSLR when exploring a new place because it is HEAVY, so I bought a small mirrorless camera to use instead. It is relatively small and light and is a really good "in-between" option if you don't want to use a phone for pictures.

Any other over packers out there? Guilty as charged! I always stress about my suitcase being overweight if I'm checking it - especially if I picked up a few souvenirs. Girl's got a lotta shoes and hair products, ya feel me? Carrying this luggage scale helps keep the stress at ease and allows me to move things around in my bags before I'm standing in the bag check line at the airport.

I'm a crossbody gal when on-the-go! Hands free + no one can grab it/steal it off your shoulder! But I also love to carry my LV Neverfull as a carry-on on a plane. Luckily it is big enough to throw a crossbody inside of it. HOWEVER, the problem with crossbody bags is that they don't hold much (like the portable charger, gorilla tripod, camera, a water bottle, etc). That's where husbands come in!! I got C a Herschel backpack a few years ago and he loves it - I think I love it just as much because he can carry my stuff while I get to look cute. Ha! Thanks, babe. Regardless, it is really comfortable to carry, it disperses weight well, and it looks stylish without being too "school-y" or girly. THIS ONE is totes girly, though, and I love it.

If you aren't about carrying a real camera but still want cool photos, try this lens set out! I have it and love playing with it, plus it is super small and easy to cary around. The only bad part is that it doesn't always work with a phone case. Womp womp.

A USB charging station is a must for the Martins! With all of our gadgets, we often run out of sockets in a hotel room. Bringing along a USB charging station with multiple plug-ins lets us rest easy knowing everything will be fully charged each morning. 

This might seem silly, but Netflix is a saving grace for me on flights! There are so many shows that you can download on your iPad or iPhone and watch without wifi. I used to have to rent a movie through iTunes or upload one that I had a digital copy of and it took FOREVER. Not to mention I got real sick of watching the same two movies on every trip (I love 10 Things I Hate About You, but I've seen it waaaaay too many times haha). With Netflix, I can download a couple episodes of whatever show I'm currently bingeing and I'm set. It makes the time pass so much quicker on a flight or during a layover. A few other apps and channel apps will let you do this too.

There ya have it! Of course there are other things I always travel with (like a good pair of sunnies, a travel jewelry case, a gigantic water bottle, dramamine and peanut butter m&ms, hehe) but the ten above are the most helpful! Do you have any travel gadgets you use and love? I'd love to hear! 

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