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Friday Favorites February 2018
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Happy Friday, ya'll! This is been such a crazy work week...between having President's Day off, taking off early for physical therapy on my shoulder several times a week and the crazy Oklahoma weather closings, the last few days have flown by! No complaints here. I wish all weeks went by this quickly! However, now that OKC finally had one winter weather day, I'm officially ready for spring to make it's appearance. Bring on the shorts......and also maybe a spray tan. My legs are ghostly!  

Today's post is definitely more of a real life post as opposed to a purposeful blog post, but that's OK! I hope it gives you all a chance to know me on a real level... more as a friend! Or, if you actually know me, I hope this catches you up on what has been going on in my life! Sometimes I forget not everyone looks at Instagram or watches my Instagram stories so you have no clue what my day-to-day life looks like. Because of that, I like to treat my blog as a recap/journal every now and then. 

Travel Outfit
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C and I have been so lucky to have already taken two trip this year! We went to LA at the end of January and visited Denver a few weeks ago. We get a lot of comments and questions on how we are able to travel so much.... I talked about it in this post! I'm currently waist deep in plans for our next getaway in two weeks! Any guesses where we're headed? Hint: SO MUCH good food, lots of history and maybe some jazz? 

Gender Reveal

We recently found out that a little girl will be joining the Martin fam in June! I am so excited to be an aunt for the first time. 

coffee mug collection
Mug Rack from Magnolia Market

If you know me, you know I have a thing for coffee mugs. My collection is always growing (I have a whole cabinet full in addition to my mug rack). Every time we go on a trip, I try to find a coffee mug to bring home! Can you guess which mugs are from where? I always look forward to sipping my coffee out of a real mug on weekend mornings.....its a life goal of mine to use a real mug every day as opposed to a travel mug. Big dreams over here, ha!

dog mug
Coffee Mug

Kylo is a fan of Saturday morning coffee, too. I snagged this mug (it comes in a set) as a Valentine's Day gift to myself.

chinese take out

Speaking of Valentine's, it has become our tradition to get Chinese take out! My Sesame Chicken was subpar, but the egg rolls and C's meal were absolutely amazing! I am going to have to go to Panda Express soon to cure my cheap Chinese food craving haha. Any OKC friends have recommendations on good Sesame or Orange Chicken?

PJ set
PJs | Coffee Mug

I have a thing for coffee mugs AND a thing for PJs. C got me this set for V-Day and I have slept in it almost nightly since (I have washed it a few times, don't worry). It is so comfy, great quality and on sale!

date night

We spent part of President's Day weekend celebrating C's birthday. He is the cutest.

country plates

I picked these adorable melamine plates up over President's Day weekend at Lily Rain in Classen Curve. I'd never been in the store before, but fell in love with their quirky gifts and cute clothes!

iced windshield

Thanks to a crazy ice storm, I got an afternoon off work! Pretty sure every person I follow in OKC posted a picture of their windshield ... it was intense! Ignore my check engine light (looking at you, Dad).

bernese mountain dog

Last but definitely not least, how cute is this pup? I won a Facebook giveaway from The Dog Dish Magazine for a free bath and groom at Pawsh. It was much needed! You should have seen the amount of fuzz on the floor when we picked him up (face palm). Kylo is so fresh and clean now...thank you Pawsh! 

What is everyone up to this weekend? I will be at a weekend long workshop for something fun I've been working towards. Stay tuned for more details....I'm so excited to share with you soon! Other than that, just the usual catching up on sleep, chores, meal planning and Netflix! For the first weekend in a while, I am planning on staying healthy and 100% strict with my diet...sometimes it is just necessary to get your health and fitness back on track! Whatever your plans are, I hope your weekend is amazing. 

Thanks so much for reading and following along, it means so much! 

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